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Edward V. and Nella A. Bowles

, Wray
In 1880 Arapahoe County, Colorado, Joseph W. Bowles is 42, born in North Carolina, a stock grower, with Cynthia R. 32 born in Missouri. Charles W. 11, Edward V. 8, and Josie R. 4 were born in Colorao. They have a hired man and a yoyoung servant Ruby Marey 18 born in Illinois.

"Bowles came to Littleton after mining in the Nevada mining district for three years. His first land purchase was 160 acres in 1867. He eventually accumulated about 2,000 acres near Littleton. He was successful at farming and also developed an enormous cattle-raising operation. He purchased another 4,000 acres which became the "Bar Eleven Ranch." Bowles was elected county commissioner in 1869 and again in 1874, and was sent to the state legislature by Arapahoe County voters in 1880. He served as director of Denver's City National Bank and was the executive commissioner of the first state grange. He was also one of the first directors of the Littleton Cemetery Association. "

"Quickly successful at farming, Bowles also developed an enormous cattle-raising operation. He used pasture in the San Luis Valley until he purchased about 4,000 acres on the Republican River near Wray in eastern Colorado in 1876. This Bar Eleven Ranch became "one of the most famous ranches on the western plains" and was also known for its hospitality. It was the time of the open range. Bowles' son, Edward, later said that his father ran 8,000 to 9,000 head of Texas longhorns that wandered from the Arkansas River on the south to the Platte on the north. They bought their steers from trail herds that were driven over the Chisholm Trail from Texas to Montana."

Edward V. Bowles married Nellie Sherbet on Sept 7, 1890 in Arvada, Colorado.

Nellie was in Franklin County, Nebraska in 1885, age 15, born in Wisconsin. Silas is 55 born in Canada, Harriett 35 in Iowa, William 18 a mason and Carla 12 and Emaline 11 and Della 8 born in Wisconsin. Julia 6, Ida 4, and Edward 2 were born in Nebraska.
Harriet (Savage) Sherbet 1848-1914 is buried in Benkelman, # 75484399.

July 7, 1900 "Miss Ida Sherbet, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Monroe and Don Thomas, of Benkelman celebrated the Fourth in Wray."

January 1905 "Mrs Ida Thomas of Petersburg has been here several days this week in company with her husband, visiting at the Porter home and also out at the Mealey home."

July 1905 Wray "Mrs. Don Thomas came down from Denver the first of the week to visit her sisters Mrs. Julia Porter and Miss Delia Sherbert, for a week, after which she goes to Benkelman to visit her mother."

November 1894 Littleton "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bowles and son Raymond, who have been visiting relatives here the past week returned to their home in Yuma county today."

1895 Littleton "J.W. Bowles and Mrs. C.W. Bowles spent the first of this week with the family of Ed Bowles in Yuma County."

August 1898 " Born, on the 2nd inst., at Littleton, Colo., a 13lb. boy, to Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Bowles, of this place.
E. V. Bowles came down from Denver Tuesday with a car load of blooded bulls, which he turned out on the range with his stock. These animals now on the range in this locality are all high-grades."

March 1899 Wray "The family of Ed. Bowles has arrived and are now cosily installed in the house recently vacated by Rev. Bradford. They are a welcome acquisition to Wray society."

Laird items in 1899 "Mrs. Bowles and Miss Sherbert, Mr. and Mrs. DeHaven, Mr. and Mrs. John Mealey and Mrs. B.D. Prentice visited with Mrs. Porter during the week." 

July 1899 Wray "Mrs. Bowles and Miss Sherbet of Wray visited with Mrs. Porter one day this week."

In 1900 Laird precinct, Edward, born Nov 1861 in Illinois, married three years to Julia August 1878 Nebraska, have Earl July 1899 and Ed's brother William H. Feb 1866 Illinois.
Ed Porter was sentenced to prison in 1902.
September 1911 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Porter, of Wilsonville, Nebraska, arrived in Wray yesterday on a visit to relatives and friends. They timed their visit to meet Mr. and Mrs. Will Porter here and they will have a sort of a family reunion."

August 1914 "Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Porter of west of town, Sunday, a girl baby."

1917 "Ed Porter, formerly of Wray, but now manager of a lumber yard at Lebanon, Nebraska , sends the wherewith for renewal of his subscription to this paper this week, and incidently reports that his family are all well and enjoying life."
In 1920 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Edward is managing a lumber yard, 56, Julia 41, with Leslie L. 12 and Francis J. 5, both born in Colorado.
Earl Alexander Porter, born 03 Jul 1899 in Laird, Colorado; died 07 Feb 1965 in Grand Island, Neb..
In 1930 Red Willow County, Julia A. is 51, now married to James S. Daffer 65. Frances J. 15 and Mary L. Porter 9 are with them.
James' wife Lucelia had died in 1924, and James 1864-1942 is buried in Red Willow COunty.

July 1899 "Mrs. Clara Holcomb of Benkleman, sister of Mrs. Ed Bowles, was married to Mr. A. Montrose, of Iowa, at Akron last Sunday. They are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Bowles a few days this week."
This is Argalus Monroe who had been married before. They moved to Lane County, Oregon , wshere Clarissa died 25 May 1920 in Lane, Oregon"

July 28, 1900 "Miss Ida Sherbet was recently married to Mr. Don Thomas of Benklelman, Nebraska."
(Don was a photographer in 1900 Benkelman, borading with Clara Monroe, and Ida Sherbit born Sept 1880 is also lviing there."
Ida 48 and Don Thomas 52 are in Denver in 1930 - living with his widowed mother Emma J. 74 born in Ohio.
Don 1878-1947 is buried in McCook # 15402533. So is Ida 1881-1944 # 15402525.

March 1904 Wray " Mrs. Julia Porter visited her mother Mrs. Sherbert in Benkelman this week."

1904 Wray "Miss Delia Sherbet arrived home from her visit to Benkelman, last Sunday."
July 9, 1909 "Married, Sunday, July 4th, at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Ed Porter, Miss Della Sherbet and T. B. Davis, of Benkelman. Mr. and Mrs. Davis returned at once to Benkelman, where they will make their home."
Della Carson is a dining room girl in Benkelman in 1910, 22, born in Illinois. On the same page is Ann McEvoy, 72 widowed.
April 1900 Yuma "John Glantz delivered a pump and windmill to Ed Bowles new camp thirty-five miles northeast of Yuma this week. He was accompanied by Joe. Llewellyn, who will build the tower.

In 1900 Yuma County, Edward is ranching, born May 1871 in Colorado, with Nella A. Feb 1874 Wisconsin.
Raymond Sept 1891, Joseph W August 1896, and Edward V. August 1898 were all born in Colorado.

April 13, 1900 Yuma Pioneer "We enjoyed a ride to Denver with W. H. Gerdts, the popular ranchman of Eastern Arapahoe county. He was a delegate to the stockmen's convention which was in session this week, and is one of the substantial stockmen of the state. He believes the present conditions, so far as range is concerned, are very favorable to the stockman, and deprecates any change, either by cession or lease. Ed Bowles of Wray was a delegate from Yuma county and voiced the same sentiment."


October 1902 "Ed Sherbert who is in the employ of the 11 ranch had his arm broken by a horse falling with him. The accident happened twenty-five miles northwest of Sterling and Ed returned home Saturday."
So Ed Bowles was employing his wife's relatives.


March 1903 Wray "Ed Bowles came down from Littleton, Colo, this week to look after his cattle and ranch interests west of town."
October 1903 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bowles who have been visiting relatives and friends here and at Benkelman for several weeks, left for their home at Littleton Tuesday afternoon."


October 1905
1906 Wray
1918 Wray "Timothy Burns and family will shortly move to town, they having purchased the John Brown property. This is the property known as the Ed Bowles place in the early days. Just where Mr. Brown and wife will go has not been announced, but John thinks he will get on a farm somewhere."

December 13, 1907
Edward is holding "Steamboat", the famous bucking horse, at the Littleton fair grounds.

January 7, 1910

January 1910 Littleton Colorado "Mr. Ed Bowles is slowly improving at St. Anthony hospital. Little change reported from his condition last week."

In 1910 Littleton, Edward V. Sr. and Nellie A. are both 38, Raymond 17, Joseph W. 15, and Edard Jr. 11.

