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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Michael and Harriet (CRITCHFIELD) Weekly, sons Ralph, John, and Charles

The West Yuma history says Michael and Harriet were married in Freetown, Indiana in 1881.

One tree says Michael Luthur Weekly married Harriet Critchfield August 21, 1881 in Jackson County, Indiana.

So that might be the Harriet Critchfield in 1880 Jackson County, Indiana, 19, with Calvin 46 and Ann M. 43 Critchfield.  (Calvin in 1860 Knox County Ohio is 16, son of Alvin and Lois Critchfield)Siblings are Luella 17, Charles S. 15, John W. 13, Amanda J. 10, William H. 8, Sarah Frances 6, Michael 4, and Annie B. 1.

In 1870 Jackson County there was an older sister, J.M 12 - Harriet was 10

In 1860 Jackson County Calvin and Ann M. had Ida May, 1.

In 1900 Jackson County, Indiana Mike Weekly, 40 and Harrit 39 have Oscar, 18, Ralph, 16 and Wessa 12.  Harrit has had four children, three living.    One tree says that a Dura/Lura Weekly born August 27, 1885 in Jackson County, died February 24, 1896 and is buried in Taylors Chapel, Freetown, Jackson County.

In 1910 Magee, Yuma County Michael L. Weekly, 50, is farming.  He's been married to Harriet 29 hears, who has had 4 children, two living.  They must be Ralph H. 26 and Wesley J. 23.  Both sons work at a general store. All were born in Indiana.


Ralph was born in Indiana, obtaining a teaching certificate from Fort Wayne, moved to Nebraska, and brought his consumptive brother "Oscar" to Colorado.

The West Yuma history says that he served as county superintendent of schools in 1910.  and that Mary homesteaded.  Her father homesteaded a quarter in far north Yuma County.

Ralph H. Weekly married Mary A. Kisling Nov 1, 1910, recorded in Douglas County, Colorado.

1911 Waverly news items "Ralph Weekly and Edna Petrie of this community are teaching school in Yuma."

Ralph registered for WWI in Yuma, saying he was born August 16, 1883, was a bookkeeper at the Farmers Equity, and was married to Mary Agnes Weekly.

In 1920 Yuma Ralph is farming, and Mary (born in Austria) have Irene 8, Vera E. 5 (born Oregon), and Ella L. 1.

In 1930 Yuma Ralph is a postmaster.  They have Irene, 18, Vera 15, and Zella L 11.  With them is Franz Kisling - widowed father-in-law.  He arrived in Baltimore in 1889.

Franz Kisling proved up a quarter in 5, 4N 47W in 1894.  This is next to his father Joseph Kissing, in 31, 5N 47W in 1899.

In 1900 Franz and Caroline, married 16 years have Mary Apr 1886, all three born in Austria.  Joseph, Mar 1818 in Austria is with them.  So are Lillie May 1895 and Franz Oct 1897 - these two must be Eva and Joseph Brandenberg's.

Joseph Kisling 1818-1900 is buried in Yuma - so is Julia, dying in 1907

In 1900 Eva "Kialing" born October 1873 in Austria, divorced, mother of four , fours till living , is with Albert and Alice Turney on Woolworth Street in Yuma.  The Turney's also have four children - Bertine 11, Vera 9, Edith 7, and baby daughter one month.

Eva Kisling and Joseph M. Brandenburg married July 11, 1890, recorded in Denver.

1899 "The divorce case of Joseph Brandenburg against his wife was decided in favor of the plaintiff.   The court decree-a divorce to both of them and giving the custody of two of the children and two to the defendant."

In 1900 Yuma County, Joseph Brandenberg born January 1828 in Switzerland is divorced, with Anna June 1891 and Clara May 1893, both born in Colorado.

  May 1901 

Joseph - a tile layer in a nursery -  and Eva have seven kids in 1910 Washington County, Oregon - Anna 18, Clara 17, Lillian E. 15, Francis J. son 12, Margaret M. 8, Arnold M. 5 Oregon, and Charles newborn Oregon.

In 1920 they have only Margaret 17, Arnold 14, Joseph 9, and Bertha 6.

In 1920 Orenco, Oregon, Robert Schneider 36, botn in Illinois, and Anna 28, Colorado, have Lawrence 7 and Dorothy 6.

Robert, Anna, and Lawrence are in Yolo County, California in 1940.

Robert F. Schneider, born Dec 8,1883 in Illinois, died April 6, 1970 in Sacramento County, California.

