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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lafayette W. Blanchard

In 1870 Newaygo County, Michigan, Hiram P. Blanchard is farming, 35, with Amanda 22, and LaFayette 4.

In 1880 Cass County, Nebraska, A.P. Blanchard is 46, "Amanday" 32, lafayette 14, Genevie 2, and Nancy O. five months. Amanda's mother rachel Herington 57 is with them.

In 1881 Cass County Nebraska, H.P. Blanchard is farming, 47 bonr in New York, Amanda 34 Michigan, L"laviett" 15 Michigan, Geneva 3 and Nancy 1 in Nebraska.
"HIRAM P. BLANCHARD, farmer, P. O. Center Valley, was born in Otsego County, N. Y., in 1834, and was reared on a farm in Kalamazoo, Mich., after which he followed farming there as an occupation for some years. He came to Nebraska July 26, 1872, and located on his present premises. He owns 160 acres of improved farming land. Mr. Blanchard was married in Kalamazoo County, Mich., in 1865, to Amanda Melvina Harrington. They have three children--Lafayette W., Genevria and Nancy Ordelia."

1894 Lincoln, Nebraska "Rev L. W. Blanchard, pastor of the East Lincoln Baptist church, spoke on behalf of his church, which is a branch of the First church, having gone out about four years ago and is today a self-sustaining and aggressive organization. His address was enjoyed by all."

Lafayette W. Blanchard, age 29, married Harriet E. Howe, 30, on April 17, 1895 in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Her father was R. H. Williamson, mother Eliz McLardon.

Harriett E. "Hattie" Williamson Blanchard 1865-1899 is buried in Nebraska City # 110012025.

Amanda Melvina (Herrington) Blanchard 1847-1909 is buried in Boone County, Arkansas.
FindaGrave # 24833325. Hiram is buried there, too, 1834-1918.

In 1900 Carbon County, Montana, "Emanda" Blanchard is farming, born Dec 1848 in Michigan, with daught Jennie June 1879 Nebraska. Chatwo farmhands, and her brother L.W. Blanchard, born March 1866 in Michigan is with her.

Genevieve Blanchard, 21, born at Weeping Water, Nebraska, married Don C. Blanchard on September 7, 1902 in Carbon County. Her father was Hiram P. Blanchard, mother Amanda M. Harrington.

July 1908 "Charging that Dr. L. W. Blanchard of Hill Top, Boone county, a leading citizen of his community and a superintendent of a thriving Sunday school, has manufactured counterfeit money for the past 15 years and that Dr. Blanchard had been operating a counterfeiting plant at Hill Top, where, he claims, they had the equipment to turn out dimes, quarters, half-dollar and dollar pieces, for the past five months, J. C. Wilcoxson, charged with passing counterfeit money, Monday turned state's evidence before United States Commissioner Nathan B. Williams and gave startling testimony, following his and Dr. Blanchard's arrest at Huntsville Saturday.
The two are charged with having passed counterfeit money on Walter Stephens, a merchant at Hill Top, Saturday. Stephens is said to have discovered the counterfeit money shortly after and to have wired the sheriff at Huntsville. A few hours later Wilcoxson and Dr. Blanchard were arrested. Eight counterfeit half-dollars and a full equipment for turning out more were found on the two men. They were given a preliminary hearing Monday before Commissioner Williams, and after Wilcoxson had turned state's evidence, both were bound over to the Federal Grand Jury. Wilcoxson declares he joined the manufacture of counterfeit money about five months ago, and that, although he helped to make the money, he never knowingly passed any of it. He stated that although Dr. Blanchard had been following the business of manufacturing money for 15 years, this was the first time he had ever been under arrest."

August 4, 1908 "At Fayetteville, Ark., Dr. L. W. Blanchard, described as a Sunday school superintendent and "a leader in social, political and religious affairs," has been held for the grand jury on the charge of making spurious money."


October 22, 1909 Harrison, Arkansas "A counterfeiting charge against Hiram P. Blanchard, of the Gaither mountain country, father of Dr. Blanchard, now serving a term for counterfeiting, was dismissed by Judge Rogers."

In 1910 Leavenworth, Kansas, Lafayette W. Blanchard, 45, is widowed, a prisoner, occupation stone mason.

