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William Peter Hisington, wives Doris Jordan and Gertrude Adams

In 1900 Syracuse, New York, William Hisington is 43, Louisa 38, Fred 16, Harry 14, Howad 8, Willie 5 and Carl newborn.

In 1910 Onondaga County, New York, William Hisington is a laborer at a screen factory, 53, Louise 48, Harry 24 a machinist married to Ruby 24. Howard is 18, a laborer at a foundry, William is 15, and Carl 10. All were born in New York.

In 1920, Louise is 57, widowed, with Frederick 35 - married but no spouse (In 1910 he was married to Caroline with three kids, and the kids are in an orphanage in 1920), and William 24. Both sons are electricians.
Carl is 19, a timekeeper at a reduction plant, married to Irma 22.
William married Doris Gertrude Jordan in June 1924
In 1930 Onondaga County, New York, William Hisington is 33, superintendent at a coal yard. Doris, 34 born i Colorado does physiotherapy at home.
In 1940 Wray, William is a physician, and Doris G. is his receptionist.
He registered for WWII in Wray, living with Doris at 707 Dexter, born at Syracuse, New York August 15, 1895.

October 20, 1949 "Dr. and Mrs. W.P. Hisington hunted for deer on the Mummy Range above Fort Collins a few days the latter part of the week and returned home unsuccessful."

July 12, 1951 "Dr. and Mrs. W.P. Hisington and the latter's mother, Mrs. Lena Adams of Wray spent the Fourth on a fishing excursion in the Fort Collins and Greeley vicinities."
February 26, 1953

April 22, 1954 "Dr. and Mrs. W.P.Hisington left here Tuesday, and taking the Zephyr from McCook, went to Syracuse, New York, called there by the death of a relative, returning the latter part of the week."

June 9, 1966
June 16, 1966 ---------------------------------------

Charles Timothy Adams was born in 1881 on a farm near McCook, Nebraska, to Ella and William Adams. He had three sisters and two brothers. He married Lena Katherine Uhren on May 17, 1905. Lena, one of a family of seven, was born and reared on a homestead south ol Indianola, Nebraska. Charles's greatest ambition was to keep moving westward. Later he moved to Benkelman, Nebraska, where he operated a shoe shop, also fixing all kinds of har- ness. There were more horses and buggies in those days than automobiles. During this period Gladys, Gertrude. Clifford, and Beatrice were born.
Several years later the Adams family moved to Haigler. then to a small acreage five miles west of Haigler. There they had two girls. Wauneta and Crystal The oldest children walked 1 1/2 miles to a one-room school where only ten or twelve attended.
While the family lived here, Charles was also the "ditch rider." The irrigation ditch started about tour miles east of Wray, going south of Laird and on into Nebraska south and east of Sanborn. Charles's job was to oversee the cleaning of the ditch each spring, and see that each farmer received his share of water to irrigate his crops. He rode the ditch in a two-wheel cart.
The family's next move westward was to a rented farm one mile east of Laird. While living here, Charles's health failed and he died in 1922, leaving Lena with five children to raise. The eldest daughter, Gladys, married that same summer.
Lena Adams and the five children moved to Laird where all attended school. In 1925 another story was added to the grade school, and Laird had a modern high school with typing room, science laboratory, and class rooms, they also had both girls and boys basketball teams.
Then the children began to marry: Gladys married Evan Derowitsch and had three sons: Kenneth, Evan Jr., and Gene. Evan died in 1952. Later Gladys married Gail Carson. Gertrude married William Haun; later Dr. William P. Hisington. She taught in Yuma County for twenty-seven years in different one-room schools. Her last nine years of teaching were five in Vernon and four Idalia, then retirement. Clifford married Twila Kearns and had one son, Waldo. Later he worked around Redmond, Oregon, and married Adeline Mustard and had a son, Michael. Beatrice married Charles Pickett, having two daughters, Patsy and Norma. She died in 1935 at age twenty-two.
Wauneta married Hans Thompson, and moved to Lamar. They had Jeanette, JoAnna, Timmy, Karen, and Sandra. Later she married George Osborn and had a son, Gary. Even later she moved back to Wray.
Crystal married Harold Bowman and had a son, Barry, and adopted a daughter, Susan. They live eight miles southeast of Wray.
Lena Adams, after all the children were married, moved to Wray where she lived until her death in 1973.

In 1910 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Timothy C. Adams is farming, 29, born in Missouri. Lena 23 Nebraska, Gladys L. 4, and Gertrude 2 were born in Nebaska.
In 1920 Dundy County, Nebraska, Charles T. Adams is an irrigation supervisor, 37, born in Missouri, with Lena 34, Gladys L. 13, Gertrude J. 11, Clifford R. 8, Beatrice 6, and Wauneta J. 2.
Charles 1881-1922 is buried in Wray # 16981135.

Lena is widowed in 1930 Laird, 44, wtih Beatrice M. 17, Wauneta J. 12, and Crystal M. 8.

In 1937 Wray, Gertrude is with husband William.

Gertrude is living with husband William D. Haun and his family in 1940 Wray, age 32, born in Nebraska.
(William Dale Haun 1904-1973 is buried in North Platte, Nebraska # 54985566._
Mrs. Hisington then moved to Wray.
In 1952 Mrs. Hisington was teaching at Wildcat school, and in 1954 at Heartstong # 8
In 1957 and 1958 Mrs. Hisington was teaching at Pleasant Valley # 14.

July 16, 1970 "Agnes Kohlman and Gertrude Hisington were in Denver to attend the funeral of Mrs. Hisington's uncle, Carl Wilson."

Lena Adams 1885-1973 is buried in Wray with Charles.

Gertrude Irene (Adams) Hisington 1908-1980 is buried in Wray # 62909278, with William Peter Hisington 1895-1966 # 62909308.