Joseph M. Brandenberg -1858-1921 per # 60443606, is buried in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Eva Caroline Brandenberg 1872-1965 is buried in Hillsboro, Oregon  # 60443605. "BRANDENBERG- Eva Caroline, Portland; formerly of Orenco; mother of Mrs. Anna Schneider, Mrs. Lillian Carr, Mrs. Margaret Coupe; Mrs. Bertha Meier, Francis and Arnold Brandenberg; 11 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, 1 great great grandchild; sister of Mrs. Mary Weekly. Funeral services Wednesday, Feb 24, 2 pm,  Interment Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery. Published in The Oregonian, Feb 23, 1965."

Francis J. Brandenberg -1897-1987 is buried in North Plains, Washington County Oregon

Clara Josephine Rogers, born May 10, 1893 in Colorado, died March 13, 1954 in Los Angeles County, father Brandenberg.

Arnold M. Brandenberg -1905-1984 is buried in Portland # 76404620. husband of Hallie; father of Marilyn Larson, Nancy Mills, Susan Kenny, Carol Gruba; brother of Francis, Margaret Coupe, Bertha Meier and Lillian Carr;

Yuma Pioneer Dec 25, 1903
Mrs. Kisling died Wednesday morning after a painful illness of over two years. The funeral was held at the home six miles west of town, Thursday noon. Mrs. Kisling was a member of the Catholic Church.

Caroline Eisenhauer Kisling 1846-1903 is buried in lot 142 of the Yuma Cemetery between Franz 1844-1930 and Louise, 1881-1896 (a daughter).

1905 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. F.M Adams and Miss Mary Kisling left Tuesday for Portland."

1908 Kate Kisling was the administratrix of the estate of August W. Beckman, deceased.

1909 "We learn that Miss Mary Kisling has disposed of her relinquishment to John Deering."   

This was eighty acres in Washington County, in Section 24, 3N 49W.  It doesn't show in BLM records, but Rollie Deering writes "When my Grandfather, John R Deering, applied for his homestead he did not take a corner piece of a section as most people did but chose to take his 160 acres out of the middle of the section, leaving 80 acres on both ends.  He did this hoping that it would discourage others from taking only 80 acres as their homestead.  He thought that this might make it possible for him to acquire those 80 acre parcels later on.   As it turned out, Mary Kissling did file for the 80 acres on the northeast corner of section 24.  She built a small homestead cabin very near the Deering property so that she could 'neighbor' and also have access to water."

1910 Frantz Kisling was visiting with his daughter Mrs. Joe Brodenberg in Oregon.

Dec 11, 1930 Yuma Pioneer Obit - (Summary)

Franz Kisling died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. R.H. Weekley. Franz Kisling was born Apr 12, 1844 in Austria-Hungary, where he lived until the spring of 1888 when he immigrated with his family to Yuma County. He died Dec 10, 1930 at the age of 86 years 7 months 18 days. Services were from St. John's Catholic Church Friday and interment was in the Yuma Cemetery. 
In 1869 he married Caroline Eisenhauer. They had four children. John died in infancy, Louise died at the age of 13, Eva Braudenberg of Orenco, Oregon and Mary A. Weekley of Yuma. Caroline died Dec 22, 1903. Franz later married Catherine Beckman, who died Jul 20, 1920. Since 1920 he has lived with his daughter, Mary.

In 1940 Arvada, Colorado Ralph is operating a dairy, with Mary as a helper.  Zella is a billing clerk for a retail goods manufacturer.

March 7, 1946

Ralph died January 1970, with last residence in Lakewood, Colorado.

Michael L. Weekly cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 4N 46W in 1909, and Charles O. Weekly proved up a quarter next to him in 1913.  In 1912 Ralph H. Weekly proved up another quarter in that section.


Two miles south, John W. Weekly proved up a quarter in 14, 3N 46W in 1914.

John Wesley Weekly registered in Yuma, saying he was born November 12, 1889 in Spraytown, Indiana, a farmer, and had a wife and a child..

SPRAYTOWN, A place of 100  inhabitants, in Salt Creek township, Jackson county, 10 miles northwest of Browns-
town court house. The location of the nearest bank is at Seymour, 12 miles distant. It is also the shipping point. Ewing,
6 miles southeast on the O. & M., is another shipping station.

August Graff, postmaster.
Green T H, saw mill.
OrafT August, Blacksmith.
Lampert Martin, shoemaker.
Lampert William, carpenter.
Mapy Louis, general store.
Wekller George, general store.
Yudel S, carpenter.

In 1920 Weld precinct J. Wesley is married to Edna J. 29, born in Colorado.  They have Dorothy S. 4, and E lena H. 2.

In 1930 Yuma John W. is a laborer at a filling station.  He and Edna have Dorothy 14 and Elena 12

In 1940 Yuma Wesley Weekley is a janitor at the high school.  Dorothy is a music teacher.