August 1916 "Be it known that we, WILLIAM L. CUMMINGS and LAFAYETTE W. BLANCHARD, citizens of the United States, residing at Leavenworth, in the county of Leavenworth and State of Kansas, have invented new and useful Improvements in Fraud-Detectors'of which the following is a specification. This invention relates to means for detecting fraud corrections in checks, bills, law deeds and similar papers and flaws in precious stones. Heretofore, it has been the custom to endeavor to locate such fraudulent corrections or flaws by the use of a magnifying glass, but the detection of fraud in such papers or the flaws in valuable gems has not always been found to be successful by this method. It is, therefore, one of the principal objects of this invention to provide an amply constructed and readily operated device for accurately detecting flaws in gems and frauv as dulent'corrections in negotiable instruments which cannot be detected by the magnifying glass."
He might be the one in New York City in 1920, 53, widowed, a chemist, living with the young Wm. and Edna Cummings couple.

August 1924 "Dr. and Mrs. Blanchard, of Joes, were visiting in Yuma Sunday."

1924 Journal of the Colorado Medical Society "Dr. L. Wendell Blanchard and Dr. Martha K. J. Blanchard have transferred their location from Stoneham to Peetz. "

Lafayette W. Blanchard married Theressa Cates November 17, 1925, recorded in Denver.

Lafayette W. and Martha K.J. Blanchard divorced in Cheyenne County in 1926.

1956 Decatur, Illinois "Dr. Martha K. J. Blanchard, 78, former Decatur physician, died at St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield. Dr. Blanchard moved from Decatur to Mount Olive in 1951 and continued her practice in that community until recently, she was a doctor, here for nine years. She was born in Rose Hill, Ohio, July 2, 1872, a daughter of ..She was the widow of Dr. Lafayette Blanchard"

Lafayette W. Blanchard married Lillian Adams on January 8, 1926, recorded in Kiowa County.

March 1926

March 4, 1926 "Mrs. Dr. Blanchard, of Kirk, was on the sick list for a time but is now able to attend to her work."

August 27, 1926 Eads, Colorado "Dr. Blanchard moved his goods from Brandon to Eads Wednesday of this week and has taken offices on the second floor of the Nipps building."

1916 Eads, Colorado "T. F. Prajer, who has been ranching at Deer Trail for a few months, has returned and will acquire possession of the Eads drug store May 1. His many friends extend the hand of welcome, and wish himself and family health and prosperity."

January 22, 1920 Eads "T. J. Prajer, for several years a druggist at Eads, died last Friday at Phoenix, Arizona."

L. Wendell Blanchard married Anita M. Prajer on Sept 27, 1926, recorded in Prowers County, Colorado.

June 24, 1927 Eads, Colorado " Bert Cour of Kirkwood, Missouri, is under Dr. Blanchard's care, having an injured foot."

1927 Eads, Colorado "Dr. and Mrs. L.W. Blanchard, Roy Necesta and Lester Latham motored to Kit Carson Saturday evening."

December 25, 1942 Eads
Anita (Nesrsta) 1890-1969 is buried in Eads # 41687982.

Lafayette W. Blanchard married Anna Botel at Stoneham, Colorado on January 8, 1929, recorded in Morgan County, Colorado.

Lafayette W. Blanchard married Louise E. Yost on October 21, 1929, recorded in Arapahoe County.
In 1930 Lafayette is in Stoneham precinct, Weld County, Colorado, divorced, 63, a doctor.

Stoneham, Colorado is on the railroad line from Sterling to Greeley, with " a hospital, erected by the husband and wife doctor team of Mr. and Mrs L. W. Blanchard in 1921"
Lafayette Blanchard of Flagler married Katherine Marlow Blanchard of Delta, Colorado on October 7, 1930, recorded in Kit Carson Couty.
" both previously married to each other and were divorced 4/22/1930 Sterling "
In 1920 Delta County, "Emma" Marlow is 34 born in Missouri, with farmer William Marlow. Viola 13 and Juanita E. 7 were born in Colorado. She was the Catherine Marlow in 1910 Gunnison County, and one tree said she was Emma D. Besgrove.

L. Wendell Blanchard married Corynne G. Monroe on June 5, 1931, recorded in Baca County.

Lafayette Wendell Blanchard married Corynne Monroe in Logan County Colorado on February 28, 1931.

August 20, 1931

September 21, 1933

1934 "Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Smith of Galesburg, Illinois, sister and brother-in-law of Mrs. Blanchard, are houseguests of Dr. and Mrs. Blancahrd."

1936 "Miss Mariam Monroe of Ohio arrived here and has registered as an eighth grade pupil in the Kirk school. She is making her home with her aunt, Mrs. L.W. Blanchard, at the Kirk hospital."
She left April 15, 1937 from Yuma for her home in Toledo, Ohio.

January 1938

October 1939
In 1940 he's in Kirk, Yuma County, 73, a physician, married to Coryne N. 43 born in Ohio.

August 1940
L. Wendell Blanchard, born 1866 in Kalamazoo, died in 1960, buried in BBranson, Missouri # 30595365.
Corynee was the informant. His father was August, mother Louise.

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