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Melvin and Julia (Wheaton) Estes , Wages

In 1850 Cortland County, New York, Richard "Estis" is 53, Susanna 51, Minerva 24, James 20, Amanda 18, Melvin 16, William 13, and Sephen 11.

In 1850 Onondaga County, New York, Elmore Wheaton is 35, Ann E. 27, Mary E. 6, Julia F. 4, Charles H. 1, and Phena Stevens 55.

In 1870 Onondaga County, New York, Elmore Wheaton is a dry goods merchant 55, Ann 47, Julia 23, Charles 21 a clerk in store, George 16, and Anna 6, all born in New York.

The 1875 history of Cazenovia Seminary listed Julia F. Wheaton of Fabius, New York, an 1864 alumna, married Melvin Estes, merchant, residing at Harvard, Nebraska.

In 1860, Richard 63 and Susanna 60 Estes are in Onondaga County.
In 1865 Onondaga County, Richard 68, Susannah 66, and Melvin 26 are farming.
Melvin was born in Johnson County, New York.
Richard Estes 1796-1870 is buried in Onondaga County # 71262681.

In 1870 Onondaga County, New York, Susanna Estes is 71, born in New Hampshire, with Melvin 35 a merchant born in New York.

Melvin bought 40 acres in section 3, 7N 7W, Clay County, Nebraska, from the Burlington Railroadd in 1872. for $600.

In 1880 Clay County, Nebraska, Melvin is a real estate dealer, 45, Julia 34, with Harry W. 7. Julia's brother Charles Wheaton 30 is a merchant living with them.

Melvin filed for an invalid pension June 23, 1880, for service in I, 61st NY Infantry, and Julia filed for a widow's pension August 28, 1901 from Colorado.

George M. Estes was born December 15, 1883 at Harvard, Nebraska.
Melvin was chosen superintendent of the Harvard cemetery in 1884, and a village trustee in 1885.

In 1885 Clay County, Nebraska, Melvin Estes is a broker, 50, with Julia 39, Harry 11, and Geore 2.

Katherine May Estes was born at Harvard, Nebraska July 8, 1889 to Melvin Estes and Julia F. Ssteven, dying Dec 16, 1988
Melvin cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 5N 46W in 1890, next to the Morrow and Wilson and Gaige claims of 1890.

March 26, 1894 Salt Lake City
His Demise Was Sudden and Wholly Unexpected
The Funeral Will Probably Held Tomorrow
Colonel Stephen A. Estes died suddenly at 5:45 yesterday morning at the residence of Otto Stallman corner of Second South and Fourth East. Colonel Estes had been suffering from heart trouble for some time and a week ago last Friday while at his office he was taken with a sudden attack and went home. The illness wore off however and it was hoped that he would recover as he was able to go out soon afterwards and was on the streets on Saturday. His liver was affected however and this malady developed rapidly. The colonel spent most of his time sitting in a chair but yesterday morning just as the church bells began to ring he decided to lie down for a few minutes and the end came at once.
Colonel Estes was a native of Syracuse N. Y. and was 54 years of age.
During the war of the rebellion he served with distinction being frequently wounded and retiring with the rank of colonel.
He was a prominent member of the Loyal Legion and the members of that organization residing here are especially invited to attend the funeral.
The deceased was also a member of the Alta club and was very popular with his associates.
He came to this city last summer when the movement to secure the copper plant when it first took shape representing Messrs Posey, Green in that great project. That was successfully carried out was largely due to his efforts and ability. He was interested financially in the enterprise and was at the time of his death treasurer of the company. He has but one relative, a nephew in this part of the country, but was the intimate friend of Mr Stallman the company's manager.
Colonel Estes was a brave soldier, a high minded honorable gentleman, and his sudden death will be a sad blow to those who knew him best. The funeral will probably be held at the Stallman mansion tomorrow hut the announcement will be made in due time
April 19, 1894 Salt Lake City
The Deceased Died Intestate. An List of the Heirs Probate Orders Made By Judge Blair Otto Stallman yesterday filed in the probate court a petition asking that he be appointed administrator of the estate of the late Stephen A. Estes decased and the hearing was set for May 1, The estate is valued of $32,000 and consists of money, notes accounts, real estate, and sundry mining claims. Colonel Estes left no will and the following persons are named as next of kin and the estate will be divided among them: Melvin Estes Yuma Colorado; Charles Estes and William D Estes, Fabius Onondaga county New York; Amanda Smith Portville Madison county New York (Married to William Smith in 1860 Madison County; William was widowed in 1900 Madison County, living with son-in-law Richard Estes June 1860 widowed, with his three kids. Amanda 1831-1897 is buried in Madison County # 89454436, with William 1830-1903. They had one child, who married Richard Estes. Emma 1861-1897 is buried in the same cemetery # 110204594.) M. West Grand Ledge Eaton county Michigan; (Minerva, born about 1826, wife of Hubberd West She died September 9, 1908 in Windsor, Eaton County, widowed, to be buried in Oakwood Cemetery. M. A. Sparks New Haven Connecticut; Kate A. Hill Oxford New York; M. White Oneida county New York; Emma Estes Cincinnati; Charles E Estes now in South Dakota."
New York 12th Infantry
Captains: STEPHEN A. ESTES, from September 22, 1862, to May 17, 1863.
First Lieutenants: STEPHEN A. ESTES, from February 3 to September 22, 1862.

