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Daniel Napoleon Tillotson

Birth January 26, 1850 Commonsville, Delaware, New York

Death August 17, 1932 Eckley, Yuma, CO

Children of Daniel Tillotson and Adeline Remington are:
i. Merton Raymond Tillotson, born 18 May 1872 in NY; died 20 Feb 1949 in Eckley, Yuma, CO; married Anna Cornelia Crisman 07 Apr 1901 in Hastings Nebr.  She was born May 27, 1876 in Pleasantville, Bedford County, New York, and died Sep 1965 in Eckley, Col.

Merton Tillotson was the druggist in Eckley in 1920.     In 1921 his pharmacy certificate was replaced "whose old one was destroyed by a fire in Eckley, Colorado. " Ann was a teacher in 1926 Eckley.  Merton, born 1872, died 1949, Ann C. 1876 -1956 and  Daniel was buried in 1933, all in the Eckley cemetery.

Merle F. Boggs married Daniel W. Tillotson June 3, 1927.    Daniel William Tilltoson was born August 4, 1905 in Alliane, Nebraska (where his grandmother is buried) and died October 23, 1940 in Castle Rock, Colorado.



June 21, 1923 "M.R. Tillotson came up from Wray on No. 17 Sunday morning to spend the day with his family.  The train was considerably late that morning and it was with exceeding difficulty that the conductor was convinced that the train ought to stop long enough for Mr. Tillotson to alight.  A compromise was finally reached and 'Rex' got off by the ball park and hoofed it into town .  Eckley Tribune"

In 1930 (index has "BEGGS") Eckley Ben is still a lumber merchant, and Duncan , Ruth, and brother Charley O Boggs, 63, born in Iowa) is living with them - "sick"

February 24, 1949
September 8, 1956

Duncan Boggs married Nellie Alden September 24, 1932.

Grace Adeline Tillotson married Charles Benjamin Hastings.  He was born June 21, 1905 in New Brunswick, Canada and died March 30, 1990 in Castle Rock.

Lois Mildred Tillotson, born February 22, 1902 in Alliance, married Ralph Burton Armstrong, son of Ed and Emma Armstrong of Eckley, September 17, 1924 in Wray.

In 1930 Ralph and Lois are in Otis, with Joyce A. 3, Mary L. 2, and two month Ruth.

December 22, 1977

Lois (Tillotson) Armstrong of Otis, widow of Ralph, died in 1985. "Mrs. Armstrong was an aunt of Nancy Sheldon, Lulu Fonte of Wray, and Ted "Whittlake" "of Yuma.

November 10, 1932

In 1940 Otis they have added Mildred 7, Dorothy 5, Joan 2, and Emma Lou 1.

Barbara Emmalou died at birth April 22, 1925 .

MaryLee was born January 21, 1928 in Eckley, married James E.  Streitwieser June 28, 1948 in Fort Morgan, and died June 26, 2008 in San Jose, California.  She's buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington.

Ruth Adele born February 20, 1930 in Eckley, died December 10, 1943 in Otis.of kidney failure and rheumatic fever

Joyce Ann was born April 21, 1926 in Wray, and died September 29, 1979 in Yuma.

Joanne Peggy Armstrong was born May 6, 1937 in Yuma, married Edward L. Grubbs in 1949 in Aurora, divorced him in 1950 in Otis. and died March 17, 1986.  She's buried in the Tillotson plot in the Eckley cemetery.

Lois died January 7, 1985 in Colorado Springs.


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