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Yuma County Pioneers

Elbert and Sarah (Robinson) Crenshaw, brother Horace R. and Nancy (Yoakum) Crenshaw

In 1860 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, John Robinson is 31, Elizabeth 27, Sarah C. 5, Jacob 2, and James H. two months.
(John 1828-1895 is buried in Reinbeck, Iowa, per # 5735284, with Elizabeth 1827-1893. BUT he's in the 1900 census of Grundy County, born June 1828, with daughter Margarett J. Avery 43.
This might be a different Sarah Robinson, still with parents John and Elizabeth in 1870 Grundy County.

In 1870 Ray County, Missouri, Elizabeth Robinson is 37, Sarah 15, Jacob 12, George E. 10, anAddie E. 3, and Joseph six months.
Elizabeth married Andrew B. Amott in Ray County on Feb 22, 1877.

They're in Ray County in 1880 - Andrew 69, Elisabeth 47, George Robison 20 and Adda Robison 13.
Adah M. Allen might be the one buried in Ordway Colorado 1866-1937 # 30081139l
#17613863 says Daniel J. Allen 1862-1919 buried in Ray County was her husband.
George Edgar Robinsson, born May 2, 1860 to John Robinson of and Elizabeth Sides, both of Pennsylvania, died in Happyville, Texas March 15, 1941, to be buired in Canyon. Elbert E. TRobinson was the informant.

In 1880 Ray County, Missouri, E. Crenshaw is 24, S. C. 25. M. is 1.
They were still in Ray County in 1900, Elbert Dec 1855, Sarah April 1835, Maude July 1878, and John April 1882.

John R. Crenshaw, 24, born in Lawson, Missouri, married Bess B. Belknap, 20 of South Park, Kansas in Olathe, Kansas on Nov 26, 1906.
Yuma - March 5, 1909 "We are informed that Elbert Crenshaw has purchased the Hattie Sheedy residence which has been occupied by Tim Sullivan."
"John Crenshaw of Lawson, Missouri, arrived Wednesday afternoon to make his home in Yuma."
"Mr. Crenshaw arrived this week from Lawson, Mo., with a car load of household goods. His safe and bank fixtures will arrive in a few days when they will open for business in the south room of the Jones-Muir building."

In 1910 Yuma, living on Warren Avenue, John R. Crenshaw is 28, born in MIssouri, a bank bookkeeper, wtih Bess D. 24 born in MIssouri. Sarah is 55, Albert 54, a bank cashier.
Maude 31 is a sister, no occupation.
May 27, 1910 "The wedding of Arthur Fiskand Miss Maude Crenshaw gave Yuma quite a party of Wray visitors Tuesday."

June 2, 1910 McCook Nebraska "Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Fisk of our city attended the wedding of A. C. Fisk and Miss Maud Crenshaw in Wray, Colorado May 24."

March 26, 1909 "Elbert Crenshaw has purchased ten lots in South Yuma and plans and specifications are being drawn for a fine residence."
November 26, 1909 Yuma "John R. Crenshaw reports the sale of a fine Ford car Saturday to Conley & Hatcher, the well known ranchers."

January 1910

In 1910 Yuma, living on Warren Avenue, John R. Crenshaw is 28, born in Missouri, a bank bookkeeper, with Bess D. 24 born in Missouri. Sarah is 55, Albert 54, a bank cashier.

Maude 31 is a sister, no occupation.

John is also in the 1910 Wray census, 28, farming, married three years but no spouse. He's living with brother Robert M. 41 and Rose J. 37 - Robert's second marriage of 13 years. Robert is a county abstractor.

Robert, 11, is the son of H.R. and N.C. Crenshaw, who were in Knoxville, Missouri in 1880.
Robert M. Crenshaw of Knoxville, Ray County Missouri, married in Caldwell County on August 20, 1896.

Robert Crenshaw is a stock raiser in 1900 Yuma, living near downtown, born January 1869 in Missouri, maried three years to Rose J. Sept 1872 Missouri.

