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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charlie and Mayme Blanchard

In 1880 Andrew County, Missouri Lucius Blanchard is 32, Mary 23, with Pearl 3, and Charley 1. James A. Blanchard, 52 retired farmer, widowed, born in New York is with them. So is Lucius's sister Perlina, born in Wisconsin.
Lucius 1846-1916 is buried in Andrew County, with Mary (Stoner) Blanchard.
Perlina died in 1928 in Fort Steilacoom, Washington # 68794203.

Mayme O. Lanning is in Worth County, Missouri in 1900, born March 1886 in Kansas. Parents Isaac J. Lanning Aug 1855 in MIssouri, Eliiza Jul 1858 Ireland have six kids, all the other oder and younger were born in MIssouri.
One tree said they lived on a claim in Thomas County Kansas for seven years.
March 1887 Colby Kansas "Miss Lizzie Lanning, of Barnard, Missouri, is here visiting her three sisters, Mesdames Summers, Porter, and Wilson. She has a brother, Isaac Lanning, in the southeastern part of the county."
(Lizzie , of Nodaway County, Missouri, married James H. Beahm who had claimed land in Thomas County, Kansas. He died in Harlan County, Nebraska May 15, 1905.
March 1890, Colby Kansas "Mrs. Isaac Lanning, who has been on a visit to relatives in Missouri, returned last Thursday."

This is Mayme's grandmother of Guilford, Missouri "George Lucas, who lives on the Wright farm, just east of the city, went to Guilford Monday to attend the funeral services of his aunt, Mrs Suzanna Lanning, an old resident of that place, who died there Sunday morning. Mrs Lanning was 80 years old and is survived by the following children: Mrs Wilhelminia Summers, living in western Kansas; Mrs Alice Behm, living in Nebraska; Mrs Lewis Porter, Mrs James Allen, Mrs Houston Wilson of Guilford, John Lanning living east of Maryville [Missouri]; Isaac Lanning, of Rea, Mo.; George Lannning and Mrs James Broderick, living near Kansas City; Thomas Lanning, of Barnard [Missouri] and Mrs Alfred Hunt, of Orrsburg [Missouri]. -- Democrat-Forum.
Nodaway County Missouri

Mrs. C. E. Blanchard of Rosendale attended a 1920's Lanning family reunion. Charles is not listed.

"The years of 1907 and 1908 were crucial in the migration of Albert Graham and his wife, Edna Woodcock Graham with their two little girls, Mary and Carmen, along with his in-laws the Woodcocks, his younger brother, Lee and childhood friend and neighbor, Charlie Blanchard, from their neighborhood near Wyeth, Andrew County, Missouri, for the free government land in Yuma County, Colorado."

Charlie cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 5N 46W in 1912 - adjoining Albert's claim.

On January 15, 1912, Charles of Rosendale, Andrew County and Mamie Olive Lanning of Rosendale married there by the Ordained Preacher of the M.E. Church Edwin L. Spiller.

In July 1912, Charlie and Mayme Blanchard sold their 160 acres to Lee Graham and moved back to Wyeth, Andrew County, Missouri and lived there for the rest of their life.

In 1920 Andrew County, Charley is farming, 40, Mammie 33, born in Kansas, no children. Next household is Mary Blanchard, 62, widowed, born in Missouri.
Theodore Wright's family wrote "Charles Blanchard, a neighbor gave him a spotted Poland China pig in 1925. Since Theodore was a cripple, and could not carry water to the pig, he made a halter and led "Beauty" to water. He made her a set of harness and taught her to pull a cart made of bicycle wheels. She responded to "Gee" and "Haw" just like a horse."

Charles and Mayme are still farming, no kids, in the 1930 and 1940 census.

Charles 1879-1959 is buried in Savannah, Andrew County # 125569728, with Mamie O. (Lanning) Blanchard 1886-1968.


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