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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George W. Hoffstadt, Idalia

George cash-claimed a quarter in 1, 4S 44W in 1890.

Possibly the George Hoffstadt in 1870 Bureau County, Illinois, 8, with John 37, Mary 35, Barbara 17, Samuel 15, Rosa 13, Calvin 12, and Ida 10.

In 1880 Bureau County, Illinois, George is 18, with John 47, Mary E. 44, Rosetta 23, Calvin 21, and Ida 19.

One tree said he married Annette M. Davis in Princeton, Bureau County in 1885.  She could be the Anna Davis in 1870 Bureau County, 5, with parents Ami 44 and Elisabeth Davis 33.  Siblings are Lucia 12, Iola 9, Mabel 7,  and Mary four months.

In 1900 Princeton, George is a saloon proprietor, born May 1863, married 15 years to Annette June 1865, with Bonnie K. April 1886 and Lillian B. May 1891, all born in Illinois,.

1903 Princeton, Illinois   Huffstodt, John, 104 X. Main St.

Huffstodt, George, wife Annah M., 208 W. Railroad Ave. Huffstodt, Bonnie, Huffstodt, Bernice,

Huffstodt, Samuel, wife Carrie, 308 X. Pleasant St. Huffstodt, Lee,  Huffstodt, George, Huffstodt, Miss Ida, Huffstodt, Gladys, Huffstodt, Gilbert,

In 1920 Bureau County, George is 56, a foreman at a lumber yard, with Anna M. 54.

George, 1863-1943, is buried in Princeton, per # 108331887.


19?5 Princeton "Miss Bonnie Huffstodt, of Princeton, who for some time has been engaged as bookkeeper with a large grocery concern at Rockford, has accepted a similar position in one of the Rockford banks."

In 1920 Rockford, Nestor Lindstrom is an electrician and Bonnie is a clerk, both 33,

In 1930 Rockford, Bonnie H. Lindstrom is a bank clerk, 43, married to Nestor L. Lindstrom, 45, an electrician.

1940 Bonnie K. Lindstrom, born about 1887 in Lindstrom, is in Rockford, Illinois,  married to Nestor L. Lindstrom, also 1887, an electrician.

1961 Princeton "Bridge club members met Nov 4 at the home of Mrs. Bonnie Huffstodt Lindstrom, North Main street."

Nestor 1887-1949 and Bonnie Kathleen Lindstrom 1886-1979 are buried in Princeton, Illinois # 108332178.


In 1920 Princeton, Clifford Trimble is 31,  a book publisher, Bernice 27, with Robert 5 and Betty J. 3, all born in Illinois.

They're in Aurora, Illinois, in 1930, with Robert 15, Betty 13.  Clifford manages the fair grounds, and they have a maid.

In 1934 Aurora, Bernice is "widow C.R", and both Betty and Robert are with her at 458 Marion Avenue.



Sarah Rosella Daniels, born 1857, died 1956 in Princeton, Bureau County, father John Huffstodt of Pennsylvania, mother Mary Shugart of Pennsylvania, spouse Warren Daniels.

Calvin died in 1909 in Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa

1899 Rock Island "Mrs. C. Hoffstadt, of Atlantic, Ia., is visiting her brother, L. Sturdevin, at 635 Thirty-fifth street."

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