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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Julius C. and Edna Monk

This is one of the three Monk families in the Wages vicinity, none related to each other.

1.  Elmer (Pat) Monk - from a German line through Illinois

2.  Albert - from an English line through Illinois - born in Kearney County, Nebraska

3.   Julius - from a Danish line - also born in Kearney County

Lewis P. 34 and Christena L. 30 Monk were in Kearney County in 1880, with William S. 5, Emma S. 3  and seven-month-old Lydia C.   In 1885 they've added John T. who is 2.

In 1900 Christine is widowed, saying she immigrated from Sweden in 1869, and was born May 1850.  Lydia K. is 20, Julius C. 13.

In 1900 Montgomery County, Iowa Henry and Sarah Mendel have five kids, the middle one Willina Mendel born June 1886 in Iowa.

Julius 22 married Willina Mendel Rebla, 22.  daughter of Henry A. Mendel and Sarah Ann Reznor on May 15, 1909 in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa.  That "Reznor" is probably Reasoner - Cora Mendel, born August 17 1880 in Montgomery County, was the child of Henry A. Mendel , born Virginia, and Sarah A. Reasoner, born Illinois

Henry 29 and Sarah 25 Mendel are in Montgomery County in 1880, with  Gareld, 1.

In the Omaha 1934 directory Sarah Mendel (widow of Henry) is living at 2909 North 42nd

Minden Courier March 12, 1925 page 10

Christina Louisa Monk

Christina Louisa Johnson was born in Vemmerby, Sweden, May 17, 1850, and passed away at Minden, Neb.,
March 5, 1925, aged 74 years, 9 months and 16 days. At the age of  13 she came to America. She was
confirmed in the Swedish Lutheran church at Andover, Ill., June 4, 1865, and was united in marriage to Louis
P. Monk on July 19, 1870, at Andover, Ill.

To this union were born six children, three sons and three daughters. One son and two daughters died in
early childhood and her husband preceded her twenty-eight years ago. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs.
Lydia Johannesen of Minden, and two sons, John T. of Minden, and Julius C. of Casper, Wyo., eleven
grandchildren and two great grandchildren, one brother, Charles P. Johnson, and other relatives and

In the fall of 1874 they came to Nebraska and homesteaded seven miles southwest of Minden, experiencing the many trials and hardships and sacrifices that accompanied the pioneer life of those early days. Later she moved to Minden where she made her home. She was a member of the Danish Lutheran church in Minden since it was reorganized in 1908. She was also a member of the Danish Ladies' Aid.

Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, March 8, in the Danish Lutheran church conducted by the
Rev. J. P. Jensen and the Rev. Mr. Nyegaard. Interment was made in the Minden cemetery.

In 1910 J.C. Monk is still in Minden, married to Wilna, 22, born in Iowa.  One Ancestry tree says she was Willina Rebia, born 1888 in Iowa

Julius proved up his homestead of two quarters in Sections 8 and 9, 4N 45W in 1916, so he must have left Kearney County soon after that 1910 census.  Witnesses were Frank A. Goddard of Holyoke, Charley Goddard of Ford, John W. Bacon of Holyoke, and Ma Elwood of Yuma.

Julius and ""Wilna" were witnesses for Edgar Crossland's July 1917 claim, along with Sheridan O'Neal and John Marcus.  All had Wages addresses, so the Wages store was named a post office in the interim.

October 1914 - written by Mrs. George Joslin of Wages.

Pa rode all day yesterday after the steers.  He is pretty sore and lame today.  Said about noon he rode up over a hill and saw a house and windmill and thought he would ride in and water Tinker.  When he rode into the yard, the dog barked and a woman came to the door and it was a woman we know, a Mrs. Monk, but we had never been there and didn’t know just where they lived.  They are young folks, came from Iowa too.  She told him to come in and she would get him some dinner.  He had lunch with him but she made him come in anyway.  She was alone.  He took his lunch in and they ate that too.  He had some crackers and gingerbread and a big apple.  Said he cut the apple into.  She ate one half and he ate the other.  They are real poor.  He has weak lungs.  They worked a year for a ranchman, then took a claim.  She told me they made up their minds that they were going to stick to it until it was theirs if they had to live on bread and water.  She said “Well, we haven’t quite come to that yet but if we do you’ll find us sticking” so you see she has the Iowa grit.  They have been on their place two years and are getting along well.


Julius registered for WWI in Yuma County, saying he was born at Minden, Nebraska December 8, 1887, and had an address of Wages.

In 1920 Julius C. and Wilina, both 30, are living in Elbert County, Colorado.  He's a garage owner.

Monk, Mrs. Willina Mendel; married Mos, Feddo; Book: 1921-1925 in Pottawattamie County, Iowa  (Fedda Mos was at Camp Jackson, South Carolina in 1920)

In 1930 Feddo is 42,  a Technical Sergeant, Willina is 42.and they're living at Angel Island, Marin County, California.  Feddo said he immigrated in 1913.  They were living at Fort Rosecrans, San Diego, in the 1931 San Diego directory.

In 1940 Feddo Mos is in the Army, living near San Antonio.  He's 53, born in the Netherlands, married to Willina, 52, born in Iowa.  They were in Omaha in 1935.  Feddo died in 1949, buried at Westlawn - Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha.  Wilina was living at 2222 Ogden Street, Omaha, at that time.

Willina H.Mos died February 1975, and is also buried in Westlawn.

In 1924 Denver a "Julious Monk" had a divorce case in court.  Possibly that's not the Yuma one - the other party was a William Monk.  But I'm betting this is Julius and Willina.

In 1930 Julius is in Casper, Wyoming, 42, married to Edna, 42, born in Missouri.  John W. Darnell, stepson, 22, Kansas, Mabel A. Darnell 18 daughter-in-law, Iowa, and John W. Darnell 1

The tombstone in Denver Fairmount Cemetery has "Julius C. Monk - December 8, 1884 - February 28, 1949.

Maybe Edna is the Donie E. Monk, born in Missouri Aug 3, 1889, mother's name Morgan, dying in Los Angeles August 10, 1968.

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