August 11, 1916 Littleton " 'Terry' Bowles arrived home the other day to enjoy a months visit at the home of his mother, Mrs. Nellie Bowles."

Edward and Nellie Ann Bowles divorced in Arapahoe County in 1910.

September 1919 "Walter A. Bowles and Mrs. Nellie Bowles are now located at Long Beach, California."
April 1920 "Mrs. Nellie Bowles returned from Los Angeles, Calif. Wednesday after a visit of several months."

September 30, 1921

She might be the Nellie Harris dying February 23, 1938 in Los Angeles, buried in Littleton # 11892858.

Edward V. Bowles married Jessie Spotswood on November 4, 1911, recorded in Boulder County.

In 1920 Denver, Edward and Jessie are both 48, Jessie born in Massachusetts.

October 30, 1913
November 1919 Littleton "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bowles and son Raymond who have been visiting relatives here the past week returned to their home in Yuma County."
November 1919 Littleton "Ed Bowles of Wray visited his parents here last week."

August 17, 1923 Littleton " E. V. Bowles who was seriously injured at his ranch at Greenland, last week, is reported to be improving."

Edward 1871-1931 and son Edward V. Bowles Jr. 1898-1923 share a marker in Littleton # 24243339 (had a death of August 29, 1924).

October 29, 1952 "Mrs. Jessie Spotswood Bowles, 87, an early settle: In Littleton, Colo., died at her home. Mrs. Bowles was the widow of Col. Robert J. Spotswood, a founder of Littleton and an early stage coach driver between Atchison Kan., and Denver. After the death of Col. Spotswood in 1910, his widow married Edward V. Bowles, Littleton cattle rancher, who died in 1932."


1908 Littleton

December 1908 Raymond Bowles registered for WWI in Denver, owner of a poublishing company, with a wife and baby.
Nellie was a cousin of Raymond.

Cynthia Elizabeth Lambert was born Oct 17, 1890 in Denver to William T. Lambert and Rachel Parman.
She died in Los Angeles County November 3, 1948.

1913 "Raymond Bowles is located at Los Angeles, where he is getting along nicely."

Cynthia Bowles was born in Denver June 20, 1918 to Raymond H. Bowles and Cynthia E. Lambert, as Seehusen in 1941, and as Kopp in 1962.
She died December 17, 1987 in Los Angeles County.

July 1920 "Raymond Bowles of Ft. Worth Texas stopped off Saturday for a short visit with his mother Nellie Bowles. Raymond is on a special trip from coast to coast for an oil Company at Ft. Worth. He is the advertising manager and at present is investigating details relative to the construction of a railroad near Ft. Worth. He will visit his family in Long Beach before returning."

Cynthia 28, Raymond 4, anD Cynthia 1 "Brules" are in Long Beach in 1920,

In 1930 San Diego County, Ray H., a journalist, and Cynthia are both 35 born in Colorado, with Raymond 14 in California and Chythia 11 in Colorado.

1938 Castle Rock Colorado " Mrs. Raymond Bowles and daughter, Cynthia, who have been spending the winter here with her father, Mr. Wm. T. Lambert, left this week for their home in California."

Raymond Henry Bowles registered for WWII in Los Angeles, born Sept 7, 1891 at Littleton, Colorado, a cattle buyer. His reference ws F.B Harrington of the same address in Los Agneles.


Joseph married Justine Adell Wiberg in December 1917 in Denver.

Joseph Wesley Bowles is ranching in Douglas County in 1920, 24, married to Justin 22, Joseph Wesley Jr. is ten months old.

In 1930 Littleton, Joseph is a machinist at an iron works, with Justine and Joseph Jr..
They're in Trinidad, Colorado in 1940, with Joseph a highway patrolman, Jr. with no occupation.

Joseph 1895-1988 is buried in Trinidad 3 103445764, with Justine 1897-1973.
Joseph Jr. 1919-2001 # 103445609 is buried there, too,k with Rubye Mae 1924-2003.


Edward Vincent Bowles registered for WWI in Tonopah, Nevada, working for the Belmont Mining Company, born August 2, 1897 at Littleton. His reference was his mother in Littleton.

Possible: Edward Vincent Bowles married Ina Few on April 30, 1921, recorded in Huerfano County.

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