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John F. and Elizabeth (Hartzer) Heiserman, brother Louis J. and Harriet (Harris) Heiserman

In 1870 Monroe County, Iowa, Michael Hartzer is farming, 55, with Ann 40. He was born in Wurtemburg, she in Germany. Phebe is 15, Christiana 8, Elizabeth 6, Philip 4, and Frederick 1.

In 1880 Monroe County, Michael Heartzer is farming 65, born in Wurtemberg, Germany, with Anna 57 in Baden. Chistina 18, Lizzy 16, Philip 14, Fred 12, and John 7 were born in Iowa.
On the same page are three other Heartzer families, Kate 58 with Earnest 20, George 27 with Margaret 24 and Lulu 3, and Philip 56, Julia 59, with Anna 2 Malshi 20 and Batthes 17.

John F. Heiserman, 23, born at St. Louis Missouri to John J. Heiserman and Martina Adlon, married Elizabeth A. Hartzer, 22, born in Monroe County, daughter of M Hartzer and Anna Sheppard in Monroe County Iowa June 22, 1885.

April 6, 1903

June 22, 1909 "Mrs. John Heiserman and mother, Mrs. Hartzer, left Sunday evening for Albia, Iowa. After visiting a few days, Mrs. Heiserman will return."

January 5, 1906 "Mrs. Hartzer is quite sick at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Heiserman. - - Heiserman has a complete new stock of wagons and buggies. Buggies from $ 45 up."

July 23, 1909 Yuma "Mrs. Hartzer is reported in very poor health."

In 1900 Yuma County, John Heiserman is a stock raiser, born April 1863 in Missouri, with Lizzie A. Dec 1863 Iowa. They have Lemont Dec 1886 Colorado. With them is Lizzie's mother Anna Hartzer August 1829 Germany, widowed. She's had eight childen, six living.

Next to them are the Gardner families, including John. So the Heisermans must be living on their homestead, in 30, 2N 47W, which John proved up in 1893, about three miles southeast of Yuma.

In 1910 Yuma, John F. and Lizzie A. are both 46, with Lamont 23 running a hardware store. Anna Hartzer is 80, still with them. The census was taken April 15, 1910.

June 17, 1910 Yuma Pioneer "After an illness of nearly two years, Mrs. Anna Hartzer, mother of Mrs. J. F. Heiserman, passed quietly away at 6:00 o'clock last Saturday evening. Mrs. Hartzer has been failing in health for the past three years and about two years ago came here from Albia, Iowa and took up her residence with her daughter, hoping this climate would improve her condition. She was born in Germany and came to this country when quite young. She was nearly 80 years old. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Heiserman accompanied the remains to Albia, Iowa, where interment was made on Tuesday."

May 30, 1913

August 24, 1917

November 22, 1918

July 30, 1925

March 16, 1933

February 25, 1943

June 17, 1943

November 30, 1950

August 1939 "Mrs. Thora C. Hobbs, sister of Mrs. L.R. Heiserman, died in Denver."

August 3, 1939
January 4, 1940
July 24, 1941

December 7, 1961

Lemont Roy Heiserman is buried in Yuma, # 50790466.

Geraldine died in 1966, and is buried in Yuma # 50790463.
May 5, 1966

2007 "The Presbyterian Foundation, in Jeffersonville, Ind., has received a bequest of $10-million from the estate of Geraldine C. Heiserman, who, with her husband, owned and farmed land in Yuma, Colo., to support the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Ms. Heiserman died in 1966, but the bequest was just released to the foundation."

This is a sister of Elizabeth Hartzer Heiserman.
Anna Hartzer, born Jan 10, 1859 at Albia, married Anthan Deininger (his second marriage). He's buried in Riverside Wauneta, Nebraska Jan 4, 1976.

This is a brother of Elizabeth Hartzer Heiserman.