1904 Wray

October 9, 1908 "Elbert Crenshaw, of Missouri, arrived in Wray last Thursday and has been the guest of his nephew, County Clerk Crenshaw during the week. Sunday both visited relatives at Yuma."

(Robert M. Crenshaw 1869-1946 is buried in Whittier, California # 114450609, with Rose Jeannette (Green) Crenshaw 1872-1951.)

March 4, 1910 "Mrs. Elbert Crenshaw and daughter, Miss Maud, left Wednesday for Kansas City where Mr. Crenshaw has decided to locate."

September 1910 Wray "John Crenshaw and wife, Elbert Crenshaw and wife and R. M. Crenshaw made a trip to Yuma Saturday in the Crenshaw auto."

December 14, 1911
August 4, 1911 Yuma

July 10, 1913

When Rose's father Reuben Green died in 1913 # 10460361, one daughter was "Rose J., now Mrs. Robt. M. Crenshaw of Whittier, Calif."

August 7, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fisk, of Wray, motored through Yuma on their way to Otis yesterday, returning the same day. They were accompanied by Mrs. Fisk's father, Elbert Crenshaw, of Kansas City, who was a resident of Yuma a few years ago. The whole party enjoyed several hours visit with their many Yuma friends."
September 26, 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crenshaw and little son, Clifford, arrived in Wray Tuesday morning from their home in Whittier, California, and are spending this week with their nephew, John Crenshaw, and family and their niece, Mrs. Arthur Fisk, and husband. They will remain in Wray for about a week before going on to Polo, Missouri, to visit Mrs. Crenshaw's father. This family were former residents of Wray, during which time Mr. Crenshaw was chosen our county clerk for two terms before their removal to their present home two years ago. —Wray Rattler."

In 1920 Kansas City, Missouri, Elbert is a commercial traveler, Sarah running a rooming house, both 63.

(In 1920 Johnson County, Kansas, Bessie is 35, married but no spouse, living with mother Anna P. Belknap 55. Kathryn R. Crenshaw 7, born in Colorado is wtih them.
In 1922 Kansas City, Bess (wid John R.) lives at 926 W. 42nd.

In 1930 Kansas City, Bess is widowed, and her mother Anna P. Belknap 65 is living with her.
In 1940 San Antonio, Texas, Anna Pauline Belknap is 75, with Bess Crenshaw 52 widowed, and her daughter Kathryn Heptostall 27, and Karn Sue 4 born in Kansas. Kathryn is a secretary in a doctor's office.
Anna died in Kerrville, Texas in 1955, and was buried in Kansas City 104354331, informant Mrs. Bess Crenshaw. She was born October 9, 1864 to James M. Makay and Jane Elizabeth. Thomas O. Mackoy 1853-1928 is also buried there # 103924987
Bess B. Crenshaw, born January 22, 1886 in Kansas, father Belknap, mother Mckay, died October 6, 1981 in San Diego County.)

Bess 1886-1981 is buried in Glendale, California # 85372855 says that her spouse in the same cemetery was Leslie C. Crenshaw 1909-1966 ???

In 1920 Art and Maude are alone in Wray, and in 1930 they have Sarah C. Crenshaw, 74 born in Pennsylvania, with them.

Maude # 17936483, 1878-1965 is buried with Art in Wray.

Maude's mother Sarah C. (Robinson) Crenshaw 1855-1950 is buried in Wray, # 17097645, and Elbert 1855-1940 # 17097635 is on the same stone. (Elbert was single in 1930 Kansas City, a carpenter.)

In 1860 Ray County, Missouri, Moses "Yokem" is 52, Elizabeth 50, George 18, Catharine 15, Barbary 13, Benton 11, and Julia 8. With them is Sarah Graves 22, with Sarah J. 4, Oliver 2, and M.J. nine months.
Next household is John H. Yokum 27 and his wife Margaret 20.

Horace and Nancy Catherine Yoakum married December 31, 1862 in Ray County, Missouri.

Robert and Lucy R. (Fowler) Crenshaw, per # 39505301, had a son Fowler 1891-1892 buried in Knoxville, Missouri.
Lucy 1874-1891 is bureid in Knoxville.

