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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

A. B. and Emilie (Friederigh) Cook, Yuma

Permilia Warner Ring's sister, Mary R. WARNER, born 1828, Wales, NY, married in 1853, in Chicago, Illinois, Henry COOK, born 1824 and 1892, Gibbon, Nebraska

Their children: all but the first 2 b. Clinton, WI

Hattie B. COOK, b. 1855, Marengo, IL
Frank H. COOK, b. 1856, Sycamore, IL
Daisie H. COOK, b. 1858
George F. COOK, b. 1860
Irva COOK, b. 1862
Fred S, COOK, b. 1865,
Ray R. COOK, b. 1868,
Atto. B. COOK, b. 1870,
May E. COOK, b. 1873
In 1880 Gibbon precinct, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Henry Cook is 54, Mary 52, Hattie B. 25, Frank H. 23, George F. 20, Fred S. 15, Ray R. 12, A.B. 10, and May E. 7.

In 1885 Buffalo County, Henry is farming, 67, "Mealy" 57, both born in New York Hattie 30 was born in Illinois, Fred S. 20 is a typesetter, Ray R. 17 , Attoe B. 15, and Mary E. 12 are in school.

In 1900 Gibbon precinct, Mary Cook is 72, with Hattie B. 47, Ray R. 32, Otto B. 30, and May E. 27, all three born in Wisconsin.

August 17, 1900 Castle Rock, Colorado

January 1901

1903 Erie Colorado " A. B. Cook of Gibbon was among the train passengers, bound for Boston, Mass., for a few weeks* visit." Gibbon (Neb.) Reporter.

1904 Erie "The graduates of the Erie high school will give a social banquet in honor of A. B. Cook at Odd Fellows hall Friday evening."
In 1905 he's teaching in Silver Plume, Colorado.

In 1906 "Prof. A. B. Cook has accepted the principulship of the schools at Fort Lupton, Colorado, which his friends will no doubt be pleased to learn."

1910 "A. B. Cook of Nebraska, the principal of the Yuma High School, arrived last Thusrday to take up the school work; school having begun Tuesday. Mr. Cook is a well learned man and of pleasant disposition and we have no doubt he will be greatly liked by the scholars."
December 2, 1910

December 3, 1912 In 1914 he's in Creede.

In 1915 and 1916 he's in Hugo.

1915 Hugo "Principal A. B. Cook of the Hugo high school left this morning for Gibbon , Nebraska , where he will enjoy Christmas visiting with his mother." March 15, 1918

In 1920 Denver, Otto is a school principal with Emilie 50 born in Illinois.

In 1923 he's in Eagle.

In 1930 Denver, Otto is 60, divorced, with brother Frank H. 73 born in Illinois.

Atto B. Cook, son of Mary W. and Henry Cook, was born at Clinton, Wisconsin April 17, 1870 and passed away at Denver, Colorado November 13, 1936. At the age of 5 he came with his parents and for two years resided in Gibbon. In 1877 he took a homestead 4 miles southwest of town. After 5 years they moved to Gibbon and built the home that has remained in the family. At age 19 he taught school and was compelled to give up the profession because of ill health. For 20 years he has resided in Colorado. He was preceded in death by his parents, brother and sister. He leaves 1 sister and 1 brother:

Hattie B. Cook; Gibbon, Nebraska
Ray R. Cook: Gibbon, Nebraska

Interment was in Riverside Cemetery, Gibbon. # 99613880


Peter Friedrich married Mary Kaiser on January 20, 1860 in St. Clair County, Illinois.

In 1870 St Clair County, Peter Frederick is 33, a barkeeper, Maria 31, both born in Alsace. Lene is 7, Peter 6, Ida 4, Emile 2, and Maria eight months.

Nicholas Friederich died July 25, 1859, buried in Mascoutah, St. Clair County # 11293084.

Peter Friederich dying August 7, 1873 is buried in Mascoutah, St. Clair County, per # 11359891.

Another Peter Friederich 1833-1914 is buried there # 69059317.
His will lists his 13 children and wife. His first wife Margarethe 1842-1885 is buried in Mascoutah # 69054641. That FindaGrave says her children wee Louis John Friederich 1865-1951 and Mathilda (Friedrich) Huschler 1874-1960.
In 1880 St. Clair County, Peter Friederich is 44, farming, born i Alsazce, with margaret 28 born in Baden. Charles is 20, Louis 15, George 12, Peter 12, August 10, Mary 7, Matilda 6, son Emil 4, Anna 3, and Joseph 1.

His son Peter J. Friederich came to Denver in 1880 and obtained a position as a clerk with Cornforth Commission Company. In 1884 he married Elizabeth Zang, daughter of Philip Zang, founder of Zang Brewery.
His wife died in 1894, they had one son, Philip. Vice-president of Zang Realty and Investment Company, Welton Street Investment Company and St.James Investment Company.
In 1900 Denver, Peter Frederich is widowed, born July 1869. Son Philip was born March 1891 in Colorado, Frank X. is a servant, born April 1871 in Illinois - his mother born in France, but Peter's mother born in Germany.
Mary E. is widowed, born April 1839 in Germany. She's had eight kids, four living. Emilie born July 1867 in Illinois is a housekeeper.

In 1907 Miss Emelie Friederich, Frank X. Friedrich, and Mrs. Mary E. Friederich are all living at 2342 7th Street, Denver.

In 1910 Peter J. is widowed, managing a brewery, 47, with son Philip P. 19 born in Colorado. Frank X. is a letter carrier, lodger, 39 born in Illinois, and housekeeper Anne M. Kaiser 40 born in Illinois.

Peter is buried in Riverside 1863-1911 # 7623297
Philip Friederich 1891-1947 is also buried in Riverside # 106369786.

Frank X. Friederich, a retired postman, born April 7, 1871, born April 7, 1871 at Mascoutah, Illinois to Nicholas Friederich and Caroline Karassic of , both of Germany, husband of Bertha Widmer, died in St Louis, buried April 27, 1947 in Calvary Cemetery.
Frank #49551545 and Bertha 1876-1959 are buried in St. Louis.

George Slack is an advertising salesman in 1930 Denver, 60, born in Ohio, with Emily P. 62 born in Illinois. They divorced in Denver in 1935.

In 1940 St. Clair County, Amelia Cook is 73, widowed, born in Illinois, living alone.

Emilie Cook 1867-1957 is buried in Mascoutah, # 137153535.
The newspaper index has "Cook, Emily F. May 21, 1957 90 yrs Cath cem "

In the same cemetery is Mary E. Friederich 1839-1914 # 142528115.
The same style of stone is with Peter J. Friederich 1837-1873 # 137162881.

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