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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Acie (Norton) Payne Cantley Vogel, Henry Vogel, Ben and Bertha Payne, Idalia

In 1870 Linn County, Missouri, Levi Norton is 39, Margret I. 35, with Acefine, 14, Margret 5, Fannie 3,  and Ester five months.

 In 1880 Topeka, Kansas L. Norton is 48, M.J. 45, Fannie 13, Hettie 10, and Maggie 15.

Ben was the son of William Pierce Payne - born Feb 17, 1855 in Kentucky, dying October 1884 in Deer Trail, Colorado.  One descendant said Ben's father was shot and killed in October 1884 at Deer Trail. 

October 16, 1884   Leadville Daily Herald


Sacramento Union  October 17 1884

Killed for Thirty Dollars. ' Denver. October 16th. —

Yesterday morning Matt. Perkinson, a sheep-herder, rode up to the house of his former employer, Derby P. Payne, a small sheep-owner, living three miles from Deer Trail, a water station on the Kansas Pacific road, forty miles from Denver, and after refusing Payne's invitation to breakfast, called him outside and demanded payment of $30, the balance due him for work. Payne replied that he had no money then, but hoped to have some in a few days, when he would settle.   Perkinson upon this, drew a revolver and fired three shots, the first of which passed entirely through Payne's body, killing him instantly.  Perkinson gave himself into the custody of an officer at Deer Trail, and after waiving examination was taken to Denver and lodged in jail. He claims that Payne made a motion as if to draw a pistol, therefore he shot in self-defense. Payne was a highly respected citizen.

Matthew Perkinson was the subject of a mental incompetency case in Denver probate court in 1886.

Rocky Mountain News 5-28-1886 – A Mad Murderer – Perkinson, the Slayer of Payne at Deer Trail, Tried for Lunacy in the County Court Yesterday – About a year and a half or two years ago a farmer named Payne, living near Deer Trail, was called from his breakfast by a young man named Mathew Perkinson, who had been in his employ. Perkinson claimed that Payne owed him money, and after a short conversation drew a gun on Payne and shot him dead. There seemed to be an indication of premeditation and design on Perkinson's part, but very little sufficient provocation for the killing. Naturally public feeling ran pretty high against Perkinson for a time, as the cause for the homicide was trifling and as Payne was a man held in high esteem by his neighbors and by all who knew him, and there was a strong feeling at the time that Perkinson should hang. The plea of insanity was entered in the case and a change of venue from Arapahoe taken to another county. The plea of insanity was not generally believed at the time, but the case was for some reason postponed and continued from time to time, and public opinion regarding it had quieted down. In fact, the memory of the case had probably passed from the minds of many people. Yesterday Perkinson was on trial for lunacy in the County court and the evidences of insanity seemed to be much better than the public had expected. Indeed, there seemed to be very little reason to doubt the fact that Perkinson was crazy. Judged by the evidence, Perkinson's insanity is said to spring from epilepsy and his fits are said to have occurred within the last year or two with frightful frequency. He comes of a good family in the East and had borne quite a good reputation up to the time of the shooting, and his insanity is believed to have developed in a large degree before the homicide was committed. The trivial occasion for the homicide strengthens such a belief. It is thought that Perkinson's epilepsy is the result of an hereditary taint of disease in the blood. The jury had not given its decision in the case at a late hour yesterday afternoon, but it was considered morally certain that the verdict would be “insane.”

In 1870 Matthew Perkinson is 14, with his parents Matthew  - a railroad laborer born in Canada, and Julia Perkinson in St. Albans, Vermont.

Wonder if he's the Matthew Perkinson marrying Helen J. Smith July 24, 1879 in Vermont.. She was 32, her second marriage.

In 1880 M. Perkinson is 22, born in Vermont, works on a farm, a boarder with the E.C. Povler family

In 1885 M.B. Perkinson is in the Arapahoe County jail in Denver.

