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Yuma County Pioneers

Isaac H. and Hannah Cutler

In 1850 Ashtabula County, Ohio, Isaac Cutler is 20, with Isaac 45 and Polly A. 32. Ferdinand is 18, Fredk M. 8, Manuel M. 6, Florence M. 3,

In 1850 Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, Hannah J. Jelison is 16, James 54, Susana 42, William 18, Tobitha 13, James 11, Alexander 10, David 7, Catharine M. 6, Douglas 4, and Robert 2.
James Jellison 1796-1869 is buried in Richardson County, Nebraska # 45008783.

In 1860 Doniphan County, Kansas, Isaac H. Cutler is farming, 28, born in Ohio, with Hannah 24 born in Pennsylvania.
Hannah's parents Jas "Gallison" 63 and Susan 55 are also in Doniphan County in 1860, with Jas. 23, Alex 20, Robt 12, and Elizabeth 9.
Elizabeth married Daniel Ackerman in Brown County in 1865, and they're in Pawnee County, Nebraska in 1870. Daniel died in South Dakota 1891. Elizabeth married George Wells in 1895, and they're in Pennington County in 1900. She was widowed in 1910 and 1920, dying 1929 as Elizabeth Wells # 22590504, buried in Piedmont, South Dakota.

Robert Jellison married Clarrissa Martindale in Richardson County, Nebraska April 18, 1868. Robert Thompson Jellison 1848-1921 is buried in Belleville Kansas, # 135577421.

In 1885 Richardson County, Nebraska, I.H. Cutler is 54, H.J. 52. With them are daughter H. Jefferson 24 born in Kansas and her daughter B.S. 1. Eddie Cutler is 10.
Isaac proved up a quarter in 34, 3N 49W - Washington County, northwest of Yuma in 1893.

August 1898 " I. H. Cutler thrashed this week, his wheat running about twelve bushels per acre."

July 1899
November 1899 " On Monday last, at his home south of town, I. H. Cutler was the recipient of a friendly visit from a number of friends who called to pay their respects on his sixty-eighth birthday. The old gentleman is still hale and hearty under the burden of so many years and possesses tho old-time tact for entertaining visitors. A generously big dinner was served and the day was most pleasantly spent. Those present were : Mr. and Mrs. Deyo, Mr. and Mrs. Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Field, Mr. and Mrs. McKean and children, Mr. and Mrs. Wittlake and children, Miss Alice Clark, Mr, Edwards."
November 16, 1900 "Last Tuesday being I. H. Cutler's 69th birthday, a few of the neighbors proposed and did remind him of the same. Equal to the occasion, Mrs. Cutler prepared a fine dinner, and from what we can learn, all those who participated in filling up on turkey and other good things, had to call in tho hired help to carry them away from the table. Those of the party were : Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Gardner and little daughter, Lola, Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Owen and little daughter, Bernice, Mr. and Mrs, James Jacobson and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McKean and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hull and L. Gibberson."

November 30, 1900 " Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Cutler were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hull."

Yuma September 1900 "Miss Voda Jellison has an attack of typhoid fever."

July 1904 "Miss Voda McKean, who has been visiting at the home of her grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Cutler, returned Tuesday evening to her home in Wray."

August 1907 "Mrs. Kate Seegar, who has been visiting the home of her sister, Mrs. I. H. Cutler, will leave today for her home in Oklahoma."
(Richard and Katherine Pickett were in Richardson County, Nebraska in 1880 and 1885. Daughter Jessie May 1871-1888 is buried there # 35430281. In 1900 Cleveland County, Oklahoma, Katie Pickett born May 1844 in Pennsylvania, is married to Richard Pickett March 1822 with Daniel May 1874 Nebraska, and his wife. Richard 1824-1903 is buried in Cleveland County # 32560269. Katy Pickett married Frederick Seegar in Oklahoma County March 11, 1905. She's likely the one married to a Hobach in 1910 and 1920, buried in Cleveland County 1844- 1923 # 32169198)
(William Jellison 1830-1906 is buried in Marshall County Kansas # 12337233)

September 1907 "Ed Cutler and wife left for Ft. Morgan where he hopes to become rich on an irrigated farm, and we hope he does. We would advise the sheriff and city marshal, on the quiet, to keep an eye on Ed as hen roosts are his long suit.

March 1908 "I. H. Cutler is having water piped into his residence."
" Ed Cutler and family of Fort Morgan arrived Monday for a few days visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs, I, PI. Cutler "

January 1908 "Mrs. A. A. McKean of Fort Morgan is down attending her mother, Mrs. I. H. Cutler, who has been quite sick.
1909 Southeast of Yuma Items " I. H. Cutler visited his son, Ed, last week."
September 1908 "Ed Cutler and family have moved from Fort Morgan back to Yuma."
March 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Cutler, of Yuma, have sold their property there and expect to move here about March 1st. They are the parents of Mrs. A. A. McKean. —Brighton Register."

November 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Isaac J. Cutler, pioneer settlers in Western Yuma county but who now reside at Brighton, arrived Saturday for a fortnight's visit with their old-time friends. "
Isaac 1831-1916 is buried at Brighton # 125754244.

January 4, 1918


April 1905 "Mrs. Cutler and Mrs. Jacobson of Yuma, are in Wray for a few days visit at the McKean and the Cutler home. Mrs. Cutler is a mother of Mrs. McKean and Mr. Ed Cutler."

June 1905 "Ed Cutler was called up from Wray last week by a telephone message announcing that his wife, who has been visiting Mr. Cutler's parents, was very ill. We understand that she is a little better now. Mr. Cutler moved his household goods up from Wray this week and will live with his parents until Mrs. Cutler s health is improved."

1906 " Miss Myrtle Moore is visiting at the I. H. Cutler home south of town this week.
Walter Moore is spending the week at the ranch of R. E. Cutler southeast of town, hunting rabbits.

November 1907 "Mrs. Ed Cutler and children of Fort Morgan are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cutler."

In 1910 Yuma County, Edward Cutler is 33, born in Nebraska, with Mahala 29 Illinois. Victor 5, Susie E. 3, Fern 1, and Louis s 1 were all born in Colorado.

December 15, 1911
Robert Edward Cutler 1875-1953 is buried in Brighton 125754307, with Mahala Agnes (Kelly) Cutler 1878-1962.

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