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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs: 

James A. and Catherine (Baker) Cox, Waverly


In 1880 Wythe County, Virginia, James Cox is a carpenter, 30, born in Virginia, boarding with the samuel Cssell family.
In 1880 Wythe County, Kittie Baker is 19, living with brother Robert 22 and his wife Fanny 2 and seven-month-old Joseph. Their mother Jane Baker, 62, widowed, is with them. So is Charley Dent, nephew, 10 - who must be Susan's son.

Jas. A. Cox, age 30, born in Carroll County, Virginia to Jackson and Mary Cox, married Catherine A. Baker in Wythe County April 16, 1881.
Catherine was born in Wythe County to Jos M. Baker and Jane Jackson.

In the Baker Cemetery - next to Susan M. Baker Dent 1847-1870 are
C117--COX, Joseph W., Jan. 1, 1882, Jun. 17, 1882 son of J.A. & K.A.
C117--COX, Nancy J., Oct. 21, 1885, Sep. 25, 1893 dau of J.A. & K.A.

(Joseph McClure Baker, 1815-1876 # 148214559 and Jane Jackson Baker 1817-1901 # 148214583 are buried in Wythe County)

The family Bible shows that Joseph McClure Baker and his wife Jane Jackson Baker had the following children: Nancy Elizabeth born January 18, 1838, William, born October 8, 1839, Joseph J. born January 4, 1841, Mary J. , born October 25, 1842, Martha M. born May 17, 1845, Susannah M. born June 13, 1847, George W., born October 15, 1849, Lucy Rebecca, born October 24, 1851, Charlotte Louisa born July 4, 1856, Robert H., born May 4, 1858, Kittie A., born March 26, 1861 (courtesy of Jane Matthis).
Joseph Mc Baker died intestate, leaving children, Joseph J., George, Robert, Mary Jane who married Samuel Wheeler, Rebecca (wife of Robert Jackson), Charlotte (wife of William Carter), Kitty (wife of James Cox), Susan (wife of John Dent), and Martha (wife of William C. Fugate). At the time of this suit Susan and her husband were both deceased (died in 1870 Wythe County), and left unknown children.

(George Cox, born about 1864 to Jackson and Mary Cox, married Fannie B. Ruble in Tazewell County, VIgginia March 5, 1885.
George 1862-1936 is buried in Peoria County, Illinois # 83785684, with Fannie B. Ruble) Cox 1862-1944.

Jackson Cox 1820-1897 is buried in Rockbridge County # 51424822.
One tree said Jackson was married twice - that might mean that James A. "Tock" 10 and Sarah G. 7, were with James 77 and Elizabeth 75 "Tock" in Carroll County Virginia in 1860.
In 1850 Carroll County James A. Cock - eight months old, is with Mary 22 and Ama 3 .

The Virginia delayed birth records have George Wheeler Cox born December 19, 1898 to James Anderson Cox and Katherine "Kittie" Ann Baker at Foster Falls, Wythe County, Virginia, saying that the certificate was based on a bible record.

In 1900 Wythe County, Virginia, James A. Cox is a carpenter, born October 1849 married 19 years to K.A. March 1861, have son R.B. April 1883, son J.H. Feb 1887, daughter M.H. Feb 1890, Charles April 1892, Ruth July 1895, and month-old George Wheeler Cox, all born in Virginia.

In 1910 Wythe County, James 54 is still a carpenter, Kittie A. 42, James F. 22 is a machinist, Willie M. daughter 20, Charlie 17 is a carpenter, Ruth 15, George 12, and Robert B. 24 a carpenter married three years to Dora 23.

1917 Waverly items "Mrs. J. A. Cox and sons motored to the United Brethren church Sunday to hear Rev. Smith, the new pastor."
George Wheeler Cox registered for WWI with an Eckley address, born December 9, 1898, farming, supporting his father and mother.

In 1920 J.A. Cox owned the south half of 29, 4N 46W.
The 1920 census has them next to the Lewis Dermond family, so they were living in that section 29. James is 59, Kitty A. 57, Robert B. 35, Charley L. 25, Ruth K. 23, and George W. 21, all born in Virginia.

September 1927 "Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Cox of San Diego, California, who had been visiting in the southern and eastern states during the past few months, motored in Friday for a few weeks visit with relatives here. The gentleman is the son of J.A. Cox and brother of George and Miss Ruth."

October 20, 1927 Mrs. Martha Cox of San Diego was a guest at the Waverly Dorcas Ladies.

April 4, 1929 "Robert Cox, of California, is here visiting at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Cox. Mr. Cox ins in very poor health."

In 1930 Yuma County, Robert B. is the head of the household, 46, George W. 31, father James A. 81? and mother Kittie A. 69.

