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Yuma County Pioneers:

John H. and Isabelle (Virtue) Shumaker

In 1850 Knox County, Illinois, Jacob Shoemaker is 38, Sharlotte 28, John 18, Mary 7, Sally 5, Samuel 4, James 2, and George ten months.

In 1860 Knox County, Illinois, Jacob Shoemaker is farming 46, Charlotte 38, John H. 18, Mary E. 16, Sally A. 15, Sani S. 14,James W. 11, George W. 9, Wm. 8, Charlotte 7, Abigail 5, Emmarella 3, and Lavina eleven months.

Jacob Shumaker 1814-1881 is buried in Knox County #7882326, with Charlotte (Smith) Shumaker 1822-1897 # 7882297.

Mary E. Shoemaker Dunigan 1844-1906 is buried in Seward, Nebraska # 74228701.

In 1860 Knox County, Illinois, Samuel Virtue is 44, Barbara 43, Isabella 18, and Thomas K.P. 15.
Samuel 1804-1889 is buried in Mills County, Iowa. # 95418132. When he died, his obituary lists wife Mrs. B.A. Virtue, Mrs. M.A. Bouden of Abington, Illinois, Mrs. Belle Shumaker of Wray, Colorado, and Thos K. Virture of Silver City Iowa.
Barbara 1817-1892 is also buried there # 95418155.

In 1880 McDonough County, Illinois, John is a farmer, born about 1842 in Illinois, with Bella 37, Amelia L. 15, Viola 14, Anna B. 12, Flora 10, Jacob 7, and M. Alena 4.

In 1885 Seward County, Nebraska, John is 49 farming, Bell 49, Flory 14, Jacob 12, May 9.

In 1895 John was a member of the Wray G.A.R. post "Private, D., 7th Illinois Cavalry"

What the Energy and Industry of J.H. Shumaker Have Accomplished.

     Among the men of Yuma county who have won well merited recognition as successful farmers and exemplary citizens the subject of this brief sketch occupies the front rank.

     Mr. Shumaker, who is sixty-two years of age, is a native of Illinois, where he was born on a farm. After his boyhood days he engaged in farming pursuits which he continued in his native state until 1885, when he moved to Nebraska. After an experience of one year in that state the gentleman came to Colorado and entered a homestead and tree claim in Yuma county, seven miles southeast of Wray. At that time fortune had not bestowed much upon him in the way of earthly possessions, but he was generously endowed with those principles of persevering industry and sterling integrity, which are such invaluable assets in the achievement of honorable success. From the beginnings of his Yuma county career Mr. Shumaker displayed a superior knowledge of farming pursuits which he applied with a thoroughness of detail that soon commanded recognition in the community. In addition to growing wheat, oats, barley, corn and cane on the 240 acres under cultivation, he engaged in the cattle industry in a moderate way, but more extensively in growing hogs and horses, and with the exception of a couple of years in which there was a general failure of crops, caused by hail and unusual drouth, his labors were rewarded by the most generous, financial returns. He has harvested as high as 32 bushels of spring wheat from the acre and 62 of oats, although the average has been somewhat smaller. His cane averaged about four tons from the acre and millet two tons. From the beginning Mr. Shumaker displayed splendid management, coupled with untiring industry and prudence and as a result of a comparatively few years of honorable toil, he acquired a handsome competence that would require almost a lifetime to amass on a farm in the East. On his farm he erected a handsome residence, a large granary, stable and other requisite buildings, which render the choice land of which his 320 acres are composed, a very valuable property.

     In 1899 Mr. Shumaker leased his farm and moved to Wray, where he and his estimable wife are enjoying that well earned rest and comfort which they well merit. They own a beautiful home in Wray as well as eight other lots.

     Mr. and Mrs. Shumaker have five children - Mrs. Klugh, Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Henry and J.L. Shumaker - to which they gave a generous education and a careful training in those inestimable principles that are the foundations of pure womanhood and honorable manhood. As a result, the declining years of the venerable couple are cheered and brightened by the happy knowledge that their parental solicitude has been signally blessed.

     In all his years of earnest toll; in all the disappointments; hardships and successes of life, Mr. Shumaker displayed the attributes of an honorable gentleman, a kind neighbor and a good citizen. To every movement calculated to advance the moral or material interests of the county he gives his generous support, and today there is no man in the community who enjoys more general and sincere public esteem than he. Such men as Mr. Shumaker have proved a great blessing to Yuma county. The gentleman is a member of the Masonic order and the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

     Mr. Shumaker was a gallant Union soldier, having enlisted in Co. B, Seventh Illinois, in August, 1861. He received a discharge on account of disability contracted in the army in June, 1862.

