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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Leon Frouin

THIRD BATTERY IOWA LIGHT ARTILLERY "Frouin, Leon. Age 20. Residence Black Hawk County, nativity France. Enlisted Oct. 14, 1864. Mustered Oct. 14, 1864. Mustered out Oct. 23, 1865, Davenport; Iowa."

In 1886 the list of veterans in Iowa included Leon Frouin, Private, living in Davenport.

"my Grandparents Jenny and Leon were married during the the civil war days" " They danced the waltz to the tune of " After the Ball Was Over." The two step and quadrills, never jazz that was considered vulgar." from memoirs of Beatrice Berglund "
" Returning with her husband Leon from a trip to Europe to meet her in-laws in Cagaus France,a small town near Bourdeaux. She gave birth to her daughter May Angele in route home at sea on the ship the Gallie acording to her granddaughters memoir"

Leon Frouin, born in Cognac, France in 1844, applied for a passport n 1872,
He said that he was a naturalized citizen, asked that his passport be sent to "Carl Wilhelm Wilkering No 19, Reclor ??n, New York.
Arriving in New York March 12, 1884 on the Gallia were Leon and Jennie - but not Mae. Leon is 40, a carpenter, with Jennie 36, his wife.
In 1884 Davenport, Iowa, L. Frouin is a carpenter, living at 500 w. 6th.
In 1885 Davenport, Iowa, Leon "Frome" is a cooper, 40 born in France, Jennie 40 Tennessee.
Leon cash-claimed a quarter in 12, 2N 48W in 1890, next to Selmer Fowler, George Ames, Hans Bruner and Benjamin Ward.
Leon is in the 1890 Denver city directory, a carpenter, living on Warren, and Pennsylvania.

He filed for Civil War invalid pension for service in the 3nd Indpt. Battery, Iowa on April 22, 1895 from Louisiana, and Jennie filed for a widow's pension Dec 30, 1908 in Mississippi.

In 1900 Biloxi, Peter L. Fronin born Sept 1841 in France, is a grocery keeper, married 20 years to Lenett / Jennett J. Oct 1854 Georgia. She's had three children, one living."

In 1903 New Orleans, P. L. Frouin is a cabinet maker, living at 3317 S. Philip.

In 1906 New Orleans, Leon is a clerk, living at 181 N. Derbigny.
November 1907 Gulfport Mississippi

December 16, 1908

1910 Biloxi "Mrs. Jennie Frouin has left for Denver, Colorado where she wil spend some time with riends and then journey to Portland, Oregon, whhere she will be the guest for three months of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Oscr Berglund and family.

In 1913 the Portland, Oregon directory has Jennie Frouin (wid Leon) boarding at 716 E 72nd North.
Peter Leon Frouin is buried in Biloxi, Mississippi 1844-1908 # 97006661.
So is Jennie 1850-1917 "Mrs. Jennie Frouin, for twenty-five years or more a resident of Biloxi, died at the residence of Mrs. Fred Quint, Sr., 312 Magnolia street, last night at 8:30 o'clock, after a lingering illness, aged 67 years. Mrs. Frouin has only one surviving relative so far as known, this being a daughter, Miss May Frouin, living in Oregon. Mrs. Frouin was born in Iowa and was the widow of an Union soldier, her husband having died in Biloxi eight or nine years ago and was buried here. For the past few years until recently she has been living at Heartsease Park, but about three months ago removed to Magnolia street. Mrs. Frouin was a member of the Church of the Nativity and the funeral will be conducted under the auspices of that church. Arrangements for the funeral had not been made this morning. It was Mrs. Frouin's desire, however, to be buried by the side of her husband in this city. Mrs. Frouin was a victim of diseases and was aware of approaching disolution and was prepared for it. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The services will be conducted in the Church of the Nativity and interment will be made in the Biloxi cemetery."

In 1900 Biloxi, Mississippi, O. Berglund born Oct 1872 in Sweden, is just married to May born Sept 1884 in Colorado.

In 1910 Portland, May M. Berglund 25, born in Colorado, married to Oscar F. 38, have Beatrice 8, Elvira M. 7, Victor O. 6, and Louis 3.
In both these census lists, she said her mother was born in Georgia.

Beatrice M. Berglund and Jess L. Brown, both of Multnomah County, married in August 12, 1922, in Vancouver, Washington.
Witnesses were E. H. Emery and Mrs. M. Berglund.

In November 1922, Eugene H. Emery and May Berglund, both of Multnomah County, married. Witnesses were Mrs. Beatrict Brown and Louis B. Berglund.

Angela Mae (Frouin) Emery 1884-1924 is buried in Portland # 47393784.

Oscar is married to the Norwegian Marie in 1930 Portland. Roy F. is 18 born in Oregon.

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