Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Emmett Graves, Yuma

David Graves married Melissa E. Thompson in 1868 in Jasper County, Iowa.

In 1885 Furnas County, Nebraska, David Graves is farming, 44, with Melissa 34 both born in Illinois.
Emmett is 14, born in Kansas, Mary 12 and Francis 10 in Iowa, Walter 8 in Kansas, Harry 5 and Ira 3 in Iowa.

The 1890 Furnas County farmers' gazetteer has
"Graves D S, Holbrook.
Graves H T, Spring Green."

In 1900 Furnas County, Emmet, born June 1870, is farming. David 59 and Malissa 47 are with him. Sister Minnie 24 and brother Ira 18 are with him.

In 1910 Furnas County, Melissa is 58, widowed, living with sons Emmit 38 and Frank 33.
Emmit is single in 1920 Washington County, Colorado 49, farming, living alone.

Emmet is a farm laborer in 1930 Modesto California, 61, with brother Harvey, 50.

Febraury 7, 1935

The nice tombstone in Yuma has Emmett Graves 1870-1935, # 49997322.

February 14, 1935 "Mr. and Mrs. Ira Graves of Holbrook, Nebaska, and Bert Graves of Denver were in Yuma last week, having been called here by the death of Emmet Graves last Thursday."
(Bert E. Graves 1883-1961 and Sarah 1883-1967 are buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.)

In 1939, land in 1S 49W that Emmet sold in 1928 to Harry O. Green, for $1,750 and a note, was sold at auction. Heirs were Ira Graves of Anderson Missouri, Harvey Graves address unknown, Claudine Brown of Treece, Kansas, Harry Orio Taylor of National City California, Rose Edith Alexander of Dallas, Oregon (care of N.N. Hold), Clarence Emmmet Taylor of Dallas, Oregon.


May 1913 Akron, Colorado "Frank Graves threshed some of the finest rye raised in this section of the country. How is that for dry farming at Spence?"
Frances Marion Graves, 41, married Lydia Marinda Beach on July 2, 1917 in Akron Colorado.

Ira Graves married Mabel B. Stuckey in Furnas County March 13, 1907.

1919 Akron, Colorado "Frank Graves and Harry Briggler autoed to Brush last week."
In 1920 Washington County, Colorado, Ira Graves is farming 36, with Mable 32 born in Missouri. Rodney E. is 5, Cecile L. 2, both born in Kansas.
Frank M. Graves is next, 42, with Lydia M. 40.

Walter Graves, married Ida B. Pegrum, 22 on November 19, 1906 in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.

Walter Graves is farming in Washington County in 1920, too, 41. He's married to Ida 38 born in Missouri, with Virdeen 7 Claudine 5 and grandson Lloyd 4, all three born in Kansas.

In 1930 Ottawa County, Oklahoma, Ida is widowed, 45, with Claudine 15. Daughter Verdine Sanders is 18 with husband Willie 20 and Billy Jean 2, and grandson Lloyd Jolly is 16 born in Kansas.

In 1940 Treece, Kansas, Ida is widowed, 62, with daughter Claudine Brown 24 married to Robert Brown and their daughter Suenita 3. Betty Jean Sanderes 12 and Laverne Lee Sanders 9m, also grandchildren born in Oklahoma are with her.
Ira Eugene Graves 1882-1945 is buried in Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas # 27988930, with Mabel Blanche (Stuckey) Graves 188-1983.
Eugene Rodney Graves 1914 1963 is buried in Nevada, Missouri # 85502381.

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