Doris Jordan Hisington
James D. Jordan cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 1N 43W in 1890, and timber-claimed another in 28 in 1894.
They are about five miles southeast of Wray. In 1900 Wray precinct, Yuma County, James Jordan is farming, born Oct 1857, married 22 years to Emma B. July 1858, both born in New York. She's had six kids, two living. Bessie A. Dec 1890 adn Dorris G. July 1892 were born in Colorado.
They are still farming in 1910, on the Idalia Road from Wray.
Doris Jordan graduated from high school in 1912.

March 7, 1912

February 6, 1913 "Miss Doris Jordan closed a very successful term of school in the Wellar district southeast of town last Friday. She gave an entertainment in the afternoon and a number of visitors were present, who enjoyed it thoroughly. This was Miss Jordan's first term as teacher and her success was such that there is no doubt but that she chose the proper culling ,In 1919 J.D. Jordan was appointed by Governor Shoup to represent Yuma Count at the Farmser Congress to be held at Fort Collins December 17, 18, and 19.

December 31, 1914 "The Star school southeast of town gave a Christmas entertainment and tree at the school house Christmas eve. Miss Doris Jordan, the teacher, planned the affair and arranged the program. The tree was a pine sent Miss Jordan from a friend in the mountains and was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The program was enjoyed by a large crowd and after the program was completed, presents and treats were distributed to the pupils from their teacher, and the general distribution of presents was made. Miss Jordan has made a marked success of her school work since graduating from the county high school, and the success of the Christmas entertainment was only what was expected, as she makes good in whatever she undertakes." "
In 1917 Doris was teaching in District # 59. that was Pleasant Valley Unified - about ten miles northeast of Yuma, not the Pleasant Valley futher northeast or the one south of Wray.

James owned his same two quarters in 1920.
James died in 1921, and is buried in Wray # 116196202.

James Jordan one of the oldest and most highly respected citizen of this community passed away at his counry home southeast of town last Thursday afternoon June 30, 1921. James Duell Jordan was born in Liverpool, New York October 15, 1857 where he resided until his marriage to Miss Emma J. Fargo on December 20, 1872 after which Mr. and Mrs. Jordan started west, stopping at Beardstown, Illinois for four years. Then they came on to Lincoln, Nebraska where they resided one year, after which they came to Yuma county, Colorado arriving here in March 1886, when the community was new and uncertain.
As a citizen of this community he was always loyal to both state and county, doing everything in his power to furthur development.
Mr. Jordan was an industrious and hard working man until last January when it became necessary for him to be placed under the doctors' care being a sufferer from heart trouble.

He leaves his wife and two daughters, Bessie Jordan Prentice and Doris Jordan and a sister, Mrs. A.D. Murdock.
The last sad rites were held at the Presbyterian Church Saturday afternnon with Rev. W.T. Gatley of the Methodist Church preaching the sermon.

Burial was at Grandview Cemetery.
Wray Rattler, July 7, 1921
Wray, June 29, 1922 "Mrs. Emma Jordan, who, with her daughter Doris is visiting in Syracuse, N. Y. this summer, in a recent letter told of the big flood in Syracuse. A five-inch rain falling in one hour and 10 minutes flooded the town and endangered the lives of many residents. Many people were rescued from their homes around which the flood waters surged, in boats. It just happens that a number of Wray people are spending the summer in Syracuse, among them being Mrs. Jordan and daughter Doris, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rosenkrans and Miss Eva Barker."

September 14, 1922 "Miss Doris Jordan began teaching school Monday morning of this week. Her school is located 18 miles north of Eckley."
In 1922-1923 the teachers in District # 14 - Pleasant Valley 25 miles northeast of Yuma were Doris Jordan and Vernon Trunde.
September 14, 1922 "Our school commenced Monday with Jordon, of Wray, as teacher."

This schoolhouse, then located in the northeast corner of section 7, 4N 46W, was moved in 1952 to section 4 - and W.P.'s second wife Gertrude taught there in the 1950's....
February 1923 "Dick Minton moved to his new home, the Jordan farm, the first of the week."

Doris 1892-1977 is buried in Wray # 62909265 - Space 8 in 6-11-44. Space 7 is not listed, and 5 and 6 are Alonzo and Mary Murdock.

Emma Jean Fargo was born at Liverpool, New York on July 25, 1857 and departed this life at Wray, Colorado January 24, 1937 at the age of 79 years, 5 months and 29 days.
She was the elder of two daughters of Curtis A and Martha Fargo and was reared to womanhood in the vicinity of Syracuse, New York, where she took an active part in the church and social affairs of the community with her music and song.
On December 20, 1877 she married James D. Jordan who passed away June, 1921. Soon after their marriage they started west stopping at Beardstown, Illinois, for four years-then they resided in Lincoln, Nebraska for one year before coming to Colorado to begin a pioneer life in March 1886 on land five miles southeast of Wray. The property was "home" for her until her death with the same faith and ideals which brought them here 50 years ago.
Mrs. Jordan was one of the oldest members of Wray Chapter No. 65 Order of Eastern Star, and Daughters of Veterans Circle. She has been a member of the Presbyterian Church for several years.
She leaves two daughters, Mrs. Bessie Prentice and Mrs. Doris Hisington.
Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon and interment was at Grandview Cemetery.
Wray Gazette 1937

October 17, 1918
Eugene Borden, born Dec 9, 1908 at Pueblo, Colorado, accidentally drowned June 1923 at Bons Oregon.

Mary Jordan Borden, born February 1871 at Morgan County Illinois to Daniel P. Jordan and Tiny Caroline Hotaling, both of New York, died February 8, 1930 in Burns, Oegon, informant Daniel Jordan of Burns.

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