August 28, 1919 "Mrs. Fred Hartzer and daughter, Miss Isabel, who had been visiting with J.F. and Lemont Heiserman for a few days, left for their home at Albia Iowa on the afternoon train Monday.

September 17, 1909 "Fred Hartzer of Iowa is out on a visit at the home of his sister Mrs. J. F. Heiserman."

Mike Hartzer died Feb 8, 1895, buried in Albia # 100846529 with Anna 1828-1910 dying in Iowa # 100846376.

This is a sister of Elizabeth Hartzer Heiserman
Christina Doan is in Lucas County, Iowa in 1885, with Artemas Doan, 29 both born in Monroe County and Artemis 1 born in Polk county. In 1900 Tulare California, Artemus Doan born June 1862 in Iowa, is single, a barber living in a rooming house. Artemus is in the Stockton California state hospital, divorced, “Imagines people are after him. Imagines that his family are against him. Is said to have driven his wife and child out of the house with a razor. Artemus V. Doan died Feb 16, 1909 in Chicago, a barber, to be buried in Graceland.
April 1907 "Mrs. Doan of Chicago is visiting her mother, Mrs. Hartzer, and sister, Mrs. John Heiserman."
In 1919 Little Rock Arkansas, Artemus V. is a clerk, living at 1822 Summit, and Christena (Wid Artemus V) is at 1505 Marshall. Artemus Verness Doan registered for WWI in Little Rock, born April 8, 1883, an optometrist. Artemus V. Doan 1883-1964 is buried in Little Rock # 71870770. So is Christina 1852-1924 # 71870916. Son Lamont Doan died June 7, 2003 buried in Laumelle, Arkansas # 53064637. daughter Verna Doan Middlebrooks 1916-2003 is buried in Little Rock # 72003044.

In 1911 William R. Heiserman is an undertaker in Flagler.

William at one time was mayor of Flagler.

Hazel H. Heiserman married Thomas J. Tuttle December 17, 1910, recorded in Washington County, Colorado.

George F. Heiserman proved up a quarter in 18, 4N 48W in 1898.

Philip Hartzer, son of Mike and Anna, 1866-1933 is buried in Albia # 95688740.

Fred 1869-1948 is also in Albia # 105276695.

June 22, 1900 "Mrs. John Heiserman and mother, Mrs. Hartzer, left Sunday evening for Albia, Iowa. After visiting a few days, Mrs. Heiserman will return."

October 25, 1907 "Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Heiserman and J. Heiserman left today for Albia, Iowa, in response to a message that their mother, Mrs. Peppers, is dangerously ill. "

August 10, 1900 G. M. Heiserman and family of Albia, Iowa, L. J. Heiserman and family of Pleasantville, Iowa, and R H.. Pepper and family of Albia, Iowa are visiting at the home of their brother, John Heiserman.

October 20, 1905 "Mrs. Hartzel and son of Albia, Iowa, mother and brother of Mrs. J. F. Heiserman, of this city, arrived here Tuesday for a short visit."

April 17, 1908 "John and Lou Heiserman received a telegram Tuesday hastening them to Albia, Iowa, where their mother lies at the point of death.

August 28, 1908 "Miss Blanch Heiserman of Albia, Iowa, arrived Tuesday afternoon for a visit at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Heiserman. "Mrs. Doan who has been visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. F. Heiserman, returned Tuesday to her home in Chicago."

In 1923 John was vice President of the Farmers State Bank of Yuma, and L.R. was a director.

August 24, 1961 "Miss Verna Doan of Little Rock Arkansas has been visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lemont Heiserman. M. Heiserman is Miss Doan's cousin."


In 1900 Marion County, Iowa, Lou J. Heiserman is farming, born Oct 1860 in Missouri, married 18 years to Hattie Aug 1864, with William June 1882, Vera B. Mar 1885, Hazel Feb 1890, and Roy March 1900.