Robert M. Crenshaw married Rose J. Green in Caldwell County, MIssouri on August 20, 1896.

February 16, 1900 Yuma "H. R. Crenshaw arrived from Knoxville, Mo., last Friday."
In 1900 Yuma County, Horace R. Crenshaw, born October 1839 in Missouri, has been married 37 years to Nancy C. August 1844 Missouri. She's had two kids, one living. They have a "charge" Jennie Johnson born June 1894 in Missouri.

October 23, 1903 "Little Jennie Johnson, who has been living with Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crenshaw, left Wednesday evening for a visit with her father in Missouri."

1901 "Bob Crenshaw is the first man in Yuma to don a shirt waist."

January 25, 1901
March 1908 Yuma "Mrs. H. R. Crenshaw departed on Wednesday for Kansas City where she will take treatment with some specialist, with hope of being relieved of throat trouble. Bob joined her at Wray."

July 31, 1908 "James R. Crenshaw of Lawson, Mo., was here the forepart of the week on a visit with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crenshaw."

January 15, 1909 Yuma "Elbert Crenshaw, brother of our ranchman H. R. Crenshaw, and Chas. Crowley of Lawson, Mo., have been here all week with a view of establishing another bank or buying the present institution."

Horace proved up 179 acres in Washington County, Colorado in 1909 - about ten miles southwest of Yuma.
His witnesses were John Marley, James H. Berry, Jesse Daugherty, and William O. Ogle, all of Yuma. (John Marley's son Kemper became Aizona's first billionaire.)

In 1910 Washington County, Colorado, "Harsh" R. Crenshaw is 48, born in Kentucky ??, ranching, with Nancy C. 64. They have a hired man John Elliott, 38.

October 27, 1911 Yuma "Events Among Our Neighbors Southwest of Town - H. R. Crenshaw is dipping cattle this week."

November 1911 Wray "H. R. Crenshaw of Yuma and R. M. Crenshaw of this place delivered two hundred cattle at Yuma last Saturday. Each one averaging 1094 pounds."

December 8 1911
December 15, 1911

September 5, 1902 "Well, it is just as we said it would be. Bob Crenshaw left Tuesday evening for a visit with friends at Polo, Mo. and to get acquainted with his wife. He will be gone about four weeks when he will return with Mrs. C.

H. R. Crenshaw & Son sold two hundred and eleven head of steers this week to Mr. Gregory of Iowa. They averaged eleven hundred and fifty-nine pounds each, bringing them the nice little sum of ten thousand and fifty dollars."

January 26, 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Crenshaw and little son, Clifford, left this week for California, accompanied by Mr. Crenshaw's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crenshaw, of Yuma. They intend going direct to Whittier and will spend the rest of the winter and possibly a year in that state. The Crenshaws are well known in this county and it is hoped that they may not decide to locate permanently in the west. The family came out here several years ago from Missouri and engaged in the stock business south of Yuma. In this they have been eminently successful. R. M. Crenshaw served two terms as county clerk of Yuma county and at the expiration of his term of office remained in Wray. He purchased the abstract business of Campbell & McGinnis and formed the Record Abstract Co. This interest he subsequently sold to T. H. Groves. Mr. Crenshaw served two terms as mayor of our town and he and his estimable wife will be missed in church and social circles here. The father has been prominent in business affairs of the west end of the county and still retains his interest in the Citizens State Bank of Yuma, of which institution he is the president. They have disposed of their ranch and cattle interests in this county." "

March 1912 " It is reported that both R. M. Crenshaw and his father, H. R. Crenshaw, who recently went to Southern California from this county, have purchased an orange orchard near Whittier. —Wray Gazette"

August 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Crenshaw returned last Saturday from Missouri and other eastern states, where they had had been visiting relatives and friends. They will soon leave for their home in California."

In 1920 Whittier, California, Horace is a citrus rancher, 80, born in Missouri, with Nancy C. 75 Missouri. Nancy's sister Barbara McGaugh, 72 widowed, also born in Missouri, is with them.