In 1895, Melvin Estes was the commander of the Yuma post of the G.A.R. , with Benj. Ward Sr. v-commander, Henry Bingaman Jr. V-commander.

In 1900 Montrose County, Colorado, Melvin, born April 1835 in New York, married 28 years to Julia Sept 1847 New York. George was born Dec 1883 in Nebraska, and May July 1886 in Nebraska.

Melvin Estes was admitted to Leavenworth hospital May 29, 1901, died July 15, 1901. He had served with the 61st NY from 1861 to 1863.
He's buried in Leavenworth # 630453.

We are in receipt of the following letter from Mrs. M. Estes of Montrose, which explains itself. We always counted Melvin Estes one of our best friends, in the early days here. He was a man you could tie to, and Yuma County lost one of their best families, when the Estes family moved to Montrose.

Kind Friend: I have been thinking for a long time of dropping you a line and letting you know of Mell's death, as I have no correspondence in Yuma, and thought perhaps you had never heard of it. Yes, Mell died July 15, after a year's sickness, was not confined to the bed but three weeks, but has suffered from stomach trouble for a long time. The doctor pronounced it cancer of the stomach. We all miss him so much and it seems as though our home was all broken up, and while we mourn his loss I can but be thankful that he was spared to us till the children were grown and able to do for themselves.

George is now nineteen and a good steady boy and a great help to one. May is fifteen and in school. We have such good schools here it is quite an advantage. It is now a little over six years since we left Yuma, and while we left many good friends there, I have always been glad we came to Montrose . We all like it here ever so much. We own a little place of five acres one and one half miles from town and make a good living from our cows and chickens. Produce of all kinds brings a good price, eggs are 25 c. a dozen and butter 25 c. a pound, then we have such nice fruit which we all appreciate so much. There are a number of new buildings going up and a good many new comers moving in this spring.
Mell used to often say, he would so enjoy a visit with some of the Yuma boys, he had good friends wherever we lived, and I received so many good letters at the time of his death.

I suppose there has been quite a good many changes since we were there. Mr. Brown has moved away, I see, also Albert Turney. And you have a home of your own with a wife to share your joys and sorrows. That is the only true way to live and there is a great deal of comfort in a home.

I am glad that Yuma still holds her own and hope you may all be prosperous in staying with her.

Remember me to ail of our old friends.

Yours Truly,
Mrs M. Estes.

In 1910, Julia, George a mail carrier, and May a telephone operator are in Los Angeles
Julia is in the Broome County, New York state census of 1925, 78, mother of Catherine M. Deyo, 37, her husband Richard M. Deyo 35, and Frances E. 11.

Julia 1846-1926 is buried in Broome County # 58948012.


June 17, 1912

In 1930 Broome County, Richard is 39, vice-president of an oil company, with Katharine C. 40 and E. Frances 16.

In 1931 Mrs. Richard Deyo was a member of the Binghamton women's golf team, which defeated the Ithaca Country Club women.
In 1936 Binghamton the four-story Richard Deyo building was in ruins following a three-alarm fire, in which eleven firemen were injured.
She won the 1942 contract bridge trophy for Southern New York.

Frances was born March 18, 1914 in Binghamton, New York, marrying Bartholomew McNerney, dying January 5, 2004 as Frances D. McNerney.

Richard Martin Deyo 1890-1956 is buried in Broome County # 58947988, with child Katherine Deyo 1921-1921.

Katherine, per one tree, died December 16, 1988 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"Henry" Estes married Gertrude Jensen in Sanpete County Utah, June 2, 1898.

In 1900 Tooele County, Utah, "Henry" Estes born June 1873 in Nebraska, is a labore in a gold mine, with Gertrude Nov 1874 Utah, married two years. Gertrude H April 1898 was born in Utah.


George Melvin Estes registered for WWI in Pasadena, California, a post office clerk, born Dec 5, 1883, with mother Julia as his relative, both living at 212 N. Michigan St.

George applied for a passport in 1925, living at Elmira, Chemung County, New York, a petroleum distributor..
George is in Merced, California in 1930, living alone, a service station attendant.
He's in Los Angeles in 1940, a branch manager for an oil distribuing company.

George is unemployed when registering for WWI, living at 3845 Broadlawn, Los Angeles, sister Mr.s R. M. Deys of Binghamton, New York.
Thanks to the Deyo family - George and sister May Deyo

George died December 12, 1975 in Pinellas County, Floraida.

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