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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Alphonso Bertram "Ally" and Jestina (Vradenburgh) Brelsford , Wages

In 1860 Miami County, Ohio, David Brelsford is 21, Martha S. 15, Rebecca A. 24, with parents David 68 and Rebecca 60.
David "Belford" married Amy Silvers August 18, 1863 in Shelby County, Ohio.

In 1880 Shelby County, Ohio, David Brelsford is 44, Amy H. 48, with J. D. Valandingham Brelsford 15, Thomas L.D. 14, George W. 12, Alphonso B. 9, and Sada 6. Stepson Edward Silvers is 20, Harvey M. 18, Mary G. married to Richard M.R. Baldwin and their daughter Amy four months.

1883 History of Shelby County " David Brelsford was born in Miami County, Ohio January 24, 1835. He came to Shelby County in 1861, and made his home with Jeremiah Layman, of Orange Township, two years.
Aug 18, 1863 he married Mrs. Aimee H. Siver, nee Layman, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Layman, born in Hamilton County, Ohio, Dec 1, 1831, who came to Shelby County with her parents in 1839 and located in Orange Township. Mr. and Mrs. Brelsford settled in Green Township on a part of the south half section 23, where they are now residing. They have a family of five children, four sons and a daughter.
Page 178 shows a picture of the residence D. Brelsford, Green Township, Shelby County, O."

Aime had been married to Harvy A. Silvers in 1860 Shelby County, with Mary G. Silvers 5 (Mary later married a Baldwin) Carrie Bell 3, and Edward eight months.

David died age 54 in 1893, buried in Miami County, Ohio # 12656052.
Aimee 1873-1876 is buried there # 31569279 "Daughter of D & AH Brelsford."

In 1900 Shelby County, Ohio, Alla B. is 39, Gertrude 24, with Gertrude M. 4, Ethel Marie 2, and Harry E. 1.
Aimee H. born Dec 1831 is the next household, living alone.

Charlie Fred Brelsford was born April 5, 1900 at Sidney, Shelby County Ohio to Allie Berton Breslford and Gertrude May Enbody, and was employed in 1951 by the C & NW and Santa Fe Railroad at Superior Nebraska.

In 1910 Yuma County, Alfonso is 35, widowed, with Gerturde M. 14, Ethel M. 12, Charles F. 9, and Annie H. 7, all kids born i nOhio.a

October 20, 1911 - Ford neighborhood items in the Yuma Pioneer "Parties were given last week in honor of Misses May Brelsford and Florence Woodcock. All attending report a pleasant time."

Allie proved up a quarter in 18, 5N 46W in 1914.

Emery C. Harold 1853-1911 is buried in Hill City, Pennington South Dakota.

Jestine O. Harold, age 48, married Albert D. Berggard in Pennington County, South Dakota Jan 22, 1906.

A.B. Brelsford married Jessie Berzzard May 22, 1918, recorded in Yuma County.

April 1919

In 1920 Yuma County, Alphonso is 48, Jessie O. 60.

August 1921 "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Delano, California arrived on the afternoon train Tuesday and are guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Brelsford, twenty-nine miles northeast of Yuma."

In 1930 Yuma County, Alfonso is 58, Ohio, married to Justina 71 Wisconsin., farming.

Jessie O. Brelsford died in Pennington County, South Dakota May 17, 1933.

Alphonso 1871-1935 is buried in Haxtun, Colorado # 58776409.

Charlie F. Brelsford 1900-1978 is buried in Superior, Nebraska # 45830019, with Mary V. (Troye) Brelsford 1907-1989.

In January 1913, Lee Graham married his neighbor’s daughter, Gertrude M. Brelsford, who lived just two miles north, and sold his holdings to his neighbor Samuel Lett. Lee and Gertrude moved to Ogallala, Nebraska and later homesteading in Arthur County, Nebraska, living there for the rest of his life.

"Armie" Brelsford married Albert J. Still January 23, 1920, recorded in Logan County.

In 1930 Lincoln Nebraska, Albert R. Still is 34, Aimee H. 28, with Albert H. 10 Nebraska, Gertrude 7 Colorado, Amee 6 Colorado, Aldina 3 Kansas, and Waneta four months Nebraska.
Juanita June Still was born Nov 18, 1927 at Lincoln, as AAnderson in 1945, Mitchell in 1955, Barry in 1975, Ramsby in 1981,a nd Ross in 1985.

In Vancouver, Washington, July 15, 1944, Edward J. Boyer and Amee H. Still married.

Inez Gertrude Brelsford of Vona, Colorado married Charles Lee Gray, of Vona, September 12, 1911, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Alfonso's brother Jerry was in Smith County, Kansas in 1940 75, born in Ohio, with Loretta 65 Kansas.
They're buried there, Jerry 1864-1943 # 127892496.

Brother Thomas is in San Juan County, Colorado in 1900, Archuleta County in 1910, and Alamosa in 1920.

George 1868-1942 is buried in Fayette County, Iowa # 40982857. His obituary listed suriviors a brother Vallan Brelsford of Smithfield Kansas and Edward Silver half-brother of Sidney, Ohio.

Lydia F. Brelsford was born Jan 22, 1874 in Shelby County to David Brelsford and Amy H. Layman, married Jesse M. Martin there in September 12, 1894.
Sadie died there November 1, 1910 # 126173167.

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