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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George F. Emblen, Frank J. Emblen

In 1860 Wheeling, Virginia, James W. Emblin is a wagonmaker, 43, Elizabeth 37, Robert 18, Wm. 16, James 13, Elizabeth 14, George 12, Mary 10, Jesse 8, Ida 6, Joohn 3, Franklin 1, Joseph three months, and Elizabeth Strong is 68.
James, Elizabeth, Robert, and Elizabeth were born in England - all the others in Virginia.


George cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 2N 48W in 1892 - where the golf course is now located.

He sued George Weed in 1893, alleging that George had not complied with residency requirements on his land next to Emblen. A full listing of the court decision is in George Weed's page.

December 16, 1897
March 28, 1902 " The United States supreme court has affirmed the opinion of the United States court of appeals for the eighth circuit in the case of George F. Emblen, versus the Lincoln Land company, involving the title to the land on which the town of Yuma, in the state of Colorado, is located.
The court held that the act of congress confirming the title, to George F. Emblen, from whom the town company secured title, was valid..

April 6, 1906 " By virtue of a writ of execution out of tho District Court of the City and County of Denver and State of Colorado, I am commanded to make the sum of Two Hundred-Twenty-eight and 91-100 Dollars ($ 228.91), and costs of suit, thei nroou-. it of a certain judgment recently obtained against George F, Emblen in favor of Blcltsler ; McLean and Bennett, out of the lands, tenements, foods and chattels of the said George F. Emblen, THEREFORE, in accordance with the. terms of said decree, by virtue thereof, and . the ; authority in mo vested by law as sheriff of said County of Yuma, I will on the 17th day of April, A. D. 1900, at ten o'lock in the forenoon of said, day at the north front door of the court house in the Town of Wray, in said county, expose for sale at public vendue, all the right, title and interest of the above-named George Emblen in and to tho north west quarter of section 23, township number 2 north of range 48 west of the 6 principal meridian, and sell the same to the highest and best bidder for cash in hand to satisfy said judgment.
Dated at Wray, Colorado, this 12 th day of March, 1905.
V. F. Johnson,
Sheriff of Yuma County
First Publication March 18, 06.
Last Publication April 13, 06.

April 13, 1906 San Francisco
George is in San Francisco in 1910, single, 61, born in Virginia, a newspaper solicitor.

In 1897 Wheeling criminal court, the case was set for trial on September 30.
In January 1898, George's conviction for burglary was appealed.
George's alibi was that he had been helping butcher hogs for a McNichol family, and his wife was celebrating a birthday. So this must be a nephew of the Yuma County George.
George had been accused of robbing an Atlantic Tea Store, opening the safe. He had been employed by the store, and "was about to be superseded by a new man."
1893 St. Clairsville, Ohio "MIss Jennie House, daughter of C.A. House, the Wheeling music dealer, and George Emblen started from Wheeling one deay last week ostensibly for a drive. They came out to this place, procured a marriage license, and Dr. Webb made them man and wife."

George F. Emblen, born 1847 in Wheeling, a minister, single, died in the District of COlumbia January 6, 1913, to be buried in Wheeling,.
He had been residing at 906 H. St, Northwest, an invalid.

January 13, 1907



Frank Emblen married Ella J. Miller July 22, 1886, recorded in Denver.

Frank is on the Placer County, California Great Register for August 14, 1890, born in West Virginia.

Frank cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 2N 47W in 1891 - about five miles southeast of Yuma.

In 1900 Chicago, Frank is a railroad machinist, born March 1859 in West Virginia, married 14 years to Ella J., born July 1863 in Sweden. Grace G. was born July 1887 in Colorado, Arthur August 1889 and James W. July 1890 in California, Ruth M. Dec 1893 Illinois, and Joseph July 1899 Illinois.

In 1907 Louis J. Heiserman sued for possession of that land.

In 1910 Frank and Ella are in Hobart, Indiana, with Grace 23, James 19, Ruth 16, Joseph 10, Ellen 8, Frank 6, and William 4.

In 1930 Wheeling, Frank is 75, Ella 64, Frank Jr. 26, William 24, widowed daughter-in-law Anna 29, Robert 8, and Joan 3.

Frank Jacob Emblen, Sr., born March 7, 1858 in Wheeling, West Virginia, died there February 10, 1936, a real estate agent. His spouse ws Ella Josephine Miller. He was to be buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
He's buried in Wheeling, # 130968603, with Ella 1865-1944.
So is William T. 1906-1968 # 130968724.
So is Grace Lillian (Emblen) White 1887-1950 3 130968549, Frank J. Emblen 1803-1955, # 130968427.

In 1913 Silver Bow County, Montana, James Walter Emblen, age 23, born at Rockland, California, son of Frank J. and Ella Emblen, married Genevieve E. Takal, age 24.

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