January 29, 1931
February 5, 1931
James is buried in Yuma # 48944825.

June 29, 1933 "Visitors at the Albert Monk home Sunday were ...Mrs. Cox and sons George and Bob...."

In 1940 the Knoxville directory has Katherine B. - widow of James A, living on High in Fountain City.

Katherine A. (Baker) Cox 1861-1946 is buried in Lynnhurst Cemetery, Knoxvillle, # 4243914.

August 19, 1926 "Miss Ruth Cox, of northeast of Yuma, left on No. 9, Wednesday for Estes Park to visit friends for a week or two."

September 6, 1928

"Miss Ruth Cox and Herman A. Witkoski were married at Sterling August 20, 1928, the couple announced. The bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cox, resided nineteen miles northeast of Yuma. Mr. Witkiski was chief engineer at the municipal power plant."

In 1930 Herman is the engineer at the Yuma light plant, 33, born in Nebraska, with Ruth 31.

They're in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1940, with no kids.

June 29, 1961

November 13, 1975
Herman # 61323767 and Ruth # 61323824 are buried in Knoxville, Tennessee.

R.B. Cox, age 24, born in Wythe County, Virginia, married Dora S. Jackson in Wythe County August 31, 1907.

Dora was in Carroll County, Virginia in 1900, born Sept 1883. Parents are William Jackson May 1839 Virginia and Mary April 1856 England. Brother Thomas is 20.

William 1839-1904 is buried in Wythe County # 122059981, Mary 1844-1901 # 122059932.

Robert and Dora are in Craig County, Virginia in 1910, both 26. Robert is a bridge carpenter.

September 27, 1912 "On Saturday last occurred the death of Mrs. R. B. Cox, north of town, after a short illness. The funeral was held from Waverly Hall Sunday, conducted by Rev. Webber of the M. E. church. The deceased leaves a host of sorrowing friends and neighbors to mourn her departure."

Dora S. Jackson Cox was buried in the Yuma cemetery in 1912.
October 11, 1912 "Mrs. C. L. Dent and Mr. James Cox returned to their home at Pulaski, Virginia, Tuesday evening. They were summoned several weeks ago by the serious illness of Mrs. Dent's sister, Mrs. Dora Cox, and arrived here a few hours before her death."

(Betty (Jackson) Dent 1872-1950 is buried in Pulaski, Virginia # 36667084, wife of Charles Lee Dent 1869-1966.)

In 1940 Knox County, Tennessee, R.B. Cox is widowed, a carpenter, 57, mother Mrs. James A. 79, and brother George W. 41.

May 7, 1959

Robert is buried in Yuma next to Dora and father James A. Cox.

November 11, 1937 "George Cox was called to Tennessee last Thursday night by the serious illness of his brother Charles."
April 7, 1938 "George Cox, who had spent the past five months with relatives at Fountain City, Tennessee, returned to his home Saturday."

October 5, 1944

November 1956 "George and Robert Cox spent Tuesday evening at the Harry Tuell home watching election returns on TV."

May 14, 1959 "George Cox returned Saturday with his two sisters to their homes in Tennessee and Virginia where he will make an extended visit."

October 20, 1960 "Mr. George Cox arrived home Thursday arrived home Thursday from Tennessee where hehad been visiting his siter. There was a message waiting for him that his brother, French Cox of San Diego California had passed away on Wednesday.

In December George was in San Diego, and in March 1961 he had been with relatives at Fountain City, Tennessee.

In October 1964 George left Yuma to spend the winter with his mother in Tennessee.
September 1978
George died March 6, 1999, last residence San Diego.


James French Cox registered for WWI with an address of Eckley, born Feb 2, 1887 at Foster Falls, Virginia, a mechanical engineer for A.D. Moran (who lived about three miles north of his parent's farm. He was married, and claimed exemption because of deafness.

In 1930 San Diego, James is a mechanic, with Martha M. 41 born in Kentucky.

In 1940 San Diego, J. French Cox is a sheet metal maker, 53, born in Virginia, with Martha M. 32 Kentucky, a seamstress.

James French Cox registered for WWII with an address of 3069 Lincoln, San Diego. His reference was John W. Rummage of 3928 Kansas in San Diego.

James died October 12, 1960 in San Diego County.
"James French Cox of San Diego, a former resident of northeast of Yuma, passed away October 12. He was seventy-three years old. He had worked as a mechanic in the Stimson garage in 1916 and farmed 20 miles northeast of Yuma during 1918 and 1919. He is survived by his wife, Martha, two sisters, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Witkoske, who live in the east, and a brother, "Leo" Cox, who lives northeast of Yuma."


Charley Lee Cox registered for WWI with an address of Eckley, born AApril 15, 1892 at Foster Valls, Virginia, farming by himself on his father's farm.