 Ben's mother was Acie Norton born October 1855 in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, dying November 1, 1939 in Denver. Acie's mother and  three sisters - Ester, Victoria Fannie, and Margaret, also came to Colorado.  Her mother Margaret Stutts Barnes Norton also came to Colorado, dying in Acie's house in 1916, and buried in Fairmount - 54381647. - same stone as Acie's step-father Lauren Norton.

Another said William married Acephine Josephine Norton in January 1879, and had Norton Jasper Payne October 19, 1880, and Benjamin William Payne Sep 12, 1884 in Deer Trail, Colorado,

FindAGrave has a matching record for William Pierce Payne - buried in Topeka, Kansas. 81540544

In 1860 Franklin County, Missouri, Amos N. Cantley is 13, living with John L. 45 and Elisabeth 42 Cantley.

In 1870 he's still in Franklin County, 23, a laborer, living with his parents.

Amos Cantly is a boarder in 1880 Arapahoe County in the P.J. Ernist household.  He's 30.  One tree said he married Alice Ann Hager, and they had Amos Nora Cantley in Denver August 3, 1884 ?.  That could be the Alice Cantley  in 1900 Washington County, Arkansas, born May 1858 in Michigan, widowed, with Nora born August 1894 in Arkansas.  Alice is living with her sister Josephine Hagar, born Feb 1855 in Michigan.   Because Samuel Hager - 1818-1886 is buried in Washington County, and is the father of Alice in the Missouri census, this is certainly the Amos / Alice family.

Texas death certificate for Amos Norah Armstrong said she was born in Denver August 3, 1884 to Amos Nelson Cantley-born in Missouri, and Alice Ann Hager born in Michigan, and died in El Paso April 11, 1955.  She and husband John are buried in El Paso - FindAGrave 15000283.

Amos listed in the Denver Land Office records with a timber claim in 6S 60W, but didn't complete that claim.  So he probably knew Acie from Deer Trail.

In 1885 Arapahoe County Ocie Payne, born in Kansas,  is "keeping house" , with "Martin??" and Benj. , both born in Colorado.

Amos M. Cantley married Acia Payne September 7, 1886 - recorded in Denver.  H. Martyn Hart, minister, of Denver, performed the ceremony.

Alice Cantley divorced Amos Cantley in Denver Nov 10, 1887.

The 1900 Crook County, Wyoming census has an Amos N. Cantley born October 1850 in Missouri, living alone, single, a stock raiser.

FindAGrave has Amos N. Cantley - Oct 20, 1847 - Oct 27, 1908 buried in Franklin County, Missouri. 53065052. 

1898 "from Friend" "Norton Payne has returned to Topeka to resume his studies."

1899 Idalia Items  "Ben Payne and Evan Nixon have gone to Wray to attend school."

1899 Idalia Items "Mrs. Acie Cantley and son , Ben, returned last week from their trip to the mountains."

In 1900 William B. Payne, born September 1884 in Colorado, is with his widowed mother Acie Cantley, born Oct 1855 in Pennsylvania.  Henry Vogel, born Nov 1855 in Holland, is a boarder, range rider.

1901 Idalia "Ben Payne is running the V and OTO cattle on the Copper Kettle."

Aciephene Cantley proved up on a quarter in 14, 4S 45W in 1901 - a couple of miles west of Idalia.

1904 Idalia items "Mrs. Henry Vogel and son Ben W. Payne visited friends in Wray Monday and Tuesday."

1904 "Ben Payne of the firm of Payne Bros and Vogel at Idalia was a visitor at the county seat several days this week."

Henry Vogel

An Extensive Ranchman and an Enterprising Business Man

What the Energy and Industry of a German Born American Citizen Accomplished in Yuma

     Among the most prosperous farmers and cattle men in Yuma county are those of our citizens who were born in foreign lands and came here to seek a new home under brighter skies and more favorable conditions. While as a rule they all prospered here, perhaps none achieved a more generous measure of success than Henry Vogel of Idalia.

     Mr. Vogel is a native of Germany, where he was born in 1855. There he spent his boyhood days but when he grew to manhood the conditions and opportunities for success did not seem enticing to him. As a result, in 1876, when he was twenty-one years of age, he came to the United States to carve out for himself a new home in the Western Hemisphere. He located in Kansas first, where he worked on a farm for five years after which in 1881 he came to Colorado and found employment on a ranch in Arapahoe county fifty-five miles east of Denver. Subsequently he came to Yuma county and was foreman for the -11 (Bar Eleven) ranch for a number of years. In 189_ [last digit blurred] he went to Idalia and engaged in the stock industry near that town. The gentleman had a thorough knowledge of the cattle business which was surpassed by few, if any, and he prospered greatly. At present he owns 1,200 acres of land which is exceedingly valuable for ranch purposes. His land extends to the breaks of the Arickaree, or the Middle Fork of the Republican river, where cattle and horses find complete shelter from the storms of winter in the ravines and under the bluffs which abound among and near that stream. His ranch is composed of rich farming and grazing lands that will compare with any in the county and he controls an almost unlimited area of free range. The soil of which the most of the ranch is composed will grow any kind of farm produce, but he cultivates only about 160 acres on which he grows winter feed for his stock. He owns forty-five horses and 230 well breed cattle. Owing to the fine grazing lands he owns and controls, he winters hundreds of cattle for other stockmen who are less favorably situated in addition to giving his own herds ample care. The gentleman is a good manager, an excellent financier and he gives his stock interest the benefit of his close attention and rare good judgment, which have much to do with the marked success which is rewarding his laudable ambition. He has excellent buildings on his ranch, with and adequate supply of wells, windmills and watering tanks, as well as every convenience for carrying on the stock industry profitably.

     Mr. Vogel is one of the principal partners in the mercantile firm of Payne Bros. & Vogel at Idalia, and while he does not give the details of the business his active supervision, doubtless his ripe judgment and mature thoughts are prime factors in the prosperity which characterizes the firm.

     Personally Mr. Vogel is an affable gentleman and his qualities as a firm friend and kind neighbor are most pronounced. In public matters he is both enterprising and progressive, and in every measure calculated to benefit his community or the county he takes and active and generous part. His warm friends are numerous and they are as extensive as the bounds of his acquaintance.

1961 One of Weld County's most famous ranch operations--the Painter Hereford 1961  Painter Corporation's Flowing M ranch near Roggen has been sold. , ..- -. The deal involved about 32,000 acres of land paralleling U. S. Highway 6 and joining Roggen on the north. Howard Glenn of Fort Morgan purchased the ranch for approximately $900,000. The sale incorporated the major portion of the old John E Painter and Sons ranch. Mrs. Stafford Painter, her daughter and son-in-law, Virginia and Robert McNey, operate the balance as the Painter Cattle Company. Jack Pritchard, president and major stockholder of the Painter Hereford Corp. was the seller Glenn's son George and his wife will live on and operate the Flowing M Ranch. One of the Finest The Flowing M has long been considered one of the finest ....  grasses and the ranch has always been productive, even in the abnormally dry years. Actually the deeded land within the ranch comprises about 20,941 acres. Remainder of the ranch is in the form of state and private    l cattle ranches in the entire West. Its productive hay meadows .... a minimum of labor .... largely sub-irrigated, require,,,,,, The sandhills pastures provide a variety of nutritious native....

Because the Three Ring Ranch was near Deer Trail, and the Big Muddy creek was in that area, and Hugo was a railroad stop east of Deer Trail, the brands might be from when Henry was in Deer Trail, not Yuma County.



Payne Bros. & Vogel

An Extensive Mercantile Establishment in the Village of Idalia

Keeps a General Stock and Does a Large and Growing Business

     Among the enterprising and progressive merchants of the county, the above firm merits generous mention.

     The firm, which is composed of N.J. Payne, W.B. Payne and Henry Vogel was established in January, 1902 and its place of business was established at Idalia in the southern part of the county. The active management of the business is in charge of N.J. and W.B. Payne as Mr. Vogel has other extensive business interests requiring his personal attention.

     N.J. Payne, who is twenty-four years of age, is a native of Kansas where he received a liberal education. He spent eight years in a railway office at Topeka where he acquired a thorough knowledge of correct business principles. His brother, W.B. Payne, who is twenty years of age, is a native of Colorado and he too is enjoying the benefits of a generous education and good business training. They are both affable young gentlemen who have won already a flattering reputation for integrity of purpose and honorable dealings. In conducting their business they are guided by the golden rule and they will accord a child just as honorable and generous treatment as could be obtained by one of mature years. They keep a large and well assorted stock of dry goods, groceries, clothing, shoes, notions gents' furnishings, provisions and, in fact, everything usually found in a general store. They own their own store building and pay cash for their goods, thereby obtaining the most favorable terms, with the usual discounts for cash, as a result of which they are able to sell goods at very low prices. This, in conjunction with their courtesy to customers, is one of the chief secrets of their marked success and explains how they secured such a large and profitable trade in such a comparatively short time.

     Mrs. Vogel, the bright and accomplished mother of these two young men, has charge of the Idalia post office, which is situated in the store and admirably managed. It receives daily mail from Wray and all outside points, and is the distributing point for Lansing and other country postoffices in the southern part of the county.

     Payne Bros. & Vogel buy butter, eggs and produce and as a business factor in the progress of that part of Yuma County they merit generous consideration. The indications are that there is a brilliant and most successful future before them.

Names - so search engines can find them - Dutch Vogel, Jim Donham, Emmett Fox, Tom Nevils, Bill Lucas, George Likes, Bud Fox, Barney Devlin, Tom Weaver, Wilford Upchurch.



In 1904 Norton J. Payne was the Republican candidate for county clerk.

  1905 Wray   - Colorado Militia


Norton Payne as a baby

Norton and Anna Payne

The Roberts Ranch was not in Yuma County - but Elbert County, about eight miles south-southwest of Deer Trail.

Ben and Bertha Gerber married June 4, 1908 in Dundy County, Nebraska.

Bertha Gerber Payne and her sister Rosetta Gerber McCoy - thanks to Nancy Masimer

1907  Norton J. Payne of Wray, Yuma County, married Annie M. Stickley - April 28, 1907.

In 1910 Idalia precinct Ben and Bertha have son Lauren W, eleven months old.

1910 "Ben Payne, of Idalia, who was taken to Denver last week where he had his eye operated upon, is quite seriously ill."

In 1910 Acie is married to Henry Vogel, both 54, operating a hotel in Idalia. 


1912 Ben W. Payne proved up on a quarter in 12, 4S 46W in 1912, witnesses John W. Doling, Hop Robertson, William L. Doling, and Thomas Ledford, all of Idalia.

1914 "Miss Emma Gerber is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ben Payne this week."

1914 "Miss Matilda Gerber visited last Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Ben Payne."

1914 "Ben Payne, of Idalia, was compelled to take his little son to Denver for treatment this week.  This is the second time the little fellow has had to be taken to the hospital and it is hoped that he will regain his health as rapidly as possible."



Norman L. Payne of Salt Lake City, who had been in Idalia to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Ben Payne, returned Monday to his home.

Ben with children Margaret and Ben Henry - thanks to Nancy Masimer

Nancy Masimer contributed this great photo - must be 1910-1920 era around Idalia.

Payne house as it appeared 1955-1965.

In 1920 Margaret 3 and Ben Henry 2 Payne are with grandparents Henry and Acie P. Vogel in Denver.

Nancy Masimer wrote that Ben was involved with the Yuma City Cafe in 1921, and in 1922-1923 was running the White Eagle Gas Plant in St. Francis, Kansas.

Henry and Acie are back in Wray in 1930, 74, and Henry says he's a farmer.

Sharing a stone in Fairmount are Acie Payne Norton Vogel and Fanny Roberts Rasmussen "Daughters of Lauren and Margaret J. Norton "

Personal Timeline for Acie Norton Payne   
1855     October 10   Born in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania   Father: John Barnes   Mother: Margaret Jane Shutts
1863     July 3     brother Frank Edward born in Chillicothe, Missouri
1864     brother dies in Brookfield, Missouri
1865     April 14     sister Margaret Mary born in Brookfield, Missouri
1860     Lives with Morgan Barnes (grandfather)
1860     Eugene Deforest Barnes Norton dies   born July 2, 1853
1866     November 13     sister Victoria Fannie  born in Brookfield, Missouri
1867      November    resides with Shutts family for education    Otsego county, New York
1870      listed in Linn County Missouri census
1870     January 28     sister Lydia Esther born in Brookfield, Missouri
1873     sibling born and dies on same day in Atchison, Kansas
1879     married William Peirce Payne  Topeka, Kansas
1880     October 19     son  Norton Jasper born in Topeka, Kansas
1880     Moves to Mockingbird Valley Ranch in Deer Trail, Colorado
1882     December 1     Victoria Fannie   marries Louis Dent Roberts in Topeka, Kansas
1883     August 23     Margaret Mary married Richard Holden in Topeka, Kansas
1884     September  12   son Ben William born in Deer Trail, Colorado
1884     October 18     William Payne shot at Mockingbird Valley Ranch in Deer Trail, Colorado
1886  marries Cantley

1889 divorces Cantley

1893     February  18     step-father   Lauren Norton  dies in Pueblo, Colorado
1894     moves to Yuma county   (?)   five year residency needed for land patent
1900     June 7     according to census, she had 3 boarders living with her in Idalia,  Henry Vogel (44) range rider,  Byron  Roberts (age 15) student  and George Bratney (51) farm laborer 
1901     February   receives land patent for a homestead in Yuma County
1901     November   marries Henry Vogel in Denver  (public record)
1901     November 27     Lydia Esther married George McWatt Robinson in Denver, Colorado
1902     January 28   marries Henry Vogel in Atwood, Kansas  according to Norton Family Bible
1908     Vogel saloon in Idalia
1916     October 7, 1916    mother dies in Denver, Colorado   2211 S. Josephine  Denver Co.  Acie and Henry’s home
1919     Bertha Gerber dies in car accident and Ben Henry and Margaret Payne come to live with her and Henry Vogel
1926     April 13    sister Victoria Fannie dies in Lawrence, Kansas
1930     April 9   Charles Payne marries Nellie Liming
1934     February 1   Henry Vogel dies in Wray, Colorado
1938     February 6   Jerald Payne marries Lillian Knutson
1939     app. May   moves to 124 Broadway   Denver, Colorado
1939     November 1   dies from an injury from a fall.

THANKS TO NANCY MASIMER for the timeline and photos.

Henry Vogel has a stone in Glendale, Vernon, Yuma County - 1855-1934.

Thursday February 1, 1934, Wray Gazette

Henry Vogel, widely known and long time resident of this county, died at his home in Wray this morning. Death followed an illness of several weeks.

Henry Vogel was born near Hamburg, Germany on November 10, 1855, and came to the United States in 1876. He came to Colorado in 1892 and settled near Deer Trail. He came to the Idalia community in 1890 and has been a resident of Wray since 1921. He was married in 1901 to Aciephene Payne. Besides his widow he leaves several nephews and nieces, some of whom reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mr. and Mrs. Vogel raised from infancy two grandchildren, Margaret Payne now attending college at Greeley, Colorado and Ben Henry Payne attending high school in Wray. Norton J. Payne of Kansas City and Ben Payne of Kirk are stepsons of Mr. Vogel. Charles Payne of Kirk and Jarald Payne of the United States Forest Service Reserve, are other grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held on Saturday morning at the Hitchcock Mortuary in Wray and interment will be in the Glendale Cemetery.


The Payne boys are in Kirk High School in 1928

Ben is in Kirk precinct in 1930, with Charles W. 20 and Jerald G. 17. 

Jerald Payne is the one on the right - this is the Amy Garage - photo contributed by Nancy / Dan Masimer

This must be the pool hall that Ben operated in Kirk in the 1920's - thanks to Nancy Masimer

Flora Motsenbocker, 21, married Louis Homrighans in Wray August 24, 1910.  In 1920 they're in Idalia precinct, with Clara 8, Helen 6, Grace 4, Warren 2, and newborn Margie.

Louie J. Homrighaus - March 4, 1884-Mar 10, 1930 is buried in Kirk- FindAGrave says his children are Grace E. Terry - 1915-1996 buried in Jefferson County, Warren -1917-1991 buried in Fort Logan, and Marjorie R. - Dec 1920-Feb 27, 1937 buried in Fairmount, Denver.

In 1930 Idalia Flora is widowed, with Clara J. 18, Helen B. 16, Grace E. 14, Warren A. 12, and Marjorie 10.

  Thanks to Nancy Masimer

In 1910 Wray, - on Clay Street - G. M. Robinson is a hotel keeper, 57, born in Scotland, with Ester 34, Missouri, married eight years.  She's had one child, one living.  Frances is 19, Charles 16, and Geraldine L. 4, all three kids born in Colorado.

In 1920 Denver, George M. , 65 Esther 40, Kansas, and Geraldine are living with brother-in-law George Rasmussen and his wife Fannie V. 48, born in Kansas.

In 1930 Denver Esther Robinson "mother" is 58, born in Missouri, living with Marcellus and Geraldine Merrill on East Colfax Avenue.  Next household is Marjorie Robinson, 26, divorced, born in Nebraska, with a six year old Ann Robinson, born in Kansas, and grandmother Catherine M. Burnett.

In 1940 Denver - at 335 Colorado Boulevard-  Marcellus Merrill 39, born in Nebraska,  and Geraldine 34, Colorado, have Constance 8 and Stanley 4, both kids born in Colorado.  (One public record says "M. Stanley" Merrill was born Nov 29, 1935)

In 1960 Denver Robt J. Primus (Constance) is a salesman for Merrill Engineering Laboratory.


The Merrill Wheel-Balancing System was the world's first electronic dynamic wheel-balancing system. It was invented in 1945 by Marcellus Merrill at the Merrill Engineering Laboratories, 2390 South Tejon Street, Englewood, Colorado, and is now recorded on the list of IEEE Milestones in electronic engineering and as an American Society of Mechanical Engineers landmark.

Before Merrill's invention, all wheel-balancing for automobiles, trucks, etc., required removal of the wheel from the vehicle. Most required some form of static balancing without wheel rotation, which was slow and error prone.
Merrill's invention balanced wheels while still mounted to the vehicle, by spinning them at high speed and electronically analyzing the vibrations to trigger a stroboscope. Technicians could then determine where balancing weights should be added.



Denver January 2000

Geraldine Robinson Merrill of Denver, a volunteer and community leader, died Sunday. She was 93.
Graveside services were held in Georgetown.
She was born Feb. 22, 1906, in Denver. On Feb. 19, 1930, she married Marcellus S. Merrill in Denver.
 She was president of the Auxiliary Services unit at the University of Colorado Hospital and volunteered there from 1964 to 1995. She was chairwoman of the English-Speaking Union during the World Convention in Colorado Springs and a three-term president for the YWCA of Metropolitan Denver.
She was historian for the 1976 Colorado Centennial wall-hanging project, "Women's Gold," on display in the Capitol.
She had been president of the Women's League at Central Presbyterian Church; a founding member of the board of directors of the Community Homemaker's Services, now the National Kempe Center for Abused Children; and secretary and vice president of the board of Denver Girl Scouts.
She was also a tour guide for the Denver Symphony Guild and University Hospital.
For her lectures on her historical doll collection and Colorado women, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Denver Public Schools volunteer program.
She was past president of Montclair Women's Club, Gamma Study Club, and the P.E.O., DA chapter.
She is survived by a daughter, Constance M. Primus, Georgetown; a son, M. Stanley, Denver; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
 Contributions may be made to the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library, 180 Sheridan Blvd., Denver 80226; or the Colorado Christian Home, 4325 W. 29th Ave., Denver 80212.


