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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

GASHAW - Edward, Nelson,  and their sisters Ella and Mary

Ellas Gashaw was born April 20, 1863 in Pennsylvania to Moses and Susan (Kimmel) Gashaw, of French ancestry..  Apparently Moses was well off - one Carroll County, Illinois book says "In the 1870s, however, windmills were yet unique and therefore tax worthy. M. Gashaw in his Rock Creek township tax assessments listed: 111 dogs, 7 billiard tables, 71 windmills, and 2 engines. The engines presumably were at the Steam Elevator property and maybe at the planing mill. "

Edward W. Gashaw homesteaded a few miles north of Yuma in 3N 48W, proving up in 1892, and Mary cash-claimed in 1892 a quarter two miles north of his.  Mary's claim joined Charles Tribbett's.  Ella in 1890 proved up a quarter just north of Mary's.  And the Mary A. Tribbett's 1900 tree-claim three miles southeast has to be the same Mary.


Nelson S. Gashaw was born September 3, 1869 in Lanark, Illinois

He went to schools in Beatrice, Nebraska

1890 "P.W. Champion, wife and daughter, from Lanark, Ill., were visiting with their son-in-law, Ed Gashaw."

In 1870 Carroll County - same township as Moses - Perry W. Champion 47 adn Cloe 43 have Frederick 20, Clarence 17, Herbert 14, Julia 6, Clara 5, and James  2.

In 1880 , with all the kids, Perrie and Chloe have Clarie, 14.

1906 "After visiting here for about two weeks, Nelse  Gashaw will leave for Turet, Colo., Where he will have charge of the mine Jasper in which he holds considerable stock."

1907 "N.S. Gashaw left Wednesday for his mines at Turret. Colorado."

September 1911 - a month before his mother's death

1913 the Rebekah lodge extended its respect upon the death of Mrs. Marie Gashaw

One tree said she was the daughter of William Franklin 1852-1921 Lillie dying in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Sarah Louisa Richards 1859-188? dying in Gage County, Nebraska.
It said she had married Lewis G. Richards in 1898....

May 29, 1914 "N. S. Gashaw this week was appointed United States land commissioner, vice Percy Eberhart, resigned."


1914 "an addition is being built to the dwelling occupied by Mr. and Mrs. N.S. Gashaw, in the southwest part of town."


1934 Yuma directory has both Nelson - insurance agent - and Mrs. Nelson Gashaw

February 14, 1936 Mrs. Nelson Gashaw passed away in a Denver hospital last having been in falling health for about a according to word received She was first taken ill of influenza and later suf a....  Gashaw will better remembered by her old friends in Beatrice as.Nellie May Anderson.   She was born at Be side her husband she is survived by one Dwight, born July 10, 1916.

Funeral services were held Tuesday af from the Methodist church at Alley officiat Interment was in the Yuma cemetery  During her residence in Beatrice Gashaw had been an active member of the Rebekah  She had also been a faithful member of the Methodist church

The 1937 directory has Nelson selling insurance,  210 South Ash -


One tree says Edward born April 25, 1865 and Clara  born May 24, 1866 in Lanark married 15 February 1888 in Lanark, Carroll Co., Illinois , and that they had Edna born March 3, 1894

Mr. & Mrs. Ed GASHAW taken at the D.B. Chase Studio at 910 16th Street in Denver, Colorado.    In addition to their names, someone has written "Dad's Mother's Brother".

1904 "Mrs. E.M. Gashaw of Beatrice, Nebraska, is visiting Yuma friends and relatives." 


In 1907 Beatrice Edward M. (Clara) Gashaw is "feed" 315 Court, r 1337 Market, and Nelson H. Gashaw is a clerk, business at 1337 Market.

1907 Beatrice "In the presence of about forty of their friends Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Gashaw, old residents of Beatrice, celebrated their nineteenth wedding anniversary.  As a token of esteem they were presented with a beautiful rocking chair."

