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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs: 

James William and Clara Alice (Prather) Ellis, daughters Lemon and Mary (Ellis) Brown,  Jessie Myrtle (Ellis) (Briggs) Fisk, son Edward and Alta (Wells) Ellis, nephew Charles Ellis, Wray

Clermont County, Ohio "Erasmus Prather, brother of the original John Garrett Prather, settled on the hill about half way between Chilo and Felicity.  His wife was  Elizabeth McKibben, of Scotch-Irish ancestry.  Their children were Joseph Prather, Samuel Garret Prather, Erasmus Prather, Nancy, Susannah and Louie A. Prather, Elizabeth Slye (wife of Esquire John Slye, of Lindale), Sarah Wedding and  Mary Lanham."

In 1850 Clermont County, Ohio, Samuel G. Prather is 42, Mary A. 32, Rebecca 11, Eliza E. 10, AUGUSTA E. 9, Erasmus S. 7, Melinda A. 6, Nancy E. 5, and Estiller F. newborn.
In 1860 Clermont County, Augusta, a servant, 18 and Erasmus, a farm laborer, 16 are living with John and Sarah Pangburn.

 Samuel Garrett Prather 1808-1881 is buried in Clermont County  # 13780555.

In 1860 Bracken County, Kentucky, James W. Ellis is 25, born in Indiana, with parents Robert 53 and Mary 49.  Siblings are Lucy 18, Henry C. 15, Ann E. 13, and Almira 10.

In 1870 Bracken County, Robert is 60, Nancy 54, James 34, Lucy 28, Henry 25, Ann E. 23, and Almira 20.

Henry Ellis 1845-1921 is buried in Montgomery County, Indiana # 17813471  "Parents Robert and Mary Norris Ellis"

James W. Ellis married Augusta E. "Prother"  in Clermont County, Oho November 8, 1870.

In 1875 Shawnee County, Kansas - Soldier precinct, J.W Ellis is farming, 40, born in Indiana, A.E. 34, Ohio, J.W. 3, Kansas, and Oscar 1, Kansas.

1876 "Farmers' Advocate. Mr. J. W. Ellis has sent us in a sample of wheat, of the Fultz variety. This week we have shown it to several gentlemen, who are good judges of wheat, and all pronounced it the best that they had seen of this year's crop. The grains are large and plump. It was sown on upland and the yield was twenty bushels to the acre. Mr. Ellis is satisfied that his  yield would have been larger had it not been for the rust."

Augusta Elizabeth Katherine Prather died on 23 September 1878 at Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas.

In 1880 Topeka, James 44, working in a carriage shop, widowed, is boarding with the F.E. and Allina Downing family, and their "adopted daughter"  Mary Ellis, 4.

J.W. Ellis was a charter member of the Topeka G.A.R. in 1881.

In 1880 Clermont County, Samuel Prather is 72, Mary 62, Spencer 32, Clarra A. 27, and Rebecca Ellis, widowed, 42, F. Belle 5, and Edward M. Ellis 2, .  One tree said Rebecca had married John Ellis. So it looks like J.W. and Augusta had Edward M. in Kansas, Rebecca had married John Ellis and had Belle in Ohio..

Rebecca 1870-1915 is buried in Nodaway County, Missouri # 20433748.

On the same page is Wesley Prather, 24, his wife Mary 22, and their daughter Georgia year old.  With them is Charles Ellis, 9, Nephew, born in Kentucky.

William Wesley Prather has a towboat on the river in Clermont County in 1920, 63, with Mary, 61.  His mother-in-law Elizabeth "Dixson" 83, born in Ohio, is with them.

So it looks like Augusta and Clara were sisters.

In 1885 Shawnee County, Topeka precinct, James W. is 50, a laborer, married to Clara, 30.  They have Jessie 13, Oscar 11, May 8, Edward, 7.

"James' parents were  Robert and Mary Norris Ellis. The family came by covered wagon from Topeka Kansas and homesteaded in Yuma County, Colorado. My grandmother told me that she had only Sunday shoes, so had to walk bare footed all day, at night she and her sister would pick out stickers from their feet. "

In 1900 James and Clara are in Glendale precinct, with Edward M. born September 1878 in Kansas.

James proved up a parcel in 6, 1S 43W in 1893.
In 1903, J.W. Ellis was one of the nine incorporators of the Beecher Island Association.