John Hamilton Shumaker, born Hermon, Ill., was the oldest child of Jacob and Sharlotte(sp?) Shumaker. Belle Virtue was born in Penn. and moved to Ill. with her parents (not named) in 1855. They married Oct 29, 1863. Six children, Ella (Mrs C.E.) Porter died Sept 28 1895; Viola Klugh; Annie Bowen; Flora Elwell; May McGinnis and J.L. Shumaker.

John H. Shumaker proved up a quarter in 26, 1N 43W in 1894, and timber-claimed one in 1895.

In 1880 McDonough County, Illinois, John Shumaker is farming, 38, Bella 37, Amelia L. 15, Viola 14, Anna B. 12, Flora 10, Jacob 7, and M. Alena 4.

In 1885 Seward County, Nebraska, J.H. Shumaker is 48, farming, with Bell 49, Flory 14, Jacob 12,  and daughter May 9.

John H. Shumaker filed for an invalid pension November 23, 1891 from Colorado, for service in Co. D. 7th Illinois Cav.

In 1900 Wray, John H, Shumaker, born May 1842 in Illinois, is a horse dealer, married 37 years to Isabell Jan 1843 Pennsylvania.  She's had six children,, five living.  Jacob Mar 1873 Illinois is a drug dealer.

In 1900 Wray, John H. Shumaker is a horse dealer, born May 1842 in Illnois, married 37 years to Isabelle Jan 1842 Pennsylvania. Jacob March 1873 was born in Illinois.

1906 "Uncle John Shumaker and wife departed last Saturday evening for the mountains where they will spend a few weeks enjoying the pine laden breezes of Colorado's famous hills."
In 1908 and 1910 Webster, Mason and Shumaker had retail businesses in Wray.

May 10, 1917 "Mesdames Howard Klugh and E. L. Elwell came down from Denver last Friday evening and joined in a big surprise in honor of their father, Mr. J. H. Shumaker, who reached his 75 th year that date. The surprise was held at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Warren Bowen, in the west part of town, and while Uncle John will not admit he was taken unawares, the Rattler is of the notion that they got the best of him. The party was participated in by all his children and all grandchildren except two, Mrs. Aubrey Houck of Superior, Wyoming, and Mrs. Bennet Richards, south of Yuma. The children and families present were : Mrs. J. H. Shumaker, Mrs. W. D. McGinnis, Mrs. Warren Bowen all of Wray, and Mrs. Howard Klugh and Mrs. Elwell of Denver. Refreshments were served during the evening."

June 26, 1919
" SHUMAKER SELLS TO HIS STORE MANAGER Leo Simpson, One of the Most Popular of Wray's Young Business Men Now at Helm of One of Best Businesses in Yuma County

J. L. Shumaker, who in 1899 established the drug business that bears his name, closed a deal at noon today whereby Leo Simpson, his manager, became owner of the business. Leo Simpson is one of the most popular of Wray's young business men and has been identified with the Shumaker-pharmacy for the last six years - three years of which he has capably and efficiently managed the store for Mr. Shumaker.
Mr. Shumaker has not announced his plans for the future. The passing of Mr. Shumaker from active business in Wray, marks the passing this week of two of the towns pioneer merchants. Amos Carl has decided to take things easy, having retired from the hardware and furniture business. The oldest merchant now in active business is Byron Groves, head of the Groves Lumber company. It will be more than pleasing news to the many patrons of the Shumaker pharmacy to learn that Leo Simpson is now at the helm of one of the best businesses in Yuma county. He is at the head of that business because success has brought him here. During the years he has been with the Shumaker store, Mr. Simpson has had for his watchword, courtesy. And courtesy, is the greatest trade producer known. And Mr. Simpson has always surrounded himself with an efficient, courteous and competent corps of assistants. The Shumaker pharmacy is easily one of the most heavily patronized stores in Northeastern Colorado. Suffice it that the store is Wray's most popular drug store and if it is possible to make it so its popularity will grow by leaps and bounds. Mr. Simpson - unbounded success to you in your newest venture."

