Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Horace G. and Amanda Elma MOCK Benedict

Horace was born in Illinois January 11, 1855, and Amanda in Illinois August 21, 1862,

Their son Frank was born in Illinois January 10, 1885.  They moved to Nebraska, and then to Colorado in 1909

H.G. taught for 36 years.

Horace proved up the east half of 17, 3N 46W in 1915, and still owned it in 1922.

Benedict Amanda Elma 1949 New Addition 179
Benedict Bessie G. 1992 New Addition 179
Benedict Frank H. 1969 New Addition 179
Benedict Horace G. 1943 New Addition 179
Benedict Infant of Frank 1930 Original 99

Frank married Bessie Meier, born in Yuma County on March 16 1898, in Wray in 1914.  Frank was a bricklayer, doing the First Presbyterian Church in Yuma, and died January 10, 1969.


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