January 1910 E.M. Gashaw of Beatrice was one of the jurors in a murder trial.

Ed and Clara, with Edna C. 16, are in Beatrice Nebraska in 1910.


    Photo scan courtesy of Shelly Cardiel

Edward and Clara, both 64, married 22 years, are in Denver in 1930,

They're still there in 1940.

The Beatrice newspaper of October 29, 1941 said "Mrs. Ed Gashaw Dies In Denver- Announcement has been received her of the death of Mrs. Ed. Gashaw, one-time resident of Beatrice, which occurred last week at her home in Denver where the family have lived since leaving this city.  She leaves her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Edna Caldwell, Denver.  Funeral services were held Friday at Denver.  Among relatives who attended the funeral were Mrs. C.  R. Caldwell and two sons of Garden City, formerly of Beatrice.  While the Gashaw family were residents of Beatrice years ago, Mr. Gashaw was engaged in the produce business here."

In 1926 Jno. E. (Edna C) Caldwell are at 4310 W 47th, Denver.  John is a poultry dealer.

1930 Denver, John C. and Edna Caldwell have Melvin, 4.  John is a coal dealer.

In 1940 Denver Edna C. Caldwell 46, Colorado  is married to John Edward Caldwell.55., owner of a retail coal yard.  They have Melvin Lile, 14, born Colorado. 

In 1948 John and Edna live at 2401 Race, Denver.  John is a driver.

Possible: Melvin L Caldwell (01-08-1926 – 02-24-2012) died at the age of 86 on February 24, 2012, and was buried at Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, NV. Melvin was a SGT in the US Army, and served in World War II.



March 18, 1894 Mary married Charles Tribbett in Yuma, (the Colorado record says GASHAM, performed by L.C. Warren, minister)  and in 1900 they were in Holyoke, where Charles March 1853 Indiana,  is a restaurant keeper with Mary December 1857 Pennsylvania.  They've been married six years, and have, born in Colorado Nelson January 1895, Hazel B. June 1896, and Ella January 1899, all Colorado.  Also with them is John A. , born May 1881 and Cora M. April 1887, both Nebraska

1899 Claude Tribbett of Hastings, Neb., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tribbett. 

(There was a Charley Tribbett in 1885 Hastings, Nebraska, age 34, Illinois, with Lizzie, 32.  They have Claude 6, John 4, Eddie 2, and Albert two-months.  That Claude matches the WWI Yuma registration of Claud.   In 1900 Magee Claud Triblet, 20 , born Nebraska, is a rancher, married to Elger, 17,  So there could have been two Charles Tribbetts in Nebraska, and the newspaper had the relationship wrong....)

April 25, 1957


1904 "Miss Hazel Tribbett of Holmesville, Nebraska, is visiting Yuma friends and relatives."

Charles Tribbett with his second wife, Mary Ann (Gashaw) Tribbett. Their 3 children are behind: Hazel, Ella, Nels. About 1909.

Thank you, Paul Morris

October 7, 1910


  Buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Beatrice. 

  Dwight Gashaw wrote in the West Yuma County history "upon the death of Mary, Ella took three of the latter's children and raised them."

Ella, daughter of Charles M. Tribbett (1853-1947) and Mary Ann (Gashaw) Tribbett (1857-1910), was born in Yuma January 15, 1899,  Sister to Nelson Gashaw Tribbett (1895-1955), Hazel Buelah (Tribbett) Stephens (1896-1919).