May 20, 1910
Gilbert, The First 2132
Has been duly registered as standard under rules 1, 5, 8, 10 and 11, in Vol. 7, of American Draft Horse Register. Sired by Bakol No. 437, 218, weight 2260, Ham, Laura by Langster, Nos. 13811-22,701, weight 1900. Gilbert will stand this season at the L. J. Heiserman barn in Wray, Colorado. Terms: $ 10 to insure colt to stand and suck. Removing mares from county forfeits insurance and fee becomes due and payable at once. Care will be taken to prevent accidents, but will not be responsible should any occur.
L. J. Heiserman, Owner.
July 22, 1910 Wray Rattler "Louis J. Heiserman was born at St. Louis, Mo., October 31, 1860, died July 12, 1910, at the age of 49 years, 9 mo. and 11 days. He lived at St. Louis until the year 1865, when he moved with his parents to Albia, Iowa, making his home in Iowa until 1902, then moving to Colorado with his family where he resided until his death. Mr. Heiserman was married to Harriet Harris, of Albia, Iowa, March 22, 1882. To this union were born seven children, five of whom survive. They are Wm. Heiserman, of Flagler, Colo., Vera Tuttle of Yuma, Hazel, Roy and Harriet Heiserman, all of Wray. The children were all present at the funeral. Two daughters died in infancy. Mr. Heiserman was taken into the Presbyterian church in infancy. Later he joined the Christian church of which he was a faithful member to the end. He was also a believer in fraternity, being a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, the Modern Brotherhood of America, Yeoman, and also of the Odd Fellows until recently. He was awarded the ax by the Woodmen as being the oldest member of his camp. Funeral services were conducted Saturday morning at Yuma, by the Rev. V. W. Walthall of Holyoke, and burial was made at the Yuma cemetery."

July 15, 1910
L. J. Heiserman, for many years a resident of Yuma county, died at Denver last Tuesday evening after a brief illness. Something like a month ago Mr. Heiserman's mind became affected and he was taken to Denver to a private sanitarium, to receive special treatment, in the hopes that his reasoning power would be restored. His death was probably duo directly to a paralytic stroke. For a number of years Mr. Heiserman lived near Yuma, but the past year he had lived at Wray. He was a prominent man in Yuma county affairs, having always been a staunch supporter of the county fair. At the time of going to press no arrangements are made as to the time of the funeral, it being impossible to locate his son Will, who is some place in Iowa. The body was brought to Yuma at which place the funeral will be held, Mr. Heiserman is survived by a wife and five children. The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the bereaved ones.
Louis J. Heiserman - Oct 31, 1860 -July 12, 1910 is buried in Yuma # 50790467.

Hattie Heiserman proved up two quarters in 8, 10S 50W in 1915 – Kit Carson County.

William proved up one quarter in 7, 10S 50W in 1912.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Hattie Heiserman is 55, widowed, with son Roy B. 19 an electrician, both born in Iowa. Harriet M. is 15 born in Colorado.

1924 "Mrs. L.R. Heiserman, who had been visiting with her mother at Greeley for a week or more, returned to Yuma on the afternoon train last Friday."

1937 Denver Hattie Heiserman (Wid L. J. ) is at 1211 S. Gaylord.

Harriet (Harris) Heiserman died in 1948, # 50790464.

November 18, 1948

Harriet (Harris) Heiserman 1864-1948 is buried in Yuma # 50790464.


William R. Heiserman is in Flagler, Colorado in 1910, a harnessmaker, married to Katie B. born in Iowa, both 27.

He registered for WWI in Flagler, an undertaker.

October 3, 1914

William R. Heiserman married Alice B. Beattie March 19, 1920, recorded in Arapahoe County.

June 9, 1922 Castle Rock newspaper
Announcement has just been received here by friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Heiserman telling of the birth of a baby daughter to them on June 1st. The little miss will be known as Phyllis Louise.

In 1925 Denver, Wm. R. is a druggist, living at 3501 Tennyson.
William and Alice divorced in Arapahoe County in 1925. In 1930 Englