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Annabeth (Baxter) Beckman passed away peacefully Saturday, Aug. 23, 2011, at 12:25 p.m. at Hillcrest Care Center in Wray. Annabeth was born Feb. 29, 1916, in a mining town called Buxton, Iowa. This is now just a cornfield. She was delivered by a black doctor named E. A. Carter. Her parents moved there in 1910. In 1917, she moved with her parents to Beacon, Iowa.

In 1920 when Annabeth was four years old, her parents decided to move back to Colorado where her mother was from. They came to Stratton, with all their belongings and four children by train. Then on to Kirk to relatives. Her dad got a job to farm. The land was owned by a man named Loutzenhieser who lived in Kansas. They moved into a little soddy house on the farm. This was two miles northeast of Joes . In 1921 when Annabeth was just five years old, she started first grade at Joes . This school was at the west end of Joes . A new high school was built and two fairly new grade schools from northeast and north-west of Joes were moved just across the yard from the high school. One school housed grades 1-3 and the other grades 4-6. Seventh and eighth were in the high school. This was the first year on these grounds. Annabeth spent all but one year at Joes School.

In junior high, she moved with her family to southeast of Seibert. Crops blew out and they moved back to Joes settling a half mile south of the Loutzenhieser farm. Loutzenhieser contacted her dad to come work for him again. He said he would build a new house. The new house wasn't done before they had to move off the Nikkel farm so they moved into the granary on the Loutzenhieser farm. Annabeth's baby sister was only two months old, and she slept in a harness box. A month later the house was done. Annabeth lived on this farm until she married her soul mate of 55 years, Bill Beckman. While in high school, Annabeth loved the game of basketball. In March, 1933, when she was a senior in high school, the Joes girls' basketball team won the state championship against Berthoud at Berthoud. Back then you could take a referee with you. They chose the Stratton girls basketball coach, as he also refereed. In March of 1934, this coach asked Annabeth if she would like to play in a tournament with some of the Stratton girls. She did and they went to Wichita, Kan., to play in the AAU National Championship Tournament. They lost the first game, and it was all over for them.

April 10, 1934, Annabeth married Bill Beckman who she met and dated at Joes High School. They were married at the Methodist Parsonage at St. Fran-cis, Kan., with her three-year old sister, Ronora, by her side. Annabeth and Bill's first home was in a two-room well house on a farm six miles north of Kirk, where Bill's parents were living. In December, 1934, Annabeth was asked if she wanted to play on a Bonny Beauty School basketball team. She did, and Annabeth and Bill went to Denver, with a local truck driver who made weekly trips to Denver for supplies. The beauty school paid for their room and board. Bill was the coach as they fired the other coach. Annabeth played about two months, and they returned to their home. In 1935, they moved about one-half a mile to the east on a farm where Bill's uncle, George Beckman, was farming. He was moving to Denver, so they got to rent this farm. Annabeth and Bill, while living there had three daughters, Patsy, Donna, and Marjorie.

In 1942, the land sold and Annabeth and Bill moved to a farm three-fourths of a mile south and four and three-fourths miles east. While there Larry and Maxine were born. In 1948, Annabeth and Bill bought a farm and moved three and a half miles back west. Here Peggy, Terry, Randy, and Billy were born. Annabeth was a farm wife for 43 years helping milk cows and raised a big garden. In the last 13 of those years, she helped milk 50 cows and sold Grade A milk to Sinton's Dairy in Colorado Springs.

In 1967, they sold their farm to Gates Rubber Company living on the farm until June, 1971 and then moving to Yuma. Annabeth loved to make things for her family sewing clothes, doing ceramics, and making a variety of stuffed animals. When she made one, she could end up with 15 or 20 of the same thing. She also enjoyed bowling on leagues for years and bowling at state tournaments. She also did a lot of golfing playing at the Kirk Golf Course and then at Yuma. She quit golfing at the age of 78 after having heart surgery, but the desire was always there. She loved to play cards, work crossword puzzles, and attend any sport her kids, grandkids, and great grandkids were in and she was ready to go when it was mentioned.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Neal and Lulu, husband Bill, daughter Marjorie Meade; brothers and sisters-in-law James, Wilbert/Leta Baxter, Clarence/Jean Baxter, brother-in-law Lyle Plocher.

Annabeth is survived by her sister Ronora Plocher of Englewood; 8 children/7 spouses: Patsy/Leo Idler of Carpenter, Wyo.; Donna/Larry Terrell of Kirk; Larry/Janie Beckman of Idalia, Colorado; Maxine/Jim Strick of Kirk, Colorado; Peggy/Walt Fadenrecht of Yuma; Terry Beckman of Aurora; Randy/Loretta Beckman of Littleton; and Billy/Chris Beckman of Julesburg.