February 16, 1917 - Waverly items "Last Sunday proved to be a fine day, thus affording a large congregation to attend church at Waverly. Serices will be conducted next Sunday by Rev. C.L.Cox immediately after Sunday School."

June 22, 1922 "Rev. Charles L. Cox, of Knoxville, tennessee, is spending amonth's vacation at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Cox, north of Yuma.

July 10, 1924 Waverly items "Rev. Charles Cox will preach at the Hall this coming Sunday morning, July 13, immediately after Sunday school."

July 4, 1929 Methodist Church "The Reverend Charles Cox, of Matoaka, West Virginia will conduct the service and preach. Memeber and friends of the church are urged to make a special effort to attend the sevice and show Mr. Cox their appreciateion by a good attendance."
Charles Lee Cox was born at Foster Falls, Wythe County, Virginia, on April 15, 1892. He was the son of James A. and Katherine Baker Cox, who were devout Christians and faithful members of the Methodist Church.

Charles was the fifth of ten children. The family lived in the midst of a Methodist community at Foster Falls. From the earliest chiildhood of the children their father had been superintendent of the Methodist Sunday School. Charles grew up in this Sunday School and, before reaching his teen years, was teaching a Sunday School class. The community was an industrial community with a considerable proportion of illiterate people. During this time he secured rooms in the hotel where he gathered men and boys and taught them to read.

He attended the public schools at Foster Falls during his boyhood. In 1915 he entered Hiwassee College. During the next several years he studied in Hiwassee and, at times, served in the pastorate. He graduated from Hiwassee in 1921.

The year 1911 was spent with the family in Colorado; and, while in Hiwassee, he spent some of his vacations there, but the call of his life's work was luring him back to the South.

When about twelve years old he joined the Methodist Church under the pastorate of the faithful Rev. J. T. Guy. The family dwells in loving memory upon the fact that, at about this time, Charlie was called upon to hold a funeral in the absence of the pastor.

On June 18, 1915, he was licensed to preach by the Radford district conference, at Athens, W. Va., Eugene H. Cassidy being presiding elder and J. E. Wolfe secretary.

After graduation from Hiwassee College, he was admitted on trial at Morristown, on Oct. 6, 1921. At Bluefield, in 1923, he was admitted into full connection and ordained deacon by Bishop Mouzon, who, two years later, ordained him elder at Trinity in Chattanooga. Before entering the Conference he had served as a supply at Athens, W. Va., and at Mascot, Tenn. After entering the Conference he served Coal Creek, Epworth, As- sistant at Central, Matoaka, Harriman, Macedonia, Dayton and Washington Pike. At Epworth he formed some of the most intimate friendships of life. During his last illness at Fort Sanders Hospital he had the comfort of the presence and ministry of the most devoted of his friends.

After a fruitful pastorate at Dayton he had come to Washington Pike in 1935 ; and at once won the confidence and esteem of his people. This was manifested in their eagerness to keep him after the break came in his health. Although he had been ill for some time before the end of his second year, they asked for his return and for an assistant to relieve him of the cares of the pastorate.

His friends had been aware for some time that he was ill. In August of 1937 he was confined to the hospital for some time. He was able to be out in the early fall, but recovery was only temporary; and in a little while all hope of recovery was abandoned. His work was done. Although a young man, he had so wrought that his name is held in reverent memory by many who were brought to Christ by his faithful and Godly ministry. Death came on December 8, 1937 at Fort Sanders Hospital.

He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Katherine Cox, three brothers, R. B. Cox, Fountain City, Tenn. ; James B. Cox, San Diego, Cal. ; George W. Cox, Eckley, Colo. ; two sisters, Mrs. Herman Witkoski, Fountain City and Mrs. W. J. Jackson, Foster Falls, Va.

Funeral services were held in Washington Pike Church by Dr. F. B. Shelton, assisted by Rev. French Taylor and Dr. I. P. Martin; and the body of the beloved pastor was laid to rest in Lynnhurst Resthaven Cemetery.
# 46243941.


In 1920 Wythe County, Joseph Jackson 25 and Willie M. 29 have Lois 2.

In 1930 Carroll County, Virginia, they have Lois K. 12 and James W. 9. Joseph's sister M.E. Jackson born about 1903 is with them.

In 1940 Wythe County (in North Carolina in 1935) Joseph is a farm laborer, 45, Willie C. 48, Lois N. Key 22 married but no spouse has Lois S. eight months old born in Virginia.

Willie C. Jackson 1890-1973 # 44481920 and William Joseph Jackson # 120662623 died in 1995 - buried in Austinville, Wythe County, Virginia.
The death certificate says she was Willie Martha Jackson, burn in Wythe County February 9, 1890.

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