Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Albert E. and Susanna V. (Spriggle) Shore, Kirk


In 1910 Adams County, Nebraska, Albert is 24, with Susanna 23, married tive years, both born in Nebraska, with Edward , 3.
Albert Evans Shore registered for WWI with a Joes, Colorado address, born July 28, 1884, farming, with wife Susanna.
He was born at Doniphan, Nebaska to William P. Shore and Alice Dempster.
In 1920 Yuma County, Albert E. 35, Susie V. 33, Edward J. 13, and Raymond E. 9, all born in Nebraska, are farming.
In 1930 Yuma County, they have only Raymond.
1933 "A.E. Shore and son Raymond were in Wray visiting the parents and grandparents, M.r and Mr.s L. O. Spriggle, first of the week. Mr.a nd Mrs. Spriggle will be moved from the county seat to Yuma this week."
"Mrs. Susie Shore, who was called home from Denver to attend the funeral of her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Raymond Shore, will return to Denver again to be near her father, L. O. Spriggle."



Albert Evans Shore 1882 1939 # 67354711 is buried in Kirk, with Susanna Viola 1886-1954.

October 26, 1939

In 1930 Yuma County, John E. is farming, 23, Icia E. 27, Dorothy I. 3, John R. 2 and Arlene C. eleven months.
(Icia Stewart had been in Thomas County, Kansas in 1920, with Joseph 54 and Alice 44 Stewart. In 1930 Kit Carson County, Joseph, Alice, Joseph, Nina, John Irene, and married daughter Iva Wheeler and her family are farming . J. Clark Stewart 1865-1949 is buried in Stratton # 75528154, with Alice N. 1875-1953. )
Ed Shore was a pitcher for the Eckley baseball team in the mid-1930's.
May 3, 1934, "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shore, former Kirk people, lost their newly-born las week at their home in Eckley."

In 1940, J. Edward Shore is a truck driver, living on West Hoag in Yuma, 33, with Icia E. 37, Dorothy 13, John Robert 12, Arlene 10, Clifford 8, and Frances 7. All kids wee born in COlorado, Icia in Kansas.
Dorothy Irene Shore, born Sept 12, 1926, died as Dorothy Hoselton June 19, 2003. Buried in Littleton, Colorado # 140612441.
John Robert Shore is buried in Kirk 1927-1967.
Arlene Elizabeth Shore, born May 6, 1929, died June 14, 1998 Her name was Roberts in 1967, Shorely in 1970, and Chilcott in 1987.


John Edward Shore 1906-1953 is buried in Kirk, with spouse Icia Elizabeth (Stewart) Shore 1902-1963.

Clifford Allen Shore married Sandra J. Thompson in Los Angeles March 20, 1965, died in 1976, buried in Whittier, California # 134722636.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Ruth L. Hubbell is 14, with Otis. @. 36 and Catherine L. 33, Dorothy E. 12, Martha P. 10, Harold O. 5, and Ralph C. 2.
Otis W. Hubbell 1893-1947 # 95351330 and Kathryn L. Hubbell 1896-1983 # 95351396 are buried in Vona, Colorado.

January 26, 1933. The Columbine cemetery index has her maiden name as "Hubbell."
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Otis and Katherine have Paulie 20, Harold O. 15, Ralph C. 12, Kenneth E. 9, Daniel E. 6, and Lois R. 3. Granddaughter Margaret L. Shore, 8 born in Colorado, is with them.
Margaret Lou Shore was born August 7, 1931 in Denver to Raymond Emerson Shore and Ruth L. Hubbell, dying January 31, 2006 as Margaret Johnson. She's buried in Golden, Colorado $ 46916958, with Dewayne A. Johnson 1928-1995.

Raymond Emerson Shore 1910-1952 is buried in Canon City - the Yuma newspaper reported that he had been electrocuted.
His second wife Ruth Christine (Lowrey) Shore - 1914-2008 is also buried there.

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