Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneers:

George and Voda (Jellison) Bingaman

1900 Yuma, Colorado "Miss Voda Jellison has an attack of typhoid fever."

1902 Yuma "Claud Bingaman is having another building put upon the back of his lot. George Bingaman is doing the carpenter work."

1903 Yuma "George Bingaman is working on the Mownson ranch."

May 22, 1903 Wray Colorado "Miss Voda McKean is setting type for the Rattler."

Voda, age 21, married George Bingaman on July 12, 1905 in Wray, Colorado.

December 15, 1905 "Mrs. Voda Bingaman arrived home Friday evening from her trip to Washington and the north west. Her husband Georgne Bingaman preceded her home about a week, having stopped in Montana to visit relatives. It will be remembered they left last July for an extended wedding tour to the northwesf immediately after the wedding ceremony. They report an exceedingly good time while away."

1907 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. George Bingaman expect to visit in a few days with the Moore family at Brush."

They're in Morgan County, Colorado in 1910, with Dean E. 2, and in Park County in 1920.

George Henry Bingaman registered for WWI in Adams County, saying he was born July 19, 1881 a ranch foreman near Hartsel, Park County, but Voda lived in Adams County.

George, born July 19, 1881 in Illinois, died February 21, 1950 in Yolo County, California.

In 1930 Douglas, Wyoming, George is a laborer, 48, with Voda E. 46 born in Nebraska.

Voda, born March 30, 1884, died March 16, 1949 in Yolo County, mother's maiden name Cutler.
She's buried in Yolo County # 86530182.
George died in Yolo County California February 21, 1950.

Dean Evan Bingaman 1908-1987 is buried in Port Angeles, Washington # 11872704.

James M. Jellison 28, born in Pennsylvania to John Jellison and Martha A. Brown and Miss Hattie Cutler, 20 born in Nebraska to Isaac Cutler and Laura Johnson, married in Richardson County, Nebraska August 18, 1881. James married Minnie in 1889, and they're in Richardson County in 1900. He's buried in Falls City 1858-1912 # 127966091.

May 1908 Falls City, Nebraska

Anderson "McKenn" cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 2N 47W - a couple miles southeast of Schramm, i8n 1891.

In 1900 Yuma, Anderson A. McKean is a court clerk, 47, with Hariet A. 39, Voda E. 16, Glen H. 9, and IVan D. 4.
They've only been married 14 years.

Laura McKean married Harry A. Moore, 23 on December 8, 1892 in Yuma County.
In 1900 Omaha, Harry is a streetcar conductor, Laura December 1874 in Illinois, with Walter born January 1894 in Colorado, and Myrtle August 1896 in Nebraska.

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