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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Robert and Margaret Minard  and their three children

Leverett H.,  Thaddeus M., and Ianthe (married Samuel D. Kempton)

Milford, Nova Scotia "From these selections from the Minutes it must be evident that Prince of Wales Lodge was now a landed proprietor and owned its own Lodge Room and plot of land on which it sat.
The building itself had some slight history. the lower part had been used as a store by Simeon and Samuel D. Kempton around 1840. In 1846 and for a few years after, the Minute book of the "Milton Friendly Society" shows that the Society used the hall above the store for their Lodge Room. The "Sons of temperance" also appear by this Minute book to have used the hall in 1846 for a similar purpose. "

In 1882 Worcester, Massachusetts there's a Leverett H. Minard, carpenter, boards 10, Robert L. Minard, carpenter, h. 10 Wachusett, and Thaddeus M. Minard, clerk, 40 Front, boards 10 Wachusett.

The York County, Nebraska census of 1885 has a Laura Kempton born 1871 in Nova Scotia.  San'l Kempton is 56, a carpenter, and Ianthe is 53, wife.  Next line has a Robt MEINARD, 55, farmer, Margaret 57, and Thaoleman 22 (son) painter. Next line is a Leverett 21 Meinard with Minnie 25 Meinard.  All three families were born in Nova Scotia.

Samuel D. Kempton cash-claimed a quarter in section 8, 5N 45W in 1906

Next to this quarter was a James D. Minard 1891 cash claim and a Robert L. Minard 1895 cash claim. 

Leverett H. Minard  cash claimed in 1890 a quarter in 15, 6N 46W (about six miles northwest)

These substantiate one Ancestry tree that said Samuel Dexter Kempton married an Iantha L. Minard. in 1867.  The tree also said he died in Nova Scotia December 7 1890. Another tree said that Samuel and Ianthe are buried in Lincoln cemetery, Portland, Oregon.

In 1900 Iantha is in Boston, Massachusetts, running a boarding house, and re-married there in 1901.
Iantha was the daughter of Robert L. Minard and Margaret MacFerson, marrying Merrill Damon, age 52, born at Springfield, Vermont to Aaron Damon and Julia A. Hayward.

Merrill Damon 1851-1908 is buried in Worcester County, Massachusetts, # 44405025.
That's the same cemetery as Robert L. Minard and Margaret (MacPherson) Minard # 48191939.

Robert Lake Minard, born June 18, 1830, married Margaret Maria McPherson born July 1, 1833.  They had

Ianthe L. May 15, 1852,

James D. July 17, 1854

Leverett Henry May 22, 1858

Thaddeus M. December 28, 1862.

The Colorado on-line index has Alfred CAMPLAN and MAUD Kempton

Harry A. Trego had a tree-claim in 28, 5N 46W in 1898. Edward 1890 and Frederick 1891 Brewer had cash-claims in 5, 5N 45W - joining Kempton's later cash claim.  Edward also had an 1890 cash claim three miles west.  Edward E. Hoyt had an 1891 cash-claim about six miles north - in Phillips County.

In 1900 Lincoln, Nebraska are Alfred Camplan, June 1862 in Illinois, with Laura M. June 1870 Nova Scotia,.  They have Collin April 1893, Edna B. August 1895, and Alfred F. September 1897 - all three kids born in Nebraska.

Laura Maude said she'd immigrated in 1880.

In 1910 Lincoln, Nebraska A.F. a locomotive engineer,  is 48, Maude 36, Collin 16, Edna 14, Frank 12.  They've added Vera and Vern, both 8.

In 1920 Portland, Oregon, Alfred is a vulcanizer doing tire repair, Maude clerks in a department store,  Collin is a stenographer, Enda B. a school teacher,  and A. Frank is a sailor.

Alfred and Laura M. are alone in 1930 Portland, but in 1940 Collin C. a clerk for the county,  is with them

One tree said Laura Maude Kempton was the daughter of Sam D. Kempton and Lantha L. Minard, and died November 26, 1969 in Portland.

Alfred Frank Camplan was a WWII navy coxswain, born September 16, 1898, dying March 11, 1960, buried in Willamette National Cemetery.

In 1920 Portland is a Thaddeus M. Minard, 57, born in Portland - maybe a cousin of Laura???  He's married to Mina D. 56 Wisconsin.  The directory says he's a minister at the First Divine Science Church.

Also in the 1920 directory is Margaret M. Minard  (widow of Robert) - matching the 1885 Nebraska census.

Robert Lake Minard was born Jun 18, 1830 in Nova Scotia, married Margaret Maria McPherson.  Leverett was born May 22, 1858 in Nova Scotia, married Minnie Weaver May 5, 1885 in York County, Nebraska (Minnie, daughter of JohnWeaver and Ruth Montgomery, was born 1850 in Nova Scotia). 

One tree says Robert died September 24, 1903 in Worester County Massachusetts, and Leverett Henry Minard, a builder, died June 9, 1893 in Revere Massachusetts, and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

The 1893 Chelsea, Massachusetts directory has Minard, Leverett H. carpenter and builder, living at 202 Beach Street.

The 1900 Somerville Massachusetts directory has a Minard, widow of Leverett H., living at 194 a Albion.  There's also an Asa R., plate printer, living on Hall Avenue.

The best fit is the J. D. Minard in 1900 Greeley County, Nebraska.  He's  born July 1856  in Mass (has to be wrong) married to Anna E. 3 March 1864, Newfoundland  and they have Burpie C. April 1879 in Massachusetts

1910 James D. Minard, a grain buyer  in Greeley County, Nebraska in 1910.  He's 55, born in Canada, immigrating in 1860.   He's married to Anna E.

The 1911 Greeley County plat book has James D. Minard in section 35 of Spring Creek precinct.

Burpie Claud Minard registered for WWI in Greeley County, saying he was born April 26. 1879  He's a mason / carpenter.

Might be the Burpee Minard in 1920 Boston, a clerk in a cement business.  He's 40, married to Mabel, 36, and mother Matilda Morine 74 born in Massachusetts is living with them.

Might be the Benjamin Minard, 59, born in Canada, in 1940 Spokane. He's a lodger, with no occupation

In the 1942 Spokane directory he's a builder, living at 427 E 22nd avenue.

A 1942 Greeley County obituary for Martha Jane (Caudill) Prewitt mentioned a sister Mrs. Bertie Minard of Spokane, Washington.

A 1947 obituary for Harrison Caudill in Greeley County Nebraska listed a daughter "Mrs. Bert Minard of Spokane, Washington."

California death index has a Burt C. Minard, born April 26, 1879 in Massachusetts, dying May 3, 1950 in Los Angeles.  Mother's maiden name Hoben.

In 1920 Wright County Missouri is a James D. Minard, farming. 63 born Nova Scotia, with Annie E.

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