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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Wages Church

Mrs. Joslin wrote in November 1915

Pa has been helping on the church since Friday.  It is 26 x 40 with a class room 12 x 20 on one side and the pulpit and place for choir built out with a basement under the whole.  Won't it be nice tho.  We can hardly wait for it. 

December 1915:

There was an Xmas programme and tree in the basement of the new church.  They didn't have the cement floor in but had the furnace set up and they said it was warm and nice.  They put in plank seats and built a stage for the children. 

                Holyoke, Colo.                                 Mar. 9, 1916


Dear Muriel & family 

        Am going to start a little earlier and see how that will work.  We are all well.  I didn't have the aid after all.  The men wanted to work on the church and didn't want to take time to come clear over here for their dinner and the preacher thought they ought to have a warm dinner, so they said if we would go to Mrs. Wages and all cook something, they would pay for their dinner.  There was ten men there.  We now have some over 70.00 in the treasury.  We are going to pledge 150 dollars towards the church, will pay 50 down, 50 next fall and 50 a year from next fall if not before, so you see we will have to keep busy.  I heard the preacher telling the men that this little bunch of women down here were just working their finger ends off to pay something towards the church and it wouldn't hurt them to help out a little.

           Well we got our plans all laid for dedication, committees all appointed except a reception committee.  We never thought of that but guess we can arrange that over the phone.  We concluded to serve baked beans too.  Think I told you what we thought of serving for lunch.  We think it will take a thousand sandwiches, but we will make them of bread instead of making buns.  Then if it is a bad day and but half as many as we expect there, we can use the bread at home.  Will fill them with chicken.  We grind the chicken, put 4 or 5 hard boiled eggs with each chicken and moisten with salad dressing, so you see it goes farther and is good too.  It will take 35 chickens, 35 cakes, 5 gallon beans, 5 gallon pickles and 5 pounds coffee.  We will have 3 tables 20 feet long.  Will buy paper plates and napkins so will only have cups, forks, and spoons to wash.  We can buy the plates for five cents by the dozen and think we may get them cheaper by taking 500.  You see that will save lots of work.  We have 4 young people to attend each table, 2 women to spread sandwiches, and 2 to wash dishes and help with the sandwiches when not washing dishes, 2 to make and pour coffee.  We think we have it arranged so we can take care of the crowd as quickly as possible.  Then if we can get some one to serve as reception committee, we will have one in the church above to show them where to go into the basement for their lunch, one at the door to see that only as many as we can feed at once come down the stairs and one to show them out the outside way.  In that way, we won't have them in the way in the basement.  Don't you think that will be a scheme, and we can serve them better too.  I am one of the dish washers.  It is only for 1 1/2 hours you know and I will take a chair with me and a rug to stand on so I won't get so tired.  The floor is cement and will be hard for our feet, but I know they won't let me overdo for they all look out for me as I am the only white head among them, expect they just let me do it so I won't feel that I am no good.  Of course I do want to help. 




We had a man from Denver and the district superintendent to help dedicate the church.  The one from Denver was the chancellor of the state university, a wonderful grand old man Dr. Bucktell.  He didn't have to beg for money.  He preached the best sermon we ever heard and then just asked for money and they gave until he told them to stop.  He said it was the most wonderful dedication he ever saw under the circumstances, its being a dry farming country.  Everyone is delighted with the church and takes pride in it.  One catholic young man was there and he gave 15 dollars.  He lives about a mile from the church and has given lots of work. 

I don't know just how many members we have in the church here, over 50 thoHad one more join by letter today.  Pa and I got letters from Coggon but I am sorry to say the boys have not as yet.  There was 77 in Sabbath school today.  They got 24 little chairs for the infant class or "Sunbeams."  Don't know how many of them were filled today, as they take them and the "Busy Bees," or intermediate class, into the basement, so there is only the "Harvesters" or young people's class, and the Bible class for the upper rooms.  The "Harvesters" take the class room which they can shut off from the main part of church with folding doors if they choose.  It is seated with chairs.  Isn't that grand. 

April 1916

     Dedication day there was a family came to church with the measles and today there was five families absent from church with them.  Probably there will be more.  Isn't it a shame for any one to do such a trick as to go when they knew about it, but this family are about half witted.  His two brothers and sister and their families are nice people.  They went to their homes and exposed them too.  That family that I told you about just coming here [F.N. SALVADOR ] and that are living in a tent have three children sick now and others to take them.  He said today he guessed they got here in time for almost every thing.  You see we have had two big wind storms and two fires since they came.  Don't see how they get along.  He has his barn up and the house started. 


One descendant wrote "the tall man in the right back row looks an awful lot like my uncle, James

Robert and Dorothy Schmidt's daughter Karyn sent this wonderful photo of a Wages Sunday School class about 1955.
She wrote " boys, Leslie Matson (?), Ed Neiman, Bill Ferguson. last 2 don't know. Mom said Brown boy but don't know who that was.
girls, Mary Ferguson, ? don't remember, Ruth Ferguson, Karyn Schmidt, Margaret Ferguson. "

If you can identify more kids, please let us know.

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