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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

J.H. Grannis

, Yuma

In 1850 St. Joseph County, Indiana, John Grannis is 6, living with John Rupel 49 and Anna 48. Their kids are Jack 26, Geraldine 17, Mary 13, Nelson 13. With them is Catherine Knott, probably the Catherine Rupel who marrried Samuel Knott there in April 1847. 21.
One tree said Elizabeth Rupel 1825-1873 married Robert Grannis, then James Harvey in 1848.

It said Robert was born 1823 in Erie County, New York, dying June 6, 1846 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.
Robert Grannis married Betsey Ruple in Cass County Michigan April 30 1843.

So John and Anna are probably grandparents. John 1800-1854 and Anna 1802-1886 are buried in St. Joseph County ##105741955.
In 1860 LaGrange County, Indiana, Isaac P. Grannis is 46, Connecticut, Rhoda 40 Ohio, William 20, Henry 17, and John 5.

In 1870 LaGrange County, Indiana, John is 15, with Rhoda 50.
John Henry Grannis married Alice Amanda Powers in Cass COunty Michigan Jan 12, 1872.
He was born at North Liberty Indiana, a loading agent. She was born at Coldwater Michigan.
Witnesses were Lillie Edwards of Cassopolis and Abbie Edwards of Pokagon. Abbie Edwards married George P. Elliott in November 1872 in Casws County, so she probably wans't a sister of Alice.

In 1880 St. Joseph County, Indiana, John H. Grannis is a farmer, 36, married to Allice 25, Michigan.

In 1885 Fayette County, Henry Grannis is a mail service, 43 Indiana, with Caroline 42 New York. John is 17, farming, born in Fayette County.

Henry served in the civil war, married Carrie A. Hubbell April 5, 1866. They had Harry Theodore, Bessie Beulah, Herbert Richard, Abbie Helen, and John Sherman. So this is likely not our John.
In 1887 "Evidence was taken here this week, in a very interesting contest case entitled Grannis vs Rathburn, in which Messrs. Abbott and Pendleton, of this place, for the contestant and Louis Dugal, of Denver, for the defendant."

J.H. proved up 120 acres in 27, 2N 48W, south of current-U.S. 34, in 1896.

1899 "Miss May Grannis, of Fayette, Iowa, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Grannis.
March 1899

March 1900 "John Grannis, the merchant, left today for Chicago, where he will buy new spring goods. Mr. and Mrs. Grannis will meet in that city and return home together." - McCook Republian.
December 6, 1901
September 1902 McCook "Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grannis are now at home in their own residence just built, one of the cosiest in the city."

February 1903 "J. H. Grannis is over at Norton, Kansas this week looking after business interests - McCook Republican"

July 1903 McCook "Miss May Grannis arrived from Fayette, Iowa, Tuesday, and will be the guest of her cousin J.H. Grannis for a number of weeks."

September 1903 "J.N. Rupel of Indiana, who has been visiting on the Pacific coast for a few weeks, came in from the west on 14, Saturday evening, and was the guest of his nephews J. H. Grannis and J.J. Garrard until Monday night, when he left on 6 for the east. A friedn Oliver Fulmer accompanied him.,"

September 1903 "J. J. Garrard and family expect to leave shortly for California to reside."

August 1903 "Mr. and Mrs. Hud Jackson have moved to the Grannis property."

1905 "John Grannis says there are times when he cannot refrain from buying coal."

1905 "Preston Stephens has sold the Yuma Hotel to T. W. Plumb of Eastonville, Colorado, who will take charge the first of next month. Mr. Stephens has purchased the John Grannis property south of town, and will move out there as soon as the change at the hotel takes place."

1907 "T.W. Plumb and wife have moved to their home on Grannis Heights."

1907 "Miss Elizabeth Bettcher departed for her home in North Liberty, Indiana. Miss Elizabeth has been a memeber of the teacher corps of the McCook schools and mre recently has had in charge the books of her uncle John Grannis' store. Mary warm friends and admirers wish her a safe journey and an early return."

Elizabeth Bettcher was an 1895 graduate of Indiana University.

In Des Moines Iowa on October 6, 1908, Justin Grannis, age 26, son of John Grannis and Cathereine Grove, married Anna Benjamin. age 20.

In 1909 Elizabeth Bettcher was an instructor in the McCook high school.
"In the 1909 MHS annual, there was certainly a picture of the girls' basketball team. It appears there were six members, none identified and two female coaches who I believe were Virginia Bowlby and Elizabeth Bettcher. "

In 1911 she was the Red Willow County Supeintendent.
In 1922 she was in Wayne, Nebraska, elected to the Nebraska Woman's Educational Club's Executiive Committee of the Nebraska
March 26, 1909

May 1909 "The Wheeler-Palmer Enterprise Co. of Beatrice have purchased the salvage of the Grannis store fire, paying $400,00 therefor."

1909 McCook "Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Grannis departed Saturday night, for Texas, where they expect to locate and make their home."
May 25, 1909 "A card from Galveston, Texas announces the sending of greetings from J. H. Grannis."

In 1910 John H. Grannis is running a general store in Harris County, Texas, 53, born in Indiana, with Alice 45, married thirty years. Alice was born in Michigan.
John was appointed postmaster of South Houston in 1912, replacing G.F. Aldrich, who resigned.

John died in Houston February 12, 1921, born January 29, 1855 in Indiana, son of Robert Grannis of Connecticut and E. Ruple of Indiana
He was to be buried in Evergreen Cemetery.
In 1926 Houston, Alice (Widow of John H. ) is a postmaster in South Houston, living on South Houston.

In 1930 Fort Worth, Texas, Alice M. Grannis is a resident at the Eastern Star Home, widowed, 74, born in Michigan, father Ohio, mother Pennsylvania.
Alice died at the Eastern Star Home in 1935, and her death certificate said she was to be buried in Houston.

She might be the Alice M. Powers in 1860 and 1870 Indiana, with parents James E. and Sarah Powers. James is buried in North Dakota, sister Ella S. White in Los Angeles, 1862-1961 # 60012095.

John's half-sister Louisa Harvey 1849-1850 is buried in South Bend, Indiana # 11401574 - duplicated by 11401569.

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