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Yuma County Pioneers:

Andrew Woodson and Margaret (Minnie) COUNTER Lawrence

Margaret was the daughter of Charles and Jane WATTS Counter / Caunter.  Charles was born in England, immigrated to Ontario, Canada, where Margaret was born, thence to Belleville, Kansas  It can't be coincidence that Margaret and her brother James N. Counter came to Wray about the same time.

Andrew "Wood" Lawrence was born in 1859 - one source says Missouri, another Illinois, and married Margaret in Belleville, where the first three kids were born - they had nine in total.

Andrew W. Lawrence proved up a homestead in 1895 just a mile west of Wray - very near the river - so he had prime land.

1899 "Mrs. Adelia Perry and son, Charlie, are expected to arrive Saturday night to spend the summer with the families of J.N. Counter and A.W. Lawrence.  Mrs. Perry is a sister of Mr. Counter and Mrs. Lawrence".

Andrew W. Lawrence in the 1900 Wray census, farming, born March 1859 in Missouri. He's married to Mary M., March 1862 in Canady (sic).  They have Anna A. May 1886 in Kansas, Adila M. February 1890 in Colorado, James W March 1892 in Colorado, Ruth J. October 1895 in Colorado, and Clara M. October 1898 in Colorado.

1904 "Wood Lawrence began plastering the Pickett building Wednesday.  The work will be rushed with all possible speed.  It is expected that the building will be occupied by Sept. 1st."

They're still in Wray in 1910, With James, Ruth, Clara, Mary.  and have added Frank I. 6 and Andrew W. 4

1909 the Yuma Pioneer "Messrs. Bocock and Lawrence have the contract of raising and building the foundation under the Gerdis residence."

Anna married Dan Bocock, 

1911 "Anna Lawrence will leave next Saturday for Belleville, Kans, where she will attend high school."

1916 "the Dan Bocock family of north of Wray, and Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Weaver and little son of near Vernon, together with Miss Lorena Stewart, who is teaching the Wells school this year, are being entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence today."

1917 "A. Bocock and son, Dan, and Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Weaver left last Monday for Antioch Nebraska, where they went to attend a sale of land which was held at that place.  They are thinking of locating there."

The 1913 funeral of Mary Bocock, mother of "Daniel Bocock of Wray" was held at the A.W. Lawrence house in West Wray.

Charles married Rebecca Hill - a railroad engineer, he was killed in a train accident. 

Dorothy married Fred Weaver of Vernon.  March 4, 1910 marriage license "to John F. Weaver and Dorothy M. Lawrence.

James Woodson Lawrence registered for WWI in Wray, saying he was born in Wray March 13, 1892, and was working for T.B. Groves lumberyard.


James married Louise Laurence.  1919 "It is reported that Walter Click, Clyde Cumley and James Lawrence have sailed from France for home.

1923 "Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence are the parents of a fine baby girl, born Saturday, Nov 2."

James claimed 320 acres in section 17 , 3N 45W, proving up in 1921  - that's about six miles from the 1903 cash claim of Anna A. Lawrence in 3N 44W

In 1930 and 1940 James W. Louisa I, -born in Nebraska -and Helen V. born about 1924 are fruit growers in Palisade Colorado.

James W. Lawrence -1892-1948 and Louise I 1898-1968 are buried in the IOOF Cemetery, Grand Junction, Colorado.


Ruth Jane Lawrence, born October 7, 1895 in Wray, married Leon Hall April 19, 1916 in Wray.  they were in Missouri in 1920, 1930 and 1940, and one tree said she died February 26, 1991 in Rochester, Minnesota.

1916 "Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hall of near Alliance, Nebraska, are visiting relatives and friends in Wray this week.  Mrs. Hall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence and Mrs. Hall having two sisters, Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Blaine Churchill, residing here."

1917 "Mrs. Leon Hall arrived in Wray Sunday and is visiting her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence, and other relatives.  Mrs. Hall is from Antioh (should be Antioch) Nebraska.



1918 "Mrs. W.L. Hopkins left Monday evening for Missouri, where she goes to visit her brother, Leon Hall, and wife.  A bright baby boy, Jack Lawrence Hall, has arrived at the Leon Hall home, and it is to visit the new nephew, as well as the rest of the family that takes Mrs. Hopkins there this time.

Callie married Stephen Hill and then Major Sweet. 

 In 1916    Callie Lawrence did a reading at the Eckley Old Settlers' Picnic Wednesday, August 31st.