Twenty-seven grand-children/24 spouses: In order as they were born: Vickie/Mike Root, Steven Idler, Greg/Cindy Terrell, Belinda/Russell Liming, Vanessa/Jerry McCauley, Brenda/Bob Kechter, Rhonda/Rick White, Brad/Sue Terrell, Richie/Sarah Beckman, Michael/Melanie Idler, Kim/Jim Zwetzig, Jeff/Krysti Terrell, An-gie/Chris Walpole, Adam/Katie Fadenrecht, Robbie/Marcy Beckman, Darren/Ann Fadenrecht, Chris/Doug Idler, Eric/Laura Fadenrecht, Ryan/Ginny Beckman, Derek/Amanda Fadenrecht, Amber Beckman, Jennifer/Nathanial Wilson, Andrea/Douglas Jones, Tiffany Beckman/Kurt Dilsaver, Stephanie/Vance McCormick, Stacy Beck-man/fiancc Jamison Rossi, Laura Beckman, three step grandchildren: Jerry/Kelly Harden, John Harden, and Bill Harden.

Fifty-seven great-grandchildren and 18 with spouses or good friend: Camey Chandler, Dusty/Ryan Lederle, Christopher/Gerri Chandler, Brezie/Omar Segovia, Guy/Sheena Terrell, Maranda/Kevin Rehor, Mat-thew Idler, Lacey/Bryon Moen, Januari/Ryan Bond, Candice/Chris Monahan, Jaimel/Shawn Blajszcjzk, Jill/Danny West, Au-tumn/Kent Helling, Toby/Brianne Kechter, Ashley/Eugene Soehner, Russell Liming, Jr., Amos/Jill White, Jacob Timm/Megan Copas, Kay Dee/Ty'Ray Thompson, Trenton/Krista Terrell, Tara Timm, Joshua/Ashley Idler, Karysa Idler, Jake Beck-man, Emily Terrell, Luke Terrell, Jessica Fadenrecht, Shelby Terrell, Cole Beck-man, Bailey Terrell, Chel-sea Toledo, Anthony Zwetzig, Beau Beckman, Brenly Terrell, Madison, Idler, Tyler Beckman, Jen-nay Terrell, Paige Beck-man, Rachel Fadenrecht, Emily Idler, Kristen Beckman, Leah Fadenrecht, Sarah Fadenrecht, Tyler Fadenrecht, Brady Beck-man, Trevin Beckman, Noah Fadenrecht, Nathan Fadenrecht, Abigail Faden-recht, Taylin Beckman, Addison Beckman, Joshua Fadenrecht, Jaxson Jones, Tabitha Fadenrecht, Niley Wilson, Matthew Faden-recht, and Jayde Jones. Seven great-stepgrandchildren/2 great-stepgrandchildren spouses: Chazz Walpole, Chanz Walpole, Mikey Frank, Karissa Sena, Josh Harden, Mike/Mandy Zwetzig, and Jill/Eric Broce. Thirty-three great-great-grandchildren in order born: Storm Rehor, Tori J Rehor, Ean White, Mi-chelle, Kenzie Rehor, Kaitlynn Idler, Zoe Segovia, Triton Chandler, Chase Martindale, Destiny Segovia, Teyton Chandler, Kenlie Blakeney, Jaylyn Kechter, Giselle Moen, Nathanael Segovia, Maryn Lederle, Brady Terrell, Nevaeh Idler, Victoria Blakeney, Gabriel Kechter, Claire Timm, Blake Moen, Isabel Bond, Easton West, Kaden Terrell, Keira Led-erle, Hunter Idler, Tyce Thompson, Bode Monahan, Paige Terrell, Jackson Bond, Joshlynn Idler, and Alexis West.

Seven great-great-stepgrandchildren: Jill Soehner, Isaiah Broce, Olivia Broce, Laurn Zwetzig, Keegon Zwetzig, Leighton, and Kyndal. Total immediate family members was 190 plus one sister, two nephews, and three nieces.

Graveside service was held at the Yuma Cemetery on Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, at 11 a.m. Interment was at Yuma Cemetery in Yuma, beside her husband Bill. Jack Stout from Liberty Baptist Church, Joes , officiated. As requested by Annabeth, a granddaughter, Brenda Kechter, played her guitar and Brenda and husband, Bob Kechter, sang Precious Memories and Precious Lord, Take my Hand. Lunch was prepared and served by the ladies of the Nazarene Church in Yuma. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Hillcrest Care Center, 360 Canyon Ridge Drive, Wray, CO 80758. Baucke Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.


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Date: August 31, 2011



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