In 1910 Wray, James W. Ellis is a janitor in social buildings, 75, Clara A. 55.


1852-1917 - buried in Wray # 14857227

MARY and husband LEMON

Lemon was the son of J. DeLoss Brown and Margaret Ann Lewis Brown.

Lemon D. Brown, born about 1861, married Mary O. Ellis, born about 1877, in Yuma County April 5, 1892

In 1900 Wray, Mr. and Mrs. Lemon Brown gave as gifts to Rufus D. Hickerson and Daisy Kessinger, f"five yards linen toweling, pair fancy towels an set nickle-plated knives and forks."


In 1910 Wray precinct. Lemon and Mary have James L. 17, FRANCES A. 16, Ellis W. 11, Evart G. 10, Ramona 5.

In 1913 ""Lemon Brown of south of town became the owner of the homestead seventeen miles north of town owned by Mrs. Etta Cross of Wray."

Kansas 1913   #   91048790 -

and  J. DeLoss 1832-1901 #  91048789 

In 1915 "We learn that James Brown, son of L.D. Brown, arrived home last evening, accompanied by his bride."

In 1916  Lemon owned 640 acres in townships 19   South, 12 West, Barton County Kansas.

In 1917 Everett Brown, the youngest son of Lemon Brown, left for Fort Collins, where he will enroll in the State Agricultural College."


In 1920 Yuma County, Lemon and Mary have only Evert 20 and Remona 15.

February 1923 


January 1928


February 2, 1928

Gladys Dixon married Frank Brown March 22, 1916, recorded in Yuma County. 

In 1920 Valley precinct, Yuma County, Frank A. is farming 25, born in Colorado, with Gladys 26.  They have Lamon 2 and Melvin eleven months.

They're there in 1930

In 1940 all four are in Wray, on North Railway Street, Frank a farm laborer.

Francis Arthur "Frank" Brown 1894-1978 is buried in Wray # 17036078, with "Gladess" Naomi Dixon Brown 1893-1976 # 17036125.

Melvin DIXON Brown 1919-1965 is buried in Fort Logan # 424248.


Ramona J. Brown married Francis Orval Doyle October 23, 1924, recorded in Phillips County.

They divorced in 1929 in Yuma County.

In 1930 Garden City, Kansas, Ramona Doyle is 25, divorced, born in Colorado, a musician.  With her is son "Bacie" 5, born in Colorado.

In 1940 Garden City, Kansas, Ramona Doyle, widowed, is a bookkeeper for a sugar plant.  She has Robert Doyle 15, and Marilyn Hatfield, 4 daughter.

1955 Garden City - "Visiting over the Christmas holidays is Marilyn Hatfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Hatfield, 1013 North Sixth. She is also visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Ralph C. Stocks. She is employed at the Bankers Investment company, Hutchinson."

Ramona Juanita Doyle, born July 4, 1904 in Colorado, died Oct 28, 1997 in San Joaquin County, father's name Brown.

James D. Brown, born January 21, 1893, married Dorothy McCartney in May 1942, died April 23, 1983, buried in Wray.



  Thanks to the Briggs family

Ina was born in 1909, so this is probably around 1920.

Jessie Fisk  -1871-1960 is buried in Wray  # 12600405 

Married (1) 23 Nov 1890 - Wray, Yuma County - Charles Francis Briggs - 7 children (2) 23 Nov 1942 William Fisk Mother Augusta Elizabeth Prather Ellis (She was buried in Topeka,KS)

Georgia Hawley -11/23/1898 - 1/9/1978 is buried in Wray.

Stephen Earl Briggs 1892-1968 is buried in Wray

Anna Matilda (Briggs) Cook 1894-1952 is buried in Wray

Beulah (Briggs) Wells 1897-1969 is buried in Wray

Hazel Alice Briggs 1902-1907 is buried in Wray

Ralph Francis Briggs 1906-1976 is buried in Wray.

Ina Gertrude (Briggs) Starnes 1909-2011 is buried in Wray






Edward 1877-1953 is buried in Wray

Parents James William and Augusta Elizabeth Prather Ellis.
Married 25 Dec 1905 Wray,CO - Alta Jane Wells - 3 children. He was the night Policeman in Wray for many years. 
 # 14857158


Charles Ellis 1870-1902 is buried in Wray # 17109247 

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