Ella married Elmer G. Beehler (1892-1985) on 17 Jun 1919 in Denver. She died in flu epidemic.  May 14, 1927, and is buried in the Yuma cemetery.
History of Colorado " Among the younger bankers of Washington county, Colorado is Harry C. Stephens, who is cashier of the Farmers State Bank of Otis.  He was born in Osage county Kansas,  July 31, 1894 to Preston and Leona (Stice) Stephens.  In 1899 they....went to Yuma, where Preston engaged in the general merchandise business.  He still makes his home in that city but is now connected with the furniture business .  ...Harry received his education in Yuma and also in the district schools of Washington County, and in 1910 secured a position as clerk and bookkeeper in the First National Bank of Yuma........In May 1917 Mr. Stephens came to Otis and ...with others organized the Farmers State Bank.....On the 14th of October 1914, Mr. Stephens married Hazel E. Tribbett, daughter of Charles and Mary (Gashaw) Tribbett, the former being numbered among the honored pioneers of Yuma, where he follows agricultural pursuits.  His wife passed away in 1919.  Mr. and Mrs. Stephens have one child, Dorothy Irene, whose birth occurred October 2, 1915."

Leona Mary Stice born 19 July 1873 Osage Co KS d. 14 Sept 1958 San Bernardino CA married Preston Stephens
Lona married Preston STEPHENS on 1892 in Lyndon, Osage, Kansas. Preston
was born 10 Dec 1869 in Indianola, Warren, Iowa. He died 30 Mar 1947 in
Azuza, Los Angeles, California.

July 1913 Harry went on a month's visit with his parents in Washington and a tour of the Pacific coast.  He was accompanied by Nelson Tribbett, who had been at Long Beach California for the past year."

In January 1914 Harry Stephens and Nelson Tribbett purchased the G.W. Nelson barber shop.

October 1914


Harry and Hazel had Dorothy Irene in 1915 and Hazel died March 13, 1919

Harry Carl STEPHENS died on 20 Jan 1969.

  age 16 1910 census home 3 family 3 Yuma pct. 4, Yuma county, Colorado ED 295 p. 1A     name given as Harry C. Stephens
  age 25 1920 census home 182 family 157 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co. Calif     ED 89 sheet 7B.  Name given as Harry C. Stephens, living with his father

  1. World War 1 Draft Registration Cards, in Washington county, Colorado, bank cashier

RESEARCH NOTE: It is assumed that the two children living with him in 1920 are his children (they are listed as grandchildren of Harry's father).

 Harry married Miss Hazel Beulah TRIBBETT on 14 Oct 1914 in probably, , Colorado, United States.

NAME:  surname from the death record of daughter Dorothy  


Joseph B. Campbell cash-claimed a quarter in 28 2N 48W in 1890, so he was in Yuma at least some of that time.


Also in 1900 "Miss Ella Gashaw is having a cellar dug under her residence."

Also in 1900 "Miss Ella Gashaw is having her city property improved." 

1900 "Nelse Gashaw passed through Yuma last Saturday night enroute to California with a car load of chickens."

1901 "Mrs. J.B. Campbell and brother, Nels Gashaw, visited this week with their sister, Mrs. C.M. Tribbett of Holyoke."

1907 "Mrs. J.B. Campbell returned on Wednesday from her visit in Nebraska and reports the Tribbett and Gashaw families prosperous and in good health."


1909 Beatrice Nebraska "Word comes from Salida, Colo., that a rich copper find has just been made by the Florence Milling company in which N.S. Gashaw, a former Beatrice resident, is interested."

January  1913

Joseph B. Campbell passed away in Long Beach, California June 9, 1916. (he had spent the winters there).

Ella died November 10, 1947.

Jonathan Kimmel, son of Jacob and Mary (Hoffman) Kimmel, was born January 28, 1798, in Stony Creek township, and made farming his life-work. He held the offices of supervisor, school director and county commissioner, was a "\A^iig
and a member of the United Brethren church. Mr. Kimmel married, July 24, 1818, Susan Meyers, born January 3, 1799,
and their children were: Mary, wife of Josiah Walker, deceased; Michael, deceased; Josiah, of whom later; John M., retired farmer of Jefferson township; Daniel, Noah, Elizabeth, and Susan, wife of Moses Gashaw, all of whom are deceased; and Jonathan J., retired farmer of Berlin. The death of Mr. Kimmel occurred July 7, 1878, and that of his widow January 14, 1883.

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