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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John T. and Carrie T. Clark, Yuma

Orpha Isabelle (Waldo) Clark 1859-1892 died in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

In 1900 Pottawattamie County, Iowa, John T. Clark, born Aug 1853 in Missouri, married six years to Carrie August 1863 Iowa. Carrie has had two kids - those would be Elwin M. 3 and Rachel 1. Perry J. 12 and Henry W. 8 must be from another wife of John.
In 1910 Pottawattamie County, John is farming, 56, Carrie T. 46, Perry J. 22, Henry W. 18, Elwood M. 13, Rachel C. 10, and "Marine" E. 9.

In 1920 Morgan County, Colorado, John is farming, 67, Carrie 67, Elwood 22, Rachel 20, and Maurie 18.
John 1852-1939 is buried in Yuma # 66453195

In 1940 Yuma, Carrie 77 and Elwood 43, both born in Iowa, are living at 408 S. Albany, neither with occupations.
June 1941
August 1941
August 13, 1942 "Mrs. Carrie Clark, mother of Mrs. Cliff Lantz, was honored in the celebration of her 80th birthday Sunday as most of her relatives gathered in Yuma for a picnic at the park."
In 1943 Mrs. Carrie Clark and Elwood Clark attended a birthday picnic in the Yuma city park for Forrest Carver, on furlough from the Navy.
In June 1945 "Cliff Lantz and family went to Cheyenne, Wyoming .. to visit Mrs. Lantz's brother, Elwood Clark, who is a patient at the Veterans Hospital. Mr. Clark was to leave on Monday morning to go to Hines Hospital in Chicago for further medical care.
February 1946
June 6, 1946 "Mrs. Cliff Lantz, Marjorie and Bonnie took Mrs. Carrie Clark, Mrs. Lantz's mother, to Greeley Sunday to visit at the home of another daughter, Mrs. Guy Davis, for several weeks."

Elwood, born Feb 24, 1897 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, died in Fitzsimmons Hospital June 10, 1946, and is buried in Yuma # 74473930.

Elwood Madsen Clark is buried in Yuma.# 74473930.
June 12, 1947

January 22, 1948 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis and children, Betty and Joyce, of Brush were weekend visitors with the lady's mother, Mrs. Carrie Clark and Mr.a nd Mrs. Cliff Lantz and family. Bob Davis, a son, is expected home from the paratroopers division of the Air Corps. After a fourteen day furlough, he expects to be sent to Japan."


Death Came Early Monday Following Long Decline In health; Service From Reorganized L.D.S. Church

Death came to Carrie T. Clark, aged woman of this community at 8:20 o'clock Monday morning, March 31 at the Yuma Community Hospital at the age of 89 years, seven months, and 23 days.
Mrs. Clark had been confined to the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. W. Lantz with whom she lived since the first of the year because of the infirmities of her advanced years. She became acutely ill on March 26, when stricken with paralysis, and her condition grew steadily worse until her death.
Funeral service will be conducted from the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 2 00 o'clock this Thursday afternoon by Pastor Walter Lutz. Arrangements are by Ritchey Funeral Home and burial will be in the Yuma Cemetery.
Carrie Tena Hansen, daughter of Hans and Bertha Hansen, was born August 8, 1862 on a farm near Council bluffs, Iowa. She passed from this life March 31, 1952 at the age of 89 years, seven months, and 23 days.
She was educated in the school of the vicinity of her birth, and later attended a dressmaking school at Council Bluffs, a trade school in which she was employed until her marriage. On June 25, 1894 she was united in marriage to John Thomas Clark at Council Bluffs, Iowa. To this union were born one son and two daughters. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1939, a son, Elwood in 1946, and a step-son, Henry, in 1950 or 1959????
In 1914 the family moved to a homestead near Willard, Colorado and this place remained their home until 1931. Inthat year Mr. and Mrs. Clark and their son moved to Yuma, where she spent the remainder of her life.
When she was eight years old, she was baptized by her father in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was a faithful and devoted Christian and had perfect faith in her Heavenly Father until her death. Her greatest desire in life was to work in her church and until the time she was stricken with her final illness she was making plans to attend church services on Sunday.
During the years she lived near Willard she was active in the W.T.U.... of which she was a charter member. At that time she was also active in the work of Royal Neighbor lodge. She was always active in the promotion of all things that she considered right.
Mrs. Clark is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Rachel Lantz of Yuma, and Mrs. Maurine Davis of Hastings, Nebraska, and a step-son Perry Clark of Fort Lupton. Also surviving are 25 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Julia Christianson of Berkeley, California, and many other more distant relatives.

