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Yuma County Pioneers -

Frank S. and Eliza (Morey) Beach

In 1880 Hamilton, Decatur County, Iowa Stephen 55 and Alice C. 45 Beach have Frank S. 21, Estella 18, Ivan S. 16, and Stephenia I. 9.

In 1870 Decatur County, Iowa, David "Moray" is 39, Deborah 29, Charles E. 12, George 10, Eliza 7, Elsie 4, and Ebenezer 1.

In 1880, David is 50, Deborah 40, Charles E. 22, George M. 20, Eliza 16, Elsie 14, Ebenezer 11, William 8, Silvia 6, James 3, and Angeline 2.

David Butterfield Morey 1830-1901 is buried in Pleasanton, # 6360302, with Deborah Ann (Rockwell) Morey 1841-1888, # 6360303.


One Ancestry tree has Frank born 1849 in Brutus, Cayuga County, New York.

Eliza Morey married Frank S. Beach on March 8, 1883 in Pleasanton, Decatur County.

In 1885 Decatur County, Frank is farming, 26, with Eliza 21 and Edith S. 1. They're next to Stephen Beach 60 and Alice BC. 50, Ivan 21 Stephanie 14 born in Illinois.

In 1910 Frank and Eliza are farming in Vernon, with Alice 22, Sidney 17, Earnest 13, and Stephen 8.  Frank was born in New York, all others in Iowa.

July 20 1911 # 6294692

October 1911 Salem, Iowa "Ivan Beach and sister, Alice Bagley, Jim Morey and sister, Jessie Moffett, spent Friday evening at Mrs. Stover's"

1911 Pleasanton Iowa "Ivan Beach left Tuesday for Vernon, Col., to spend Xmas with his parents."

September 1912 "Ivan Beach, of Colorado, who is visiting in Pleasanton spent Saturday night and Sunday with H.R. Stover's."

In 1920 Happyville Frank S. 61 and Eliza 56 have Ernest 23 and Stephen 18.

In 1940 Frank and Eliza are living in Eckley (Shea's Addition) - same house as in 1935.

April 1946 "Mrs. Ivan Beach, accompanied by her father-in-law, Frank Beach, arrived here last Tuesday from Los Angeles and are visiting various relatives in the vicinity. Mr. Beach will remain here for the present at the home of his son, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Beach."

Francis Sidney Beach 1859-1950 is buried in Eckley # 52879525, with Eliza 1864-1942.

May 18, 1950


In 1910 Ivan 24 and Minnie 22 are in Hamilton, Decatur County, Iowa.  They have Hazel 2 and "Kenneth" three months.  All were born in Iowa.

Minnie (Jones) Beach 1887-1911 is buried in Pleasanton, Iowa # 6294692.

Ivan Charles Beach married Enith A. Branaum on June 3, 1914 in Pleasanton.
She was the daughter of W.M. Branaum and Martha Ellen Campbell.

In 1910 Enith was in Decatur County with William Branaum 49 a laborer and Martha 43. Eugene M. is 17, Bertha M. 15, Enith 13, Jewett N. 12, Frank 7 - all born in Missouri, and Iris B. 4 born in Iowa.

In 1917 the Eckley Tribune reported that Ivan Beach shipped two cars of cattle from Eckley to the South Omaha market.

 Also in 1917


Ivan Charles Beach registered for WWI with a Happyville address, saying he was born August 29, 1885..

In 1920 Ivan 32 and Enith A. 24 are farming in Yuma County, with Hazel 11 and Kermith 10.

In 1930 Ivan, Enith, and Kenneth F. 20 are farming in Yuma County.

Ivan is ranching in Ridgeway, Colorado in 1940, 54, with Enith 44.

1951 "Mrs. Jim Morey of Pleasanton, Iowa stopped over night with Mrl. and Mrs. Ivan Beach. Mrs. Morey will visit friends and relatives here (Mary Andrews was one)


1960 "Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morey of Pleasanton, Iowa, stopped over to visit Mr.a nd Mrs. Ivan Beach. They were en route to Riverside, California. Mr. Morey and Mr. Beach are cousins. They all went to Scottsbluff Nebraska and Torrington Wyoming to visit some other cousins, before the Moreys resumed their journey."

Ivan C. Beach 1885 -1978, # 52879526 and Enith A. 1895 - 1976 # 52879524 are buried in Eckley.

May 13, 1976
March 9, 1978


Edith L. (Beach) Mark is buried in Pleasanton 1884-1911 # 6355297, with Charles Ezra Mark 1879-1965 buried in Adair County with second wife Maude 1894-1992.


 Colorado marriage licenses Margaret E. Kolk and Kenneth F. Beach, April 11, 1936 in Yuma, performed by S.D. Goodale, minister.

In 1920 Happyville "Kermith" is 10, living with Ivan C. 32 and Enith A. 24 Beach, with sister Hazel 11.

In 1930 (Index has BEAK) they're still in Yuma County.

In 1940 Ivan and Enith are over in Ridgway, Ouray County.

Some public records have Kermith living in south Denver, and also in Gunnison.

 KERMITH F. Beach 1910 - 2003 and Margaret E. 1914 1987 are buried in Hampden Memorial Estates, Denver.


Sidney Beach married Jennie Silvius on Aug 28, 1916 in Washington County, Colorado.

In 1920 Mildred (south of Eckley)  Sidney 27 and Skennie V. 25 Beach have "Pool" Beach, 2.  They're next to Gerald and Mary Silvius, both 21.

In 1930 Mildred Sidney F and Jennie V. have Doral 12, Doris 10, and Margaret M. 7.

Sidney Francis Beach registered for WWI in Vernon, saying he was born in Plesonton (Iowa records say Pleasanton, with mother's maiden name Eliza Morey) Iowa March 28, 1892.

Sidney Francis Beach is buried in Montrose 1893-1982 # 99278880, with Jennie Vonida (Silvius) Beach 1894-1974.

Ernest Gladstone Beach, 24, married Maude E. Essig on June 1, 1920 in Akron, Colorado.

In 1930 Ernest Beach is a trucker, living on North Albany in Yuma, 38, with maude E. 29 born in Nebraska. Carla was 7, born in Colorado.

Ernest G. Beach died in Corpus Christi on December 16, 1976. He was born June 14, 1896 at Iowa to Frank Beach and Eliza Morey. The informant was Mrs. Maude E. Beach. Interment was to be in Crown Hill, Denver.

Maude E. Beach 1900-1993 is buried in Crown Hill # 138908854.


Alice married Arthur Bagley.

Alice Catherine (Beach) Bagley 1887-1993 is buried in Vernon # 162131667.


One Ancestry tree has Hazel marrying Alva Austin Higgins October 26, 1929, and living in Independence, Missouri in 1935 and 1992

In 1930 Happyville Alva is married to Hazel G. 21

In 1940 they're in Englewood, Colorado, where Alva works at a pickle and meat packing company.  They have Keith 8 and Joyce 5.  In 1935 they were in Estes Park

1948 Eckley "Mr. and Mrs. Alva Higgins, Joyce and Keith of Pleasanton, Iowa arrived Sunday for a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Beach."

In 1974 Hazel Beach "Higgens" - class of 1927 - attended the Eckley school reunion.

Alva May 13, 1906-March 19, 1959  and Hazel  August 7, 1908-November 8, 2008 are buried in Independence, Missouri.

Keith Beach Higgins died in Raleigh North Carolina December 7, 2004.  Death record said he was divorced, and was born May 30, 1931 in Colorado.

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