Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneers:

John J. and Louisette E. Carlock, Wray

In 1900 Gentry County, Missouri, John Carlock born April 1858, Lousette E. August 1859, have George F. August 1884, Nancy J. Feb 1886.
James H. July 1887, Newton J. Feb 1890, William I., Jan 1892, Gertrude E. April 1894, and E.D. March 1900.

Nancy Jane Carlock, under the age of eighteen, with fathe John J. Carlock being present to give consent, married Benjamin "Shepard", both of Stanbery, Gentry County. The ceremony was performed December 28, 1903 by J. E. Davis, Minister of teh Gospel.

In 1910 Dundy County, Nebraska, J. J. Carlock is farming, 52, born in Missouri, married 27 years to Luretta 49 North Carolina. Newton J. 20, William 18, Gertrude 16, Ephriam 10, and Lizzie 7 were all born in Missouri. They have two laborers. as wel.

John J. Carlock proved up 320 acres in 18 and 19, 3N 44W in 1916, and William I. Carlock proved up 320 in 17 and 18 and 19, and another 80 acres Stock in 1920.

John 1857-1936 is buried in Wray # 17076389, with Luzetta Elizabeth 1859-1942 # 17076397.

James H. Carlock proved up 320 acres in 24, 3N 45W in 1916.

October 11, 1917 "Henry Good left Friday evening for his home near Gentry, Missouri. Mr. Good is a nephew of J. J. Carlock, of fourteen miles north of Wray, and had spent the summer with the Carlock family."

October 18, 1917 "Henry Good, who we mentioned as leaving Wray last week, and who had spent several weeks with his uncle, J. J. Carlock and family, north of town, has written that he has decided to locate in Yuma county and will hold a sale at his home near Gentry, Nebraska, and expects to arrive with his wife and daughter within the next two weeks."

In 1920 Yuma County John J. Carlock is 62, Luzette 60, with William I. 28, Ephraim D. 20, and Elizabeth M. 16. Next household is Newton J. 29 and Leta M. 26. born in Kentucky.

In 1930 Yuma County, John J. is 72, married but no spouse, living with son William I. 38 and Rita M. 26. They have Agnes A. 5, Geraldine M. 4, and Rita E. 1, and Willa one month - the first three girls born in Nebraska, the youngest two in Colorado.
Also with them is a niece Waunita M. Carlock, 9, born in Colorado.


George Franklin Carlock was born August 21, 1884 in Boyle, Gentry County, MIssouri to John James and Luzetia E. Carlock.

In 1910 Dundy County, Nebraska, George is 25, Stella M. 22, and Glen H. 1.
(Stella was in Gentry County, Missouri in 1900, with parents James H. and Emmie. James Harvey Thomas 1865-1942 is buried in Trneton Nebraska # 70437743, with Mary E. 1867-1957)

George 1884-1944 is buried in Haigler, Nebraska # 71449352, with Stella Mae (Thomas) Carlock 1887-1938 # 71449389.


William is a street maintainer in 1940 Wray, 48, with Rita 36, Agnes 15, Geraldine 14, Rita E. 11, Willa I. 10, Alice P. 8, and Marjorie C. 6.

In 1957 Denver, Wm. I. (Rita M.) is a custodian for the Graland Country School, living at 2956 Kearney.
(One tree says R. Elaine Davis born 1928 was living in El Paso, Texas in 1993_


In 1930 Laird, Ephraim is 29, married to Louise D. 25. He's a laborer living with Daniel R. 69 and Emma M. 53 Murdock, their son Fred E. 22 and grandson Stanley E. two months.

In 1940 Amarillo, Texas, E.D. is 40, a carpenter, with D. Louise 33 born in Coloradp. They were in Wray in 1935. Her mother Emma Murdock 71 born in Iowa is with them, also in Yuma in 1935.

E.D. Carlock 1900-1988 is buried in Amarillo, Texas # 19110465, with Dualla Louise Carlock 1905-1991.

Fred E. "Pete" Murdock 1907-1973 # 19951656 is also buried there - with the same syle of tomstone.

In 1940 Yuma County, Earl T. is 35, Maude M. 29, Stanley B. 10, Bernie L. 8, ad PHyllis L. 6, all born inColorado.
Earl T. Murdock 1903-1975 is buried in Paonia, Colorado # 108568936, with Maurde M. 1910-1995.


Febuary 15, 1912 "N. J. Carlock of Rollwitz, Nebraska, was in Wray last Monday on important land business."

October 2, 1913 "The marriage ceremony uniting Newton J. Carlock and Miss Leta M. Rowan was performed Tuesday morning by Rev. Rice, of the Methodist church. Miss Rowan is the eldest daughter of S. J. Rowan, of nine miles north of town and Mr. Carlock is a young homesteader living in the same neighborhood . They will make their home on the groom s farm."

December 8, 1913 "William Carlock returned to Wray Saturday from Parks, Nebraska, and will spend the remainder of the winter at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carlock, of north of Wray. Mr. Carlock had spent the greater part of the summer and fall in Nebraska."

March 1914 "Carlock Bros. are putting in their time breaking mules and hauling straw."

July 1914 "Newton Carlock has rented a farm on the flats and will farm there the coming year."

February 1915 "Newt Carlock was busy the past week getting his house ready for occupancy."
February 4, 1915 "Jim Carlock is busy moving to Nebraska, where he has rented a farm.
Newton Carlock lost one of his best horses last Tuesday."

April 1917 "Newt Carlock moved on the Wm. Ford farm last week."

Newton proved up 320 acres in 21 and 22, 3N 44W in 1919.

Newton J. Carlock 1889-1930 is buried in Wray # 17076402. The stone is new, so they probably have the date of death wrong.


June 15, 1922 "Miss Marianne Marne and William Carlock, both of north of Wray, were united in marriage at Holyoke last Saturday. Mrs. Carlock was a student at the Wray high school a few years ago and is well and favorably known by a number of Wray people. Mr. Carlock is one of the prosperous young farmers of the sand hills . The Rattler extends congratulations."

March 20, 1919 "Mrs. L. E. Carlock received word from her son, William, who returned from overseas and who had been confined in a New York hospital as a victim of influenza pneumonia, that the young man's condition was greatly improved and in all likelihood it will not be long until he can return to his home north of Wray."

William I. Carlock 1892-1975 is buried in Fort Logan #3339914, with Rita M. 1904-1989.

Wauneta Mele Carlock Stock-claimed 80 acres in section 27, 4N 45W in 1932.

1939 Joes items
October 29, 1929

Nancy married Benjamin F. Shapard.

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