Yuma Pioneer, Yuma, Colorado April 3, 1952

Transcribed by Carol Moore.
Carrie is buried in Yuma # 74473884

Henry Waldo Clark is buried in Hood River, Oregon 1892-1950. # 31385504

In 1920 Sterling, Colorado, John P. Clark is an implement dealer, 33, Mayr 28 Kansas, Erwin 8, Iowa, Margaret 5, Nebraska, and Raymond 3 Iowa.
In 1930 Denver, John is a farm equipment salesman, 42, Mary 39, Erwin 18, Margaret 15, Raymond 13, Janice 10, Virginia 8, and Joybelle 3.
In 1940 Denver, John is still an implement salesman, 51, Mary 49, Janice 19 is a secretary, Virginia is 17, Joybelle is 11, and Ralph(female) is 3.

John Perry Clark 1887-1970 is buried in Fort Lupton, Colorado # 57057316, with Mary Jette Clark 1891-1985.

In 1920 Willard precinct, Logan County, Colorado, Clifford W. Lantz is 27, with parents Milton A. 51 and H.Belle 46, both born in Pennsylvania. Clifford and Leo J. 25 were born in Nebraska, Ruby M. 18 in Kansas.

Clifford W. Lantz, age 30, married Rachel F. Clark, age 24, in Sterling June 4, 1923. Geo E. McConley, gospel minister performed the ceremony.

In 1925 Colorado Springs, Clifford W. (Rachel F) Lantz is a carpenter, and they live at 1115 W. Pikes Peak Avenue. Leo Lantz (Georgia A) is also a carpenter, same address.

In 1930 Yuma - 600 South Ash Street - Rachel is 30, married to Clifford Lantz, 37, a laborer. Dorothy is 5, and Marjorie 3.
In 1940 Yuma, CLifford is 47, Rachell 40, Dorothy 15, Marjorie A. 13, and Bonnie J. 5.
Clifford William Lantz registered for WWII in Yuma, living at 321 S. Albany, working at the city power plant. He was born Aug 20, 1892 at Hebron, Nebraska.
Clifford 1892-1985 is buried in Yuma, # 60544766, with Rachel 1899-1973 # 60544769 .

Dorothy M. Tolbert 1924-1986 is buried in Yuma # 92914227.

In 1930 Natrona County, Wyoming, Maurine E. 29 is married to Guy B. Davis 33, with Helen 2. Guy is a laborer at a gasoline plant.
March 16, 1933 Yuma
January 25, 1940 "E.M. Clark returned Thursday night of last week from Denver where hea had spent a few days with his brother-in-law, Guy Davis, who is a patient at a hospital in the capital city." (the newspaper must have reversed the names)
August 15, 1940

In 1940 Yuma, Guy is 43, born in Illinois, no occupation, Maurien 39 Iowa, Helen 12 Colorado, Robert 9 Wyoming, Betty J. 6 Colorado, and Maurine eight months, Colorado.
October 1946 "Bonnie Jean Lantz, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lantz, spent the week end at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis, in Brush."
In 1946 Guy is working for Associated Seed Growers, and they live at 1328 Eighth Avenue in Greeley, Colorado. So does Robert J. Davis, student.
August 3, 1950
August 13, 1953 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis and Joyce of Hastings, Nebraska visited Sunday and Monday at the C.W. Lantz home."
November 26, 1959
Maurine 1901-1963 is buried in Brush # 70251118, with Guy Bryan Davis 1897-1964.
May 28, 1964
Betty Jane Clark was born July 11, 1933. She's buried in Maricopa County Arizona 1933-1986 # 103721648, with Clifford D. Darnell 1919-2012.

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