Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Herman Bodin/Boden died at Kirk Monday December 29, following an operation. He had been taken ill the preceding Saturday and was operated upon at once as a last resort but not much hope was entertained for his recovery. Funeral services were held last Saturday, and the interment was at the Nazarene cemetery.
Yuma Pioneer, Yuma, Colorado
January 8, 1925
Transcribed by Carol Moore.

The Nazarene cemetery would be the Olivet Cemetery near Joes, and if he were related to the Boden /Bodin of Idalia, they would have buried him in thir Lutheran cemetery twenty miless away.

In March 1925 the Yuma County commissioners approved $100 to Dr. L.W. Blanchard for services rendered Herman Boden, so he must have been destitute.

If anyone has information on this Herman, please let us know.

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