The West Yuma history says  in 1939 Eleanor married Charles Roebeck, grandson of the Eckley Dave and Orpha Kline, and that Wesley and Edna moved to California in 1943, beck to Denver in 1963, where Wesley died in 1976.Edna in 1982.


In 1880 Salt Creek, Jackson County, Indiana - same township as Michael - there's a William H. Weekley, 7, son of Bazil D. 50 and Lydia 47 Weekley

Five miles west, a William E. Weekley cash-claimed a quarter in 1891 in 22, 3N 47W  (wonder if this is the William R. Weekley in 1910 Logan County.......  He's 36, Indiana, married three years to Susan 38, Mississippi.  She's had one child, one living.  And a William R. Weekly in 1920 Pulaski County Missouri is divorced.  And he might be in Woodbury County, Iowa in 1930, married to Sarah C. 55 - He was 23 at first marriage, she was 14, so this isn't a first marriage.  Sarah 's daughter Mary Stafford is with them.  Sarah was in Pulaski, Missouri in 1920 - same place as William, widowed with four kids.)

On June 9, 1896 a William R. Weekley married Alice A. Carmichael in Jackson County, Indiana.

One Ancestry tree says William H. Weekley, son of Basil D. and Lydia KERNS Weekley, was born December 15, 1872, and died March 15, 1895 - so he would have been 18 at the time of the cash claim- possible.  William was an older cousin, and that's why Michael knew of the Yuma area????

Jesse Weekley was their grandfather.  Basil was William's father, and Martin was Michael's father.



In 1912 Michael L. Weekly, "father and adult heir of Charles O. Weekly, deceased, of Yuma" filed for the northeast quarter of 20, 4N 46W.

Charles must be Charles OSCAR, dying between 1900 and 1910.    Wonder if that's the one Findagrave has in Taylors Chapel Cemetery, Jackson County Indiana  (May 1, 1882  - January 18, 1907.  Charles G. Weekly.

Frederic - son of Calvin Hill Critchfield and Ann Mariah BOWMAN Critchfield, has a very illegible stone in Taylors Chapel.

So the Calvin and Ann Critchfield in Boyd County, Nebraska must be Harriet's parents.

Annie B. Chrichfield married G. L. Eacret May 18, 1903 in Exeter, Barry County Missouri, AND

In 1910 Alonzo J. Eacret 35(or 38) and Anna C. Eacret 28 are in Eckley precinct "on the Holyoke Road" so that would be north of town.  They have Della K. 6, Leland B. 4, George A. 3, and Frank W. two months.  All born in Colorado.

J.L. Eacret was in the jury pool list of 1912.

Also in 1912, he was a witness for Julia F. Christensen, widow of James H. Christensen, for her homestead.  Other witnesses were John W. Weekly (his brother-in-law), Lizzie Carper (Andrew's wife , who lived a few miles west), and Frank S. Rowe.

In 1913  a James L. Eucret, of Eckley, was a witness for a land patent.

December 1913


He had proved up two quarters in 3 and 4 of 2N 46W. - that's only a few miles south of the Weekley patents.

In 1934 a Murl Eacret is farming, but no location is given

In 1930 George Eacret, 22, nephew, is living with Harriet Weekly on North Albany in Yuma.  He's a clerk in a store.

Geo. W. Eacret married Dorothy I. Dawdy December 25, 1933.

Loveland Reporter Herald (Loveland, Larimer, Colorado)
Wednesday August 6, 2003 page B-4

Mildred Marie Tramp, 99, formerly of Loveland, died Aug. 1, 2003, in Valley Center, Calif.
She was born April 11, 1904, in Winchester, Ill, to Elmer and Ella Dawdy. The family moved to Yuma, Colo., from Illinois by immigrant train when she was 9 years old. She attended school there through high school and then attended an educational institute in Nebraska.
She married Dr. Paul E. Tramp on Aug. 4, 1929, at the Yuma First Methodist Church. He preceded her in death on Nov. 29, 2000.
The Tramp family lived in Iowa and Washington state during the years of medical training and then her husband established a medical practice in Yuma. The family remained in Yuma during World War II, as Dr. Tramp served as flight surgeon in England.
They moved to Loveland in 1945 and began a general and surgical practice. They lived at the Poplars on North Garfield Avenue.
They moved to Valley Center in 1993 to live near and with their son, Richard, and family until recent days, when she was in a care home in that area.
She was a member of the First Methodist Church of Yuma and the First United Methodist Church of Loveland. In later years she was a member of the Faith Evangelical Church of Loveland. She was an active church member throughout the years.
She had a deep appreciation for the cultural life with strong interest in art, books and music and was a member of a book club. She enjoyed entertaining family and friends.
She is survived by a son, Dr. Richard K. Tramp DVM and daughter-in-law, Iris of Valley Center; one daughter, Virginia Severance and son-in-law, Robert, of Eden, Idaho; six grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by two sisters, Beulah Paschall of Nashville, Tenn., and Dorothy Eacret of Fort Collins.
Family services will be held in California and Idaho. No memorial service is planned for this area.