April 30, 1925

February 20, 1930

In 1920 Long Beach, Robert is a real estate agent, 50, with Rose J. 47 born in Missouri a farmer. Clifford B. is nine, born in Colorado.

In 1930 Whittier, California, Robert M. Crenshaw lives on route 1, box 137, and operates Crenshaw Durant Sales - autos - at 108 W. Whittier Blvd..
He's 51, Rose J. is 57, and they have a widowed lodger Mary E. Temple 69 born in Kentucky.

In 1940 Anaheim, California, Robert is widowed, 81, living in a sanatarium.

January 1, 1946

April 1928 Santa Ana, California marriage licenses "Clifford B. Crenshaw, 24, East Whittier, Dai Oliver, 18, Whittier."

In 1930 Whittier, Clifford is a car salesman, married to Dai P. Crenshaw, born in Nebraska. Both are 20, married at age 16.

In 1943 Long Beach, Mrs. Dai O. Aubuchon is a clerk at Montgomery Ward, living with Louis A. ashipyadworker, living at 737 Dawson Avenue.

August 27, 1920 "Louis Aubuchon of Orange, son of Mrs. Delia Aubuchon of Santa Ana, narowly escaped death at Balboa when he was caught beneath a heavy truck stalled in the sand. One hand was crushed and his neck was burned by the whirling tire. Aubuchon and Lee Eeckhart of Orange, were together wheu the truck stalled. Aubuchon got beneath the truck endeavoring to dig out the sand. Eckhardt thought his companion was through and clear of the truck, and threw in the clutch and tried to go. Aubuchon and Lee Eckhart of and the man was drawn down, his face in the sand, his neck against the wheel. Unable to go ahead, Eckhart stopped his engine and got off the truck, and found Aubuchon to be in a serious predicament. Aubuchon was extricated as quickly as possible. Aubuchon will have to carry his arm in a sling. No bones were broken."

Possible daughter: May 1, 1949 Long Beach, California "Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Aubuchon of 15701 S. Bellflower Blvd. announce the engagement of their daughter, Jeannette Crenshaw, to James Arthur Lange, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lange, 4424 Walnut Ave. Both are graduates of Woodrow Wilson High School and attended City College. Miss Crenshaw was a member of the Yoga Club. The betrothal was revealed when Miss Crenshaw passed chocolates to her Alpha Kappa Gamma Sorority sisters at the recent installation of officers."
Louis 1893-1955 died in Los Angeles County.

Clifford Barr Crenshaw 1910-1963 is buried in Fort Rosecrans, # 536037 "M Sgt, U.S. Army."
He died in Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Green.

Dai Oliver Ramsey 1909-1997, mother Remy, father Oliver, died in San Bernardino County is buried in Whittier # 154166889.
Her mother Vesta Ann Oliver, dying 1982, is buried in Whittier, per # 147173522.

Jack Bentley was born, raised and educated in Long Beach. After seven years' service in the Marine Corps in World War II and the Korean conflict he returned to Long Beach and attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. Bentley and his wife, Jeannette (Crenshaw, Wilson 1946), have lived at 4606 Greenmeadow Road for more than 14 years. Their son, Jon, attends Long Beach City College; daughter, Jan, will graduate from Lakewood High School in June and son, Jay. is an eighth-grade student. Bentley said he welcomes phone calls from concerned citizens.

My father was born in Sterling Colorado on February 13,1910. He was committed to the Norma Home Association by the county court of Logan County, in Sterling and adopted by Robert and Rose Crenshaw. His mothers name was Linda Barnes, however, I do not know whether that was a maiden or married name. He was adopted Oct. 1911 (name was Lyal Vincent Barnes) if I did not include that before. Spelling of Lyal is different and I have wondered is might be a family name or family surname. That is all the info I have on the Barnes family. Am afraid it will be of no help to you. I too live in California. Chino in SanBernardino Co. My father was raised in Long Beach and Whittier, California I was raised in Long Beach as were my children. Jeannette Crenshaw Bentley

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