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Easter Party - Wray Rattler April 13, 1901

Mrs. M.C. Blust and Mrs. J.N. Counter united in giving a charming Easter party to about thirty of the young friends of their two sons, Ben Counter and Ray Blust, aged respectively 15 and 16.  The party was given at the Counter home and appropriate invitations were sent out last week to announce the coming event.  The two mothers spared no effort to made (sic) the party one which should remain a delightful memory in the lives of their two boys, as well as in the hearts of their companions.

All of the decorations were suggestive of Easter:  Lilies were scarce, but potted plants, ferns and eggs of every conceivable design and color were in abundance.

Caroms, dominoes, checkers, progressive history, etc., were among the games of the evening while some of the more lively ones were given the use of a large chamber where they might be free to play "Ruth and Jacob" "Whistle" and other like plays.

Supper was served at 10 o'clock and many exclamations of delight were heard as the guests were ushered into the brilliantly lighted dining room.  The centerpiece on the large dining tale should be seen to be appreciated.  The following description conveys only a faint notion of its beauty:  Twelve or fifteen colored eggs had been cut in shape to appear like lilies and in the center of each was a tiny lighted candle.  These floated about in a large glass dish filled with water, and upon a high cake stand and surrounded by lime green excelsior, which looked like grass.  This was placed upon a mirror laid flat on the table and surrounded by the artificial grass.  Eggs of many different hues nestled at intervals in the grass border.  At one end of the the (sic) table was a huge birthday cake, baked in pyramid shape, iced and decorated in white and having thirty-one lighted candles -- the combined age of the two boys.  At the other end of the table was a huge cake with chocolate icing, decorated with white.  The fruit and bonbons were tastefully arranged, and by each dish of ice cream was a litle nest made of shreded (sic) coconnut (sic), resting on a cookey (sic) and containing three tiny candy eggs, variously colored.

Clara Counter, Bertha Blust and Anna Bancoft in pretty party dresses met the guests and conducted them to the dressing rooms.  hey also distributed the souvenirs and otherwise assisted.

The souvenirs consisted of bonbon boxes, match holders and pen-wipers, satchet (sic) bags and beautifully decorated eggs.  All were artistic and the penwipers wee a real novelty.  On top of each was set an egg on which was drawn a Chinese face.  A long pig-tail and a fanciful Chinese cap completed teh little celestial's head.

The boys received a number of pretty presents from their friends.

Those present were Ora Elliott, Bay and Minnie Courtney, James Carwin, Roy Mason, Jeff Grant, Lizzie Cox, Nita and Victor Robison; Vesta and Janet McKee, Essie and Orlo Sechrist, Anna and Charlie Lawrence, Katie Weaver, Vica Finn, Will Diss, Fearn Willis, Fred Bullard, Carrie Staininger, Beryl Lepper, Ruby Cumley, Del Johnson, Myrtle Neal, Jessie Hays, Belle Slick, Oscar Hadlock.

Musical Ruth and Jacob.

This is particularly for a group of guests who could in no sense be called musical. The guests are standing in a circle with a man and a girl in the center. If the group is large, have them crowd in to make the circle space smaller so that it will not make Jacob's work too difficult. The game is played like the old-fashioned "Ruth and Jacob," both of them being blindfolded, it being the task of Jacob to catch Ruth. Instead of calling "Ruth," however, Jacob sings up the scale, whether he can or not, and Ruth answers by singing down the scale, both of them using "Loo" instead of do-re-mi.

The game is infinitely more ridiculous if neither one can sing, and if the leader has created the right atmosphere, even though a man protests, "I just can't sing," he will usually finish up by making a noble effort to do it anyhow !

When Jacob catches Ruth, the leader, who has in the meantime been looking over the circle, immediately announces the next two victims and almost invariably public opinion will be with her to such an extent that they step forth, willy-nilly.


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