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Julius and Julia (Trindle) Silvius

Thanks to Don Silvius

My Dad (Gerald Douglas) and his sister Flora Silvius (who married Art Shea of Eckley) came to Colorado from Browntown, Wisconsin in the spring of 1912 and homesteaded south of Heartstrong. 

My Grandfather Joe and Grandmother Julia came with Dad's sister Vonida in 1914 or 15.  (Vonida married Sidney Beach)

Grandpa Joe bought a ranch south of Eckley known as the Binford Ranch.  They built a house and outbuildings on the property that currently is owned by Harry Johnson (I think). 

Dad sold the place to Adolph Harms in 1952 and we moved to Eckley where I completed school, graduating in 1957. 

My Name is Gerald Donald Silvius and I live in Yuma Colorado. My father was
Gerald Douglas Silvius born in 1899 in Kearney Neb., my Grandfather was
Joseph S. Silvius born in 1848 in Miami Co. Indiana and my Great Grandfather
was John Silvius born in PA in 1815.

Silvius family;  Taken approximately 1906/7.  Back row; L/R, Flora, Georgiana, Elpha.  Front row; Gerald, Joe, Vonida, Julia.


Joseph and Julia - probably about 1915


Joe, Julia & Gerald;  taken in 1927.  (Joe was killed stacking hay in 1929)

Garnet Silvius

One tree says Joseph S. Silvius, born September 18,1848 in  Peru Indiana, married Julia Etta Trindle January 18, 1877 in Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa.

The tree says Edith Silvius born January 25, 1878, died January 8, 1888 and is buried in Harlan Cemetery, Butler, Iowa.

In 1880 Franklin County Iowa are Joseph and Julia Silvias, with Edith 2, Daniel 27 and Andrew 23.

In 1900 Kearney, Nebraska "Vanida" Silvius is 6, one of many kids of J.S. and Julia E. Silvius.  (George Trindle 49 and Cora Trindle 21 are "boarders".

In 1906, J.S and  Flora Silvius were two  of the stockholders ($50 each) at The Farmers' Bank of Browntown, Wisconsin.

They were in Green County, Wisconsin in 1905 - kids Florith E. 24, Georgeanna 20, Eloha V. 15, Jennie V. 11, and Gerald D. 6.

In 1910 still in Green County they have Floria 28, Aloha 19, Vaughnette 16, and Gerald 10.

In 1913 Flora claimed land in Section 31 1S 45W In 1911 "Flora E. Silvius came down from Eckley Tuesday evening to file on a homestead west of Vernon.  She was accompanied by her father."

June 1913 “The large pool hall of Art Shea’s is looming up fast, and will be in running order in a few days.  A big dance will be held in it Saturday night, June 28th.”

Flora married Arthur E. Shea March 12, 1917. 

1917 the Vernon items included

In 1920 Eckley Arthur is a dealer in auto supplies.  In 1920 A.E. Shea owns a quarter just to the west of Eckley.

1922 Shea, A E, Prop The Eckley Garage, Eckley, came to Yuma County 1888, Born Illinois 1883, married
Flora Silvius.

In 1930 Eckley the census says Flora owns and assists in the garage, and ARTHUR WORKS THERE.

In 1940 Eckley, both 56,  they're next to Frank S. and Eliza Beach.  Arthur is a mechanic at the automobile garage.


1914 "D.C. Silvius arrived from California this morning and is the guest of his brother J.S. Silvius, southeast of town. (Wray)"

August 1914 "G. D. Silvius, of the Happyville country, ran a nail through his foot Wednesday, and will probably be laid up for some time as a consequence."

"J.S. Silvius, from down Happyville way, was in town (Wray) yeserday for more lumber.  Mr. Silvius has been improving his farm by building a 20 x 32 barn and a 10 x 120 cattle shed."



in 1918 the Vernon Grangers meeting was held at Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Silvius, w miles east, about 3 miles south of Happyville.

In 1920 Joseph S. 71 and Julia E. 61 Silvius are in Happyville 

Joseph S. Silvius was buried in 1929 in the Yuma Cemetery., Julia in 1954.

Gerald is in Mildred, married to Mary, 21, and they have six-month-old Janet (Garnet).  He was married to her at  WWI registration, saying he was born February 4, 1899. Mary later married Elmer Beehler, living in Yuma and Sterling.

In 1930 Julia is still in Happyville, widowed, and Gerald is living with her. 

In 1940 Gerald is in Happyville, married to Naoma, 30, born Nebraska, with Donald 2.