1919 "Mrs. Howard Klugh and Mrs. Elwell of Denver are in Wray to visit their father, John Shumaker, brother, J. L. Shumaker and sisters, Mrs. Warren Bowen and Mrs. W. D. McGinnis."
1923 "Mrs. Kate Donahue, sister of Uncle John Shumaker, stopped in Wray yesterday evening between trains enroute to hor home in Illinois from a trip to Seattle. "



In 1930 Denver, Viola Klugh 63 and Flora Elwell, 59 both widowed are living in Denver. Jennie Spratt, 52 also widowed is rooming with the. FLora is a social worker.

In 1940 Denver, Flora 69 and Anna Bowen, 70, both widowed, are living together.


In 1920 Laird precinct, Warren is 46, farming, Anna 41, both born in Illinois. Ford is farming 22, Ina 19, and Meda Flo 11, all kids born in Colorado.

Anna B. and Howard Bowen are in Wray in 1920 and 1930.

In 1900 Laird precinct, Warren Bowen is farming, born May 1864 in Illinois, with Anna May 1868 Illinois, married 15 years. Fred O. Dec 1887, Ina B. April 1892, and Mida Flo Oct 1898 were all born in Colorado.

Warren 1864-1934 and Anna 1868-1959, # 17005931 are buried in Wray.

Flo is married to Aubrey Houck in 1920 Denver, with Luretta 3.
They're in Davenport, Iowa in 1925, Aubrey I. 27, Amida F. 26, Laretta B. 8, and Warren E. 4.

Their son Warren Eugene Houck 1920-1991 is buried in San Diego # 64328759.

Mida Flo (Bowen) Townsend 1898-1993 died in San Diego, buried in Denver # 35460918, on the same stone as Harry L. Townsend 1898-1984 # 35460916.

Aubrey, born January 23, 1898, died in June 1977, last residence Denver.

Fred Bowen is in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1920, farming, 32, with Myrtle 30, Lowell S. 8, and Lester A. 5.


In 1910 Wray, Jacob Shumaker is proprietor of a drug store, 37, with Lettie 33 born in Missouri, Gladys 8, and Olin J. 6.

1914 "Last Tuesday evening Mrs. J. L. Shumaker entertained a party of small boys, the friends of her little son, Master Olin. To say the thirteen lads of this age enjoyed themselves would be expressing it but mildly. They were entertained for supper, and in addition to the tempting meal prepared by Mrs. Shumaker, the boys had a weiner wurst roast, which added much to the enjoyment of thoe affair."

They're in Yamhill County, Oregon in 1920, Jacob still a druggist.

In 1930 Yamhill County, Jacob is a life insurance agent, he and Letitia both 56, and Olin 26 no occupation.

In 1940 Portland, Oregon, Jacob and Letty have no occupation, and Olin is a mail carrier.

Olin died March 24, 1974 in Multnomah County.

1915 Salem "Miss Laura Lawler and Dr. Lloyd Mott were joined in holy wedlock."
Gladys might be his second wife...
1929 Salem Oregon "Mrs. W. S. Mott has as her guest this week-end her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lloyd Mott, of Walla Walla, Washington. Mrs. Mott's son. Dr. Lloyd Mott, is connected with the Veterans hospital in Walla Walla."

1933 Salem Oregon " Mrs. Floyd Miller motored to Mc Minnville Wednesday afternoon to greet Mrs. ?loyd C. Moss (Gladys Shumaker) of Honolulu, who was guest of honor at an informal afternoon of bridge at the home of Mrs. Barnard Hansard.
"An interesting visitor in the city during the past few days was Mrs. Lloyd Mott of Honolulu, who with her small daughter, Margaret Jean, were houscguests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ashby on Norway street. Mrs. Mott has spent the summer season visiting her parents In McMlnnvllle. She will be remembered as Gladys Shumaker."

Allena was born May 22, 1876 at Herman Illinois to John H. "Shoemaker" and Sarah B. Virtue.

In 1900 Laird precinct, William D. McGinnis is farming, born Sept 1869 in Iowa, with Allena M. May 1876 Illinois, married six years.
with Marie 5, Howard 2, and John D. nine months.
(Marie E. married Leo M. Simpson, and they're in Wray in 1920. Leo is 32, Marie 24, Leota B. 2, and Carol L. nine months. William D. Mcginnis, her father is with them, working at the Wray State Bank.)

Allena 1876-1958 is buried in Wray # 55381684.

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