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Yuma County Pioneers

Harry Fisk, brother Myron M. Fisk

In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, Freeman K. Fisk is 49, farming, with Mary 30 both born in New York. Willie is 11, Kittie 9, Harry 8, Frank 6, Freeman O. 4, and Myron 2.

In 1900 Dundy County, Nebraska, Harry Fisk, born June 1872 in Kansas, is living with mother Mary. Fisk 49. Immand K. is 24, Myron N. is 22, Wilber 19, Arthur C. 16, Walter 12, Clinton B. 9, and Mary B. 7.

The next household is William Fisk, married two years to Lena, both 30, wtih Nellie 1 and Marvin four months.
(William was in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1910, 1920, 1930, and died in Los Angeles County, California, buried in Jefferson County 2/5/1869-12/25/1961 # 34249784 with Lena A. 1870-1936 # 34249816.)

In 1900 Hayes County, Nebraska, Ellsworth Jeffries is farming, born August 1863 in Pennsylvania, with Maggie November 1863 Pennsylvania. Nieces Bertha Jeffries 16 and Rosa 15, both born in Nebraska. Maggie's father Wiliam B. McMullen born October 1832 in Pennsylvania is with them.


Letha M. Fisk 1877-1905 is buried in Wray # 17936457.
March 17, 1905

November 29, 1907

In 1930 Jefferson County, Harry is 57, farming, Maggie 63, with Gladys 23 teaching school. They have a laborer Dallas Logan 26 born in Florida.

Frankie L. Fisk is buried in Wray # 17936403.

January 1, 1909

In 1910 Jefferson County, Colorado, Harry is farming, married one year to Maggie B. - second marriage for both. Harry's daughter Gladys M. is 5, born in Colorado.

Nov 6, 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fisk and little daughter, Miss Gladys, returned to their home in Arvada, near Denver, Friday afternoon after a visit with the A. C. and M. M. Fisk families and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jennings. Mr. and Mrs. Fisk and Miss Gladys spent about three weeks in this vicinity."

March 7, 1912

Harry is buried in Wray 1872-1946 # 17936428.

In 1940 Gladys is married to George Barker, clerk for the district court in Holyoke Colorado. bBoth are 35.

Gladys was born in Haigler, Nebraska March 4, 1906 to Harry V. Fisk and Letha Moss, dying March 13, 1995.
She's buried in Holyoke with George 1905-1972 # 82846377.


December 30, 1904 Wray " Arthur Fisk, who is a student at the Lincoln, Nebraska, business college, arrived home Saturday to spend the holiday season with his mother and relatives. Wilbur Fisk also came up from McCook at the same time and remained here, over Christmas. "
April 1909 Wray

August 1909 "Jim Drummond and Arthur Fisk expect to leave the first of next week for Seattle and other points in the west."

In 1910 Yuma, living on Warren Avenue, John R. Crenshaw is 28, born in MIssouri, a bank bookkeeper, wtih Bess D. 24 born in MIssouri. Sarah is 55, Albert 54, a bank cashier.
Maude 31 is a sister, no occupation.
May 27, 1910 "The wedding of Arthur Fisk and Miss Maude Crenshaw gave Yuma quite a party of Wray visitors Tuesday."

June 2, 1910 McCook Nebraska "Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Fisk of our city attended the wedding of A. C. Fisk and Miss Maud Crenshaw in Wray, Colorado May 24."

June 3, 1910 "Arthur Fisk and wife were charivaried Monday night."

October 1911 "Arthur Fisk returned from his visit to Kansas City last Monday. Mrs. Fisk, who left at the same time for that place, will remain another month."

September 26, 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. RobertCrenshaw and little son, Clifford, arrived in Wray Tuesday morning from their home in Whittier, California, and are spending this week with their nephew, John Crenshaw, and family and their niece, Mrs. Arthur Fisk, and husband. They will remain in Wray for about a week before going on to Polo, Missouri, to visit Mrs. Crenshaw's father. This family were former residents of Wray, during which time Mr. Crenshaw was chosen our county clerk for two terms before their removal to their present home two years ago. —Wray Rattier."

August 20, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fisk went to Denver last Saturday, making the trip in their auto. They will spend a few days there, going on up to Estes Park, where they will later meet the balance of Wray's representation in that place."

June 26, 1919

August 7, 1919

In 1920 Art and Maude are alone in Wray, and in 1930 they have Sarah C. Crenshaw, 74 born in Pennsylvania, with them.

Arthur Chester Fisk 1883-1964 is buried in Wray # 17936390

Maude # 17936483, 1878-1965 is buried with him.

Maude's mother Sarah C. (Robinson) Crenshaw 1855-1950 is buried in Wray, # 17097645, and Elbert 1855-1940 # 17097635 is on the same stone. (Elbert was single in 1930 Kansas City, a carpenter.)
August 7, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fisk, of Wray, motored through Yuma on their way to Otis yesterday, returning the same day. They were accompanied by Mrs. Fisk's father, Elbert Crenshaw, of Kansas City, who was a resident of Yuma a few years ago. The whole party enjoyed several hours visit with their many Yuma friends."


In 1910 Yuma County, Vernon precinct, Myron is farming, 31, first marriage of five years to Sarah, 35 - her second marriage. bron in Pennsylvania. Genotha 16 and Dewitt 14 were botn in Pennsylvania. Sarah's mother Elsie McMullen 77 widowed born in Pennsylvania is with them.

(Sarah V. Clark was in McCook in 1900, divorced, born March 1867 in Pennsylvania, keeping a boarding house. Genopha July 1891 and Dewitt August 1893 were also born in Pennsylvania.
She was Sarah McMullen in 1870 Huntington County, Pennsylvainia, with Wiliam and Eliza J both 39, ANnie 13, William D. 10, James S. 8, Margaret B. 6, and Sarah 3.
William B. McMullen 1832-1905 is buried in McCook # 38389498.
Eliza 1832-1919 is buried in McCook # 103029959 "The body of Mrs. William McMullen of Arvada, Colorado, arrived in the city, Thursday night on 6, and remained over night in the Pade undertaking parlor until Friday morning when interment was made in Riverview cemetery, brief services being held at the grave, conducted by Rev. H.C. Seidel. Deceased formerly lived here, where her husband is also buried. The services were quite largely attended by relatives and friends here and from away. Eliza McMullen was 84 years of age at her death. "

Dewitt Thomas Clark registered for WWI in Wray, born August 26, 1892 in Waterloo, Pennsylvania, single, farming.
(Dewitt is in the Pueblo state hospital in 1940. Dewitt 1893-1954 is buried in McCook # 38058745.)

Myron M. Fisk registered for WWI in Wray, born April 25, 1878, farming by himself, with Sarah V. Fisk.

Myron is buried in Wray # 17936493.

Genopha is married to LaVerne Weaver in 1920 Harlan County, Nebraska, with five kids in 1930 Denver.
She's widowed in 1940 Denver, 49, with Ernest 25, Bernard C. 23, and Lola May 20.

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