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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles Lincoln and Martha D. (Brown) Long, Wray

In 1880 Pike County, Illinois, John E. Long is 41, Sarah 38, Charles 17, Josepohine 15, Dora J. 14, Martha A. 11, and John Drake 13.

They're in Seward County, Nebraska in 1885, John 40, Sarah 42, LINCOLN 22, Dora 18, Martha 16, aand John Drake 17.

Mary J. Brown was in Seward County in 1880, 11, born in Nebraska, with Joseph 40, Sarah 31, James 9, Charles S. 7, Hester 5, Delia 3,a nd Matilda 1.

In 1900 Glendale precinct, southwest of Wray, Charles L. Long is farming, born Sept 1862 in Illinois, married 14 years to Mary J. Feb 1868 Nebraska. Marhta D. is 13, Josephus E. 11, Harry N. 10, Sarah 8, Charles 4, and John A. born in Februaray 1900.

Josephus Brown is also in Glendale precinct 60, with Sarah A. 50, Della D. 21, Tillie A. 20, Grace G. 18, Frank E. 17, Bessie R. 15, Lottie E. 13, and Fred E. 12.

Josephus Brown 1840-1924 is buried in Wray # 17036411, with Sarah A. 1849-1927.

On the same page is James A. Brown born Dec 1869 in Nebraska, with Mabel I. 28, Lee E. 9, Charles A. 7, Pheobe B. 6, Sarah P.B. 3,a nd Ethel M. 1

James Arthur Brown 1869-1946 is buried in Klamath County, Oregon # 24097431, with Mabel Irene 1871-1949.

1903 Wray "Born, to Mr and Mrs C. L. Long a bouncing big baby girl on Feb 27, 1903. Lincoln is recovering slowly and is happy."

1910 Wray "C. L. Long returned last week from his trip to Pearl, Illinois, his old home. Lincoln says the country thero does not look natural, and with bad weather and bad roads he is pleased to get back to Colorado."

1912 Wray " J. Long arrived from Morriel, Nebr., Tuesday. He will visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Long, for a few weeks."

1915 Wray "Lincoln Long and family have moved into the R. F. Davis house on the north side."
"Lincoln Long suffered a fall last Saturday that laid him up for a few days."

1917 "Joe Long of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Long, of North Wray, a few days the past week. He had been called to join his company in the army and came to Wray for a short visit before leaving."
In 1920 Wray, Lincoln C. is a railroad section hand, 56, born in Illinois, Jennie M. 52 Nebraska. Martha D. is 39, Joseph 31, Harry N. 29, Frank C. 24, John A. 20, Bertha J. 16, and hHarold 12 all born in Colorado. None of the kids are married. Mary M. Long 6, granddaughter was born in Colorado.

In 1940 Wray, C. Lincoln is 67, Mary J. 63, with Martha D. 43.

Charles 1862-1944 is buried in Wray # 41623098, with Mary Jane (Brown) Long 1860-19433.

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