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Wray Rattler May 3, 1923

The retiring members of the old city council stepped out Wednesday evening and the newly elected members stepped in.  The new council met and organized.  With Mayor Russell presiding, the following business was transacted:

John Jones was made mayor pro tem.

Finance committee, Harve Cox and C.D. Mason  (Harvey A. Cox was 39 in the 1920 census, an auto dealer born in Nebraska.  Clarence Dixon Mason, 37, also born Nebraska, was the proprietor of a general store)

electric light and water, Jack Kearns and Warner (in 1920 John H. Kearns was 37, born Illinois, part owner of "Conrad Motor".  Wyllys Edwin Warner was 27, a gasoline dealer.)

streets and alleys, Josh Jones and Roy Drommond (Roy Wilson Drommond was 32 in 1920, proprietor of a meat market)

James Martin was retained as town manager for the ensuing year

Virgil Bell was retained as night marshal

F.N. Hayes, treasurer

 Max Bulkeley, city attorney

T.C. Jennings, police magistrate

Earle C. Haas, city health officer.

The Wray Rattler was awarded the town printing for the ensuing year

The resignation of Miss McFarland as bookkeeper was accepted.

Town Manager Martin was given the power to employ help to fill such offices as were not taken care of by appointment.

The Peoples State bank was designated as the depository for city funds this year.

The retiring members of the council are Amos Carl, Henry Hitchcock, and O.F. Ayers. (Amos Carl was 57 in 1920 born Pennsylvania, with no occupation - although he had sailed to Hawaii in 1920.  In 1930 he had a lumberyard.  Probably William Henry Hitchcock, 45 in 1920, born Missouri, serving as the county sheriff.  Otis P. Ayers was 38 in  1920, born Illinois, a lineman for the telephone company.)

The nem (sic) members are Roy Drommond, Harve Cox and Jack Kearns. 

Mayor Russell was re-elected to succeed himself.




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