1922 "Sammie Louise Hill arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hill at Trenton, Mo. Thursday March 23, according to announcements received in Wray this week. Mrs. Hill was formerly Miss Callie Lawrence of this place."

1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawrence and little son returned to their home in Akron Friday after a visit with Mrs. Lawrence's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence.  They were accompanied by little Miss Margaret Lawrence who will  remain with them until the opening of the school in Wray next Monday."

In 1917 Margaret Lawrence was leading  a Sunday School class at the Wray Methodist Church. 

Also in 1917, she was a sophomore at the Wray schools.

Also in 1917, she was one of five new clerks hired by the Wray Mercantile Company..

1919 "Miss Miriam Gatley has accepted a position as clerk in the Lambert store during the absence of Miss Margaret Lawrence."

1922 "Miss Margaret Lawrence, formerly of Wray, who now resides in Trenton, Mo., is visiting friends in Wray."

Margaret married Richard Hill - she was living in Trenton Missouri. 


October 1910 "Mrs. Sarah Hill and Mrs. Becky Lawrence have been enjoying a visit with Dan Hill, brother of Mrs. Lawrence."

Frank is a dentist in Missouri. 

Walter was a veterinarian. 

Charles Counter Lawrence registered for WWI in McCook Nebraska, where he is a locomotive fireman. He said he was born in Belleville Kansas February 15, 1888. He has a wife and child

In 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lawrence and little son, of McCook, Nebraska, spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mrs. and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence, Mrs. and Mrs. Fred Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bocock also spent Sunday in the Lawrence home.

In 1920 Willow Grove (same county) Charles is married to Rebecca, 27 and they have Leroy W. 8.

James Woodson Lawrence registered for WWI in Wray, where he was working for the T.B. Groves lumber company.  He said he was born March 22, 1892 in Wray.

In 1930 he's in Palisade, Mesa County (where all the peaches grow).  He's married to Louise I. 31, and they have Virginia W. 6.  They're still there in 1940, although it's Helen V age 16

Andrew W. Lawrence proved up 160 acres in 1N 44W - about halfway between Eckley and Wray.

Mary died in 1918, and is in the Wray cemetery. 

A.W. Lawrence married Myrtle Jennings November 10, 1919

In 1920 Wray Andrew 64 is married to Myrtle M. 42.  They have James 28 and five Jennings stepchildren.

Myrtle Jennings married Baptest Allies July 10, 1926.

Charles Counter Lawrence, born Feb 16, 1888 in Belleville, Kansas, died March 20, 1921 and is buried in the Wray cemetery.

1899  "F.T. Counter of Twin Bridge, Mont, brother of J.N. Counter and Mrs. A.W. Lawrence, spent a few days in Wray this week.  He has been a resident of Montana for the past eighteen years, not having met any of his family for that length of time."

1910 "Mrs. J.C. Humphrey of Belleville, Kansas is in the city visiting her sister Mrs. A.W. Lawrence."

Chauncey Perry was born in Lenawee county, Michigan, April 21st, 1843. He was raised on the farm, working thereon during the summer and going to school in winter. He enlisted December 5th, 1861, in Co. E, 3d Michigan Cavalry and served until February 12th, 1866. Soon after his discharge he moved to Iowa and took a course in the Great Western Business College at Mt. Pleasant, from which he graduated September 10th, 1866, and for nearly three years held an important clerkship in the state asylum for the insane. He came to Kansas in 1870, taking the NE 1/4 of section 1, in Jefferson township as a homestead and while making it his home, taught school for about eighteen months. He was appointed deputy clerk of the district court, and was elected to that office in 1872; was elected county clerk in November, 1873, which office he filled in a creditable and satisfactory manner for ten years. He was married November 18th, 1872, to Miss Adela E. Counter. Soon after leaving the county clerk's office he engaged in banking, and continued in the business about seven years; was elected councilman of the city of Belleville in 1878, and again in 1882, and mayor in 1880 and 1881. Mr. Perry always took a lively interest in everything that pertained to the welfare and advancement of the community, and his advice and counsel were often sought. He died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. J. N. Counter, in Wray, Colorado, August 17th, 1894.


Anna Adelma Lawrence, per one tree, was born May 13, 1886 in Belleville, Kansas, and died Dec 20, 1935 in Palisade, Colorado.


Dorothy Lawrence, born Feb 9, 1890 in Wray, died Feb 13, 1948 in Palisade.



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