Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneers:

Luman and Mary (Gray) Calkins, Kirk and Wray

In 1870 Fremont County, Iowa, James W. Calkins is 42, Etta J.32, Mry R. 16, Isaac W. 14, Lucinada 12, Lynam 9, James M. 9, Chaney I. 6, Charles E. 5, and Mray R. 2.

In 1880 Fremont County, Iowa, J.W. "Cawkins" is 54, farming, born in New York, with Eliza 45 \Ohio. Israel is 23, Luellen 19, hauncy 14, Charlie 12, Alva 8, and Willard 6, all son s born in Iowa.

James Wood Calkins 1827-1898 is buried in Cowley County, Kansas # 23224165

James Wood Calkins was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at an early age. His parents brought his family to Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, to be with the Saints by the 1840s. After religious persecution had driven the family to Iowa Territory, James volunteered to serve with the Mormon Battalion. He enlisted on 16 July 1846 at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa Territory, in Company A. The muster rolls recorded him as being sick from 16 July 1846 through 31 August 1846. Due to this lengthy illness, he was detached with the sick to winter at Fort Pueblo rather than complete the journey to California. After his discharge James immigrated to the Salt Lake Valley, arriving on 27 July 1846. He remained in the valley one month before heading east to Atchison County, Missouri. He resided in Atchison from 11 November 1847 until March 1849, when he moved to Fremont County, Iowa.

James was baptized a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 1 May 1870 at Madison, Jones, Iowa, by J. R. Badham. He was confirmed by W. Baldwin and J. R. Badham. He was ordained an elder on 1 May 1870 at Mill Creek, Fremont, Iowa, by W. Baldwin. He attended the Iowa Branches at Mill Creek and Riverton. On 8 January 1890 James applied for a Government Issued Survivor's Pension. He died from heart disease.

The three brothers, Alva C. Calkins, James Wood Calkins, and Sylvanus Calkins along with their first cousin Edwin R. Calkins enlisted as privates in Company A of the U.S. Mormon Battalion. James W. was on detached service 17 Oct 1846. He was one of the men sent to Pueblo by way of Santa Fe, New Mexico, to winter, under the command of Captain Brown. As such he would have entered the Salt Lake Valley the 29th July 1847.

Eliza (Gilmore) Calkins 1836-1900 died in Cowley County, Kansas # 23224157,
In 1900 Cowley County, Kansas, Luman is farming, born Feb 1860 in Iowa, married 16 yhears to mary August 1855 Ireland. Thomas March 1886, Lillie A. August 1892, and Genette M. Oct 1894 Kansas.
Next household is Israel Calkins June 1858 Iowa, married 16 years to Satecha Sept 1862 Ireland, with James H. Oct 1885 Iowa, Eliza April 1890 Iowa, Floyd May 1891 Knasas, and brother Charles E. March 1868 Iowa.

In 1905 Marshall County, Kansas, L. Calkins is 43, Mary 48, Thomas 18, Lillie 13, and Nettie 11.
They're in the household of E. J. 576 and L.E. 47 Giles with three kids. Minnie 18, Otis 17, and Pearlie 12.
Also in the household are E. B 36 and M.B. 38 Arnold, with Stanton 15, Maud 14, Hazel 2, Joseph 7, and Minor four months old.

In 1910 Yuma County, Thomas A. 24, Lilian A. 16, and Jennetta M. 14 are in Wray,

Lily and Jeannette M. are also in 1910 census with their parents in Kirk precinct.
October 1913 Wray "L. C. Calkins has accepted a position with the Wray mills left vacant by the the departure of Ernest Weaver last week. Mr. Calkins went out to his farm near Kirk Sunday and is expected to return today."

In 1920 Luman 55 and Mary G. 59 are living with daughter Lillie A. Schelly in north Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma County Jeanettea M. Willis is a nurse, 34 married but no spouse, with Mary L. 11 and Lyla L. 7, both born in Colorado. They're living with sister Lillian A. Schelley and her husband Robert, both 37.

In 1940 Wray, Jeannette is a telephone operator, Mary L. 21 is a presser at a dry claeners. Lylas A. 17 has no occupation.

In 1945 Denver, Lylas is a stenographer, living at 828 Humboldt.
Jeannetta, same address is a phone operator.

Mary Lois (Calkins) Allen-Owings 1919-2007 is buried in the Denver area.

Albert James Bowland 1924-1984 is buried in Jefferson County, Colorado # 67029135.

Mary Elizabeth Calkins Parkison 1853-1927 is buried in Fremont County, # 38274496.

Lucinda Rooker 1861-1886 is buried in Fremont County # 59057363, "Wifeo f W. Rooker" "Daughter of J.W. ^ Elizabeth.


Chauncey Ira Calkins, born April 6, 1866 in Iowa, died Nov 9, 1940 in Los Angeles, mother's name Gilmore.


In 1910 Kit Carson County, "Latacia" is 44, widowed, with James H. 26, Floyd 18 and Frances L. 6.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Colorado, Latechia Calkins is 61, widowed, with Floyd 28, LeRoy 14, and Floyd's wife Zella D. 23.
Next household is James H. 34 born in Iowa, his wife Doris A. 18 Kansas, and their nine-month-old daughter Genevieve born in Kansas.

Latechia (Grey) Calkins 1862-1936 is buried in Cowley County, Kansas # 2322470, with Israel 1858-1908.

Arkansas City Daily Traveler Arkansas City, Kansas
Wednesday, October 28, 1908

Isreal W. Calkins, whose home is seven miles northeast of the city, died very suddenly this morning. Mr. Calkins had been in his usual good health up until the time of his death, which occurred at 8:30 o'clock. He had risen at the usual hour this morning and had gone to the back yard of his home to cut some wood. He did not return to the house in a reasonable length of time and members of the family went to look for him. He was found lying in the yard, but was still breathing at that time. He died,however, in a few moments after being found and did not even as much as speak a word after falling.

Medical attendance was at one called, but Mr. Calkins was dead before the physician arrived at the home. The cause of his death was apoplexy. Mr. Calkins father died in exactly the same manner several years ago. The deceased was 50 years of age and leaves a wife and four children, three sons and one daughter to mourn his death. The daughter is attending school in this city. Mr. Calkins was well acquainted in this city and he was a successful farmer. He and his family have resided on the farm where they now live for a number of years.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed by the members of the family as they desire to hear from a brother of the deceased, who resides in Colorado. The funeral will be announced later.

Charles Edwin Calkins 1868-1944 is buried in Santa Ana, California # 38994124,

Laurel Oak Cemetery, Henry County, Missouri has "CALKINS, Ellen May - b: Sep 3 1918 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - d: Nov 23 1918 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - bur: Nov 24 1918 - 2M 2D - infant dau of Willard R. & Emma PETERSON CALKINS -"
"CALKINS, Angeline Jane - 6M single white female - b: Feb 2 1912 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - d: Aug 13 1912 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - fth: Willard Calkins, born Fremont Co, IA - mth: Emma Peterson, born Peoria, IL - informant: Willard Calkins, Windsor, MO - cause: acute indigestion - bur: Aug 18 1912 Laurel Oak Cemetery, Windsor, Windsor Twp, Henry Co, MO - filed as: Angeline Jane Calkins, file no: 26113
CALKINS, Clifford Wilmont - 1M infant white male - b: Jun 13 1913 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - d: Jul 20 1913 Windsor, Henry Co, MO - fth: M. R. Calkins, born Iowa - mth: Emma Peterson, born Peoria, IL - informant: M. R. Calkins, Windsor, MO - cause: peritonitis - bur: Jul 20 1913 Laurel Oak Cemetery, Windsor, Windsor Twp, Henry Co, MO "

Willard Calkins is in Kansas City in 1920, a car inspector, Emma is 37 born in Illinois, May 12 Kansas, Leona 4, Missouri, and Otto 2 Missouri. Emma's mother Ellen Peterson 68 born in Sweden widowed, is living with them.
Leona Calkins
Otto is buried in Leavenworth 1917-1989 # 424125.

In 1940 Inez Mary Ellen Calkins, 33, is a resident at the Miami County, Kansas state home.
Juanita Ella Calkins was born June 27, 1923 at Perrin Missouri, dying October 10, 2006. Morris in 1950, Johnson in 1951, and Collins in 1974.
She's buried in Kansas City, Kansas # 132826865.

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