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Perry Webster

In 1880 Randolph County, Missouri, J.W. Webster is a saddler, 35, Emma 32, Wm. H. 6, Patsie 4, Pigeon 2, and a nine-month-old son.

In 1900 Lansing precinct, John W. Webster is widowed, born April 1845 in Kentucky, farming, with son Hiram Feb 1881 Missouri.

February 9, 1900 "Perry Webster took his departure in a Cruzes sleeper on No. 80 Monday night. We look for him back before Sunday."
Also, Perry and William Webster attended a party in Yuma.

February 16, 1900 Eckley items "Ikey, and Perry Webster, were Yuma visitors Sunday.

March 2, 1900 "Hank Barnes and Perry Webster were quite sick the first of the week. The last account we had they were taking treatment under Dr. Hale and feeling better."
"Perry Webster, after leaving the dance at Schramm Friday night, started on foot for Eckley. Taking a short cut, he came out at Wray and returned on 149 Saturday."

In 1900 Eckley, Colorado, Perry is a day laborer on the railroad, in the Griffin boarding house.
He was born in Missouri in July 1880., single.

May 11, 1900 Yuma "Perry Webster of Eckley attended the dance last Friday night."
Jessie was the daughter of William McGarvey (died in Dade County, Missouri) and Jennie Williamson. Jessie's siblings were Mary - marrying a Craven in Ness County, Kanss, and William.

Jessie B. McGarvey, 21, married Perry W. Webster in Colorado Springs on October 12, 1902.
October 23, 1902 La Plata, Missouri "Miss Jessie McGarvey of Colorado Springs was married Sunday, Oct. 19, 1902, to a Mr. Webster of that city. The bride was reared at this place, and her many friends here will join in extending congratulations."

One Ancestry tree has a nice photo "Willie had his picture taken while staying with his sister Jessie McGarvey and her husband Perry Webster in Colorado Springs, Colorado."

In 1910 Denver, Perry W. Webster is a cook for a railroad, 39, married 7 years to Jessie B. 24, Illinois. Paul D. 6, Mary E. 4, Dorothy 3, and Isabell 1 were born in Colorado.
1910 Yuma Pioneer.

In 1920 Denver, Jessie is married to Nick Zaputovick, 29 born in Colorado, and Paul 16 is living with them.

May P., 13, Dorothy M. 12, Isabella H. 9, and Lena M. 8 are inmates in

In 1930 Denver, Martha J. McGarvey, born about 1857, is widowed, living with Mocjp;as and Jessie Zaputovich.
Martha 1856-1934 is buried in Denver, # 81020639, William 1878-1956 in Jefferson County.

Jessie Zaputovich, born June 5, 1881, died March 1976, last residence Denver. Paul D. Webster 1904-1994 is buried in Thornton, Colorado # 45057807.

Lena Gustafson married Clarence J. Grenfell on June 19, 1934, recorded in Arapahoe County.
Lena M. Webster Grenfell, # 172638711, 1910-1946 is buried in Jefferson County, with Clarence John Grenfell 1897-1973.
Clarence later married Lillian Opal (Eastin) Gurley of Yuma County. He husband had died in 1947.

Mary was adopted by the Higgins family, married Jesse Marvin Hemnes, and died in Orange County, California October 15, 1988.

Dorothy Frances Webster was born in Denver on December 20, 1906.

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