One tree said Flora died in Denver Nov 19, 1959 in Denver, Ben died January 9, 1967, and that both are buried in Fairmount cemetery, Denver.  Another says Ben died in 1955 in Denver.


Charles married Nellie Liming in Kirk April 3, 1930

C.J. Homrighansen, about 21, married Chas. Eastin March 25, 1933 in Wray.

Flora Motsenbocher was with Oliver L. and Della Motsenbocker - both 49 born in Indiana - in Idalia precinct.  She's 20, with no occupation.  Oliver and Della are buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver 31799005

Acie died in 1939 in Denver.



Jerald G. Payne married Lillian K. Knutson February 6, 1938, recorded in Denver County.

  1939 -

In 1940 Denver Jerald is 27,  manager of an axle and wheel shop, married to Lillian, 21, both born in Colorado.

Jerald G. "Jerry" Payne is listed in the obituaries of the Pueblo Chieftain of June 4, 1999.  He and Lillian are buried in Imperial Memorial Gardens, Pueblo 116181437.


In 1940 Wray Margaret is an elementary school teacher, lodging with the Roland Hawks family on Dexter Street.  She said she was in the same place in 1935.

Greeley Colorado - June 4, 1941

Payne-Cross Wedding Told

Miss Margaret Elizabeth Payne, daughter of Ben W. Payne of Denver, and James Keith Cross of Greeley were married on March 1, this year, at Kimball Nebr,, according to an announcement   made to Greeley friends. Rev. Oscar \V, ring vows at 2:30. The bride wore a frock of dusty rose, with a matching hat. Her corsage bouquet was of. orchids. Mrs. Cross is a graduate of Colorado State College of Education, where she was a member of PI Delta Thieta sorority. She has been teaching the past year at Wray and was a member or the Wray Woman's club. Mr. Cross, son of James W. Cross of Denver, is a graduate of CSCK. On the campus he was a member of Phi Delta PI. social fraternity, and Phi Delta Kappa, honorary fraternity. He holds the Legion of Honor in DeMolay and is a member of Wray lodge A.F. and A.M. No. 71. At present, he is manager of the women's department of the J. C. Penney store in Greeley. The couple has taken an apartment at the Boyum.

Margaret Elizabeth Cross born Jan 7, 1916 in Colorado, died in Orange County Jan 27, 1986, father Payne, mother Gerber.


In 1910 Wray James W. Cross is 28, married to Etta, 22.  James has "own income"


James W. is farming in 1920 Wray, widowed, with Violet 7, Keith 4, Stanley 2, and Lois three months.

Wray - 1930 census - James W. Cross, widowed, 48, Kentucky, with son James K. 15, born in Colorado.

James - 1881-1942 and Etta are buried in Wray.

California death records have James Keith Cross born Sept 25, 1914 in Colorado, dying Oct 6, 1988 in Orange County - mother's maiden name Fike.


Ben H. Payne, 92, died Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010, at the Chapman Valley Manor, Dickinson County, Kansas. He was born Sept. 13, 1917, in Idalia, Colo., the son of Ben W. and Bertha (Gerber) Payne. Growing to manhood in the area, he attended local schools and graduated from Wray High School in Wray, Colo. On Oct. 9, 1946, he married Betty Winterscheidt in Horton. The early years of their married life were spent in Salina, where he worked for the Duckwall ALCO store before moving to its headquarters in Abilene in 1961. In 1982, he retired as vice president in charge of operations. He was a naval veteran of WW II. Survivors include his wife, Betty Payne of Abilene; two daughters, Ann Bingham of Lenexa and Mary Beth Payne of Houston, Texas; a son, Scott Payne of Lenexa; nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by three brothers and a sister. Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10, at the Danner Funeral Home with Fr. Henry Baxa officiating. The family will receive friends from 9:30 a.m. until service time the day of the service. Interment will follow in the Mt. St. Joseph Cemetery, Abilene, Kansas. Memorial contributions may be given to the St. Andrew's Catholic Church or the Chapman Valley Manor. They may be left at or sent in care of the Danner Funeral Home, P.O. Box 758, Abilene, KS 67410

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