1937 Yuma  Eacret, George W. (w) Dorothy - 11 West 8th Ave, Service Station
    and Cabin Camp, Ph. 196, (Mary Lou), (Fred Eacret).
In 1940 Yuma George W. is the owner of a camp ground.  He's married to Dorothy I (or J) 26, Illinois, and they have Mary Lou 3 and William E. two months.  They live at 712 South Ash, next door to his cousin Wesley Weekly at 708 South Ash.

William said in 2013 that George died in Fort Collins in 2001, and was cremated.


Critchfield, C.K.            T2N R46W
Critchfield, C.K.            T2S R46W
Critchfield, Owen            T1S R46W
Critchfield, Owen            T2S R46W
Critchfield, V.R.            T1S R46W
Critchfield, V.R.            T2S R46W
Critchfield, W.L.            T2S R46W

The Casper Critchfield in the Vernon cemetery was born in Ohio about 1860, son of Lewis H. Critchfield and Hariet Shreve, (they married in Holmes County Ohio in 1852)  and was in Ohio in 1880.  In 1885 and 1900 he's in Cass County, Nebraska, married to Mary
Yuma Cemetery

Critchfield Bertha B. (Berry) 1934 New Addition 116

The Pleasant Valley cemetery has a "Baby Critchfield" with no dates on the modern marker

Mary Elizabeth Critchfield Eishen was in Yuma 1930 with Sarah Berry (maybe Mary is Bertha's or Edna' daughter  If Bertha died in 1934, she might have been ill in 1930.
Birth Date: 6 Nov 1928
Age at Death: 73
Death Date: 8 Mar 2002
Burial Place: Kellogg, Wabasha County, Minnesota, USA

March 1, 1934, p. 1 & 8, Evansville Review, Evansville, Wisconsin



Body of Clarence Critchfield is Brought Here This Morning For Burial Service

Stricken with apoplexy, Clarence Critchfield, 52, a former Evansville resident dropped dead Monday on a street in Milwaukee where he had been making his home for the past seven years. He had suffered from heart trouble for some time.

The body was brought to Evansville for burial this morning and interment was in Maple Hill Cemeter with the Rev. G. Kenneth MacInnis Methodist pastor, officiating.

Mr. Critchfield, a son of Mrs. Albert Critchfield, spent the greater part of his life in Evansville and more than 15 years was in the employ of the Baker Manufacturing company here. In 1923 he left Evansville for Beloit where he resided until 1927 when he took up residence with his family in Milwaukee.

While in Milwaukee he was a member of the Methodist church and attended the bible class of the Rev. Mr. MacInnis, this city, in the Milwaukee Trinity Methodist church.

He is survived by a son, Albert, Milwaukee; a daughter Beulah, residing in the East; and by his mother, Mrs. Albert Critchfield of Evansville. His wife preceded him in death three years ago.

March 1, 1934, p. 1 & 8, Evansville Review, Evansville, Wisconsin


Mr. Clarence Critchfield and Miss Bertha Berry were married at the home of the bride’s parents at Effingham, Ill., June 6, 1905. They arrived in this city Thursday, and will spend some time at the Critchfield home.
June 10, 1905, The Badger, p. 1, col. 5, Evansville, Wisconsin

May 17, 1879 Indiana
 Death: Apr. 2, 1950 Whitman CountyWashington

  Anna Belle CRITCHFIELD Eacret.
  Calvin Critchfield (1834 - 1909)
 Spouse James Alonzo Eacret (1870 - 1937)
Stella Lyons (1904 - 1985)*
Theo Leland Eacret (1905 - 1995)*
George William Eacret (1906 - 2001)*  LOTS OF CHILDREN BORN IN COLORADO
James Murl Eacret (1908 - 1982)*
John Franklin Eacret (1910 - 1991)*
Charles Sanford Eacret (1911 - 1994)*
Robert Eacret (1916 - 1930)*
Richard Earnest Eacret (1918 - 2001)*
Ralph Warren Eacret (1920 - 1989)*
Saint John Cemetery
Saint John (Whitman County)
Whitman County
Washington, USA

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