Gerald married Naoma Estaline Carnahan in 1938, and they had Margaret Elizabeth Silvius dying at birth September 28, 1946.

Next line is Julia, 79, widowed.

Gerald February 4, 1899 - June 8, 1977 and Naoma E. 1954 are buried in the Yuma Cemetery.

In 1920 Mildred (south of Eckley)  Sidney 27 and Skennie V. 25 Beach have "Pool" Beach, 2.  They're next to Gerald and Mary Silvius, both 21.

 One Ancestry tree said Sidney married Jennie Vonida Silvius, and died June 1982 in Montrose, Colorado. 

In 1930 Mildred Sidney F and Jennie V. have Doral 12, Doris 10, and Margaret M. 7.

Sidney Francis Beach registered for WWI in Vernon, saying he was born in Plesonton (Iowa records say Pleasanton, with mother's maiden name Eliza Morey) Iowa March 28, 1892.

Hi -

I am new to the list and am completely stumped about what this is. My name
is Nancy Ross-Stallings and I noticed that I had my name listed as well as a
set of numbers and dashes after it. It sounds interesting, but I don't
know what this means!!! Would you mind helping me out? Sorry to be a

My great grandfather (he had his last son at the age of 51 and I am that
son's grand daughter) was Joseph S. Silvius, born September 18, 1848 in or
near Peru, Indiana. His parents were John Silvius, born January 1, 1815 in
Uniontown, Fayette Co. Pennsylvania and Elizabeth Royer, born ca1817 in
Ohio. According to Ancestral File CD's at our local county library, I
transcribed the following information in September, 1997. I do not know how
true this stuff is, but they were a year off from Joseph's actual birth year
and had his wife dying much earlier than she really did: Ancestral File
4.17, AFN 1HVQ-KCO John and Elizabeth were married April 24, 1838 in Ohio.
John died on October 2, 1893 in Franklin city, Iowa. No death date was
given for Elizabeth Royer Silvius. The file then had Joseph's paternal
grandfather listed as a William Silvius, and his grandmother's name was

Then from another source pulled off the net at
http://users.intrepid.net/~dsilvius/silv.htm in April of 2001, I read that
John "Silveus" was born 1 January, 1815 and died October 2, 1892. He was
married to Elizabeth Royer 24, April, 1838. He was the third child listed
from the marriage of William Silvius, born 29 March 1785 and died 29
September 1847. His wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) was born 17 Aug.
1788 and died 3 July 1864. This web site had traced William around through
census records and he seemed to move a lot. He was believed to have been
born in PA, moved to VA with his family, then moved back to Pennsylvania as
early as 1809. He owned a farm in Bullskin Township Fayette County in 1815.
In 1837, he bought a farm in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. (Note: the ancestral
File CD says he was born in Tuscarawas Co. OH in 1789. I am sure that was
incorrect. Ohio didn't become a state until 1803, so that made no sense).

Does this tie in to anything that you may have? Or is this info incorrect?
The only thing I know for sure was that Joseph S. Silvius was born in
September of 1848. His wife, Julia Trindle, was born in Beaver Dam,
Wisconsin on November 22, 1860 and died Tuesday, September 7, 1954 in the
town of Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado. I had Julia's newspaper obituary and
Julia's and Joseph's death certificate, and this is where her information is
coming from. Her father's name was James Trindle and mother's name was
Margaret Bayard Trindle. At the age of three, she moved with her parents
to Hampton, Iowa, but at the time no town was located there. That was where
she married Joseph S. Silvius on January 26, 1877. They later moved to
Kearney, NE and that was where the last child was born. Then in 1913, they
moved to Yuma County, Colorado and had a ranch. They had six children, five
daughters and one son. The eldest daughter, Edith, died at the age of 10.
Gerald, the youngest and the only boy, was born February 4, 1899. Joseph S.
(often called J.S.) died November 14, 1929. On the death certificate,
Julia, who was the informant, said she thought her father in law, John, was
born in Germany, but I believe that to be incorrect. She also told whoever
was taking down the death certificate information that her mother in law's
name was Elizabeth Rogers, not Royer. This may have been a transcribing
error, since a "y" and a "g" can look similar, particularly if someone is
copying oral information down in a hurry.

I hope this information helps place some of my family information in the
Silvius lines that you have records for, I have a lot of Trindle family
information, but it has all be pulled off the net or in the Ancestry CD's
and I have not had time to verify it. I have already noted errors just with
Julia in that information.

Nancy Ross-Stallings

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