Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Almira Pratt, son James A. Pratt, son William O. Pratt

In 1860 Johnson County, Iowa, James A. Pratt is 2, with Amos S. 28 and Almira 22.
Amos and Almira are in Valley County, Nebraska in 1880, with Malissia 19, Amos H. 17,. Dannell 12, Florence 6, and William 1.
Almira is widowed in 1900 Calhoun County, Iowa, born Sept 1837 in Ohio, with Daniel L. April 1868 Iowa, and William O. May 1879 Nebraska. Daughter Florence Shaw Jan 1874 Iowa, married but no spouse, having two kids but none living.
James proved up a quarter in 23, 5S 47W, which now includes the Kirk cemetery.
Wm. O. Pratt cash-claimed a quarter in 3, 5S 47W in 1908.
Almira Pratt proved up a quarter in 15, 4S 47w in 1908.
Almira is living with William O. in 1910 Dallas County, Iowa. William is 30, Jennie 28, married six years, with Edward J. 5 Minnesota, and Elmer W. 3 Colorado.
Almira is buried in Dallas County 1838-1910 # 70344858, with Amos 1832-1899 # 14400117
-------------------------------------------------- March 2, 1939 "Mrs. F.I. Shaw received a telegram from Des Moines Iowa telling of the illness of a brother, Dan Pratt. No hopes were entertained for his recovery. Mr. Preatt lived here more than thirty years ago. He had a homestead southeast of Kirk. He is the uncle of Mrs. June Nash of Idalia and Reuben and Harlan Praatt and Mrs. Muriel Davis of the Kirk vicinity.

February 6, 1941 "Mrs. Lina Pratt received word last week of the death of an uncle, Harlan Bailey, of Bussey, Iowa. Mr. Bailey and family lived here and at Wray in the year 1900, and made several visites here through the years. Mr. Bailey was born more than seventy-nine years ago on a farm near Bussey. He lived on that farm all of his life with the exception of the time he resided in this state."

December 24, 1931 "Mrs. Alva Pratt is quite ill at her home again."
February 21, 1935 "Mrs. Florence Shaw received word Friday of the death of her brother, Henry Pratt, who resided in Minnesota. Mrs. Shaw was unable to go ther, and Mrs. Avery Nash, a daughter residing at Idalia, left to attend. Henry Pratt was a brother of the late Alva Pratt of Kirk."

William is in Des Moines, Iowa in 1920, 39, with Mary 35 Kansas. Edward 14 Minnesota, Elmer 12 COlorado, Arther 9 Iowa, and William 3 Minnesota.
In 1930 Des Moines, William is 50, Mary J. 45, Ben E. 24, George A. 20, Milton W. 14, and Carl L. 8.
In 1940 Des Moines, William is 52, Mary J. 54, and Earl L. 18.
November 27, 1941 "W.O. Pratt, of Des Moines, Iowa, arrived Friday evening to be with his sister, Mrs. F.I.Shaw, who is still ill. The last few days Mrs.Shaw seemed to be feeling somewhat better. Mr. Pratt will also visit his nephews Rube and Harlan Pratt, and his niee Mrs. Muriel Davis."

Benjamin Edward Pratt 1905-1990 is buried in Des Moines # 76524881.
Elmer R. Pratt, born in Yuma County Aug 14, 1907 - Dec 29, 1991 is buried in Des Moines, # 82090270
George A. Pratt is a truck driver in 1940 Des Moines, 29, with Delores 25, James 7, Virgil 5, Velda 2, and William R. two months.
George A. Pratt died March 26, 1945, is on the "Courts of the Missing" # 56119565.
Delores 1915-1987 # 98097678 and Lewis M. Ballard 1912-1979 are buried in Des Moines.

In 1900 Cope precinct, James A. born Nov 1857, Lina October 1868, Reuben July 1891, Harlan K. Oct 1896, and Muriel April 1900 are farming.
When Herman Friesen returned for a visit in 1939 "Mrs. Lina Pratt taught Mr. FRriesen and his two sisters."

In 1910 Kirk precinct, James A. is 52, married 19 years to Lina 41, both born Iowa. Reuben A. 18, Harlan K. 13, and Muriel D. 10 were born in Iowa.

James A. Pratt 1857-1933 is buried in Kirk, # 28343240, with Lina R. Pratt 1868-1944 # 28343247.
February 16, 1933

November 15, 1934
July 16, 1936
September 17, 1936

May 25, 1944

November 1, 1928 "Mrs. Cora Hobbs of Joes spent the day with her sister, Mrs. Harlan Pratt at Kirk.
April 16, 1931 "Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Pratt and sons took Sunday with Mrs. Pratt's parents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bolin."
December 3, 1931 "Earl Davis and family and Harlan Pratt and family and Ruben Pratt had Thanksgiving at the Alva Pratt home."
July 1934 Mrs. Henry Bolin, Mrs. Cora Hobbs went to Lawrence Kansas to be with Charles Bolin, who was not expected to live. Mrs Harlan Paratt and their dauther and husband were down a short time ago.
August 16, 1934
April 1936 "Harlan Pratt and family are moving back to their farm from Vona."
August 20, 1936 "The Earl Davis and Harlan Pratt families left Friday morning for Oregon to make their home."

December 10, 1936
December 24, 1936 "Mrs. Lina Pratt and the Earl Davis family arrived home from Oregon the first of last week and are living in Kirk at the Pratt residence. The Davis children are attending the Kirk school."
January 20, 1938 "Harlan Pratt bought a building on a farm near Stratton. He and Glen Eastin moved it to MRs. Pratt's farm this week."
Harlan K. Pratt 1896-1955 # 67354651 and Nora E. Pratt 1903-1991 # 67354652. are buried in Kirk.
July 7, 1955

August 8, 1991


December 30, 1920
April 1, 1937

April 8, 1937
January 15, 1942 "rube Pratt rented the rooms vacated by Mr. and Mrs. John Reidesel and has put i a lunch counter. He served free pop corn Saturday afternoon."

August 27, 1942 # 28343255

Muriel D. Davis 1900-1981 # 67354402 and Earl E. 1887-1981 # 67354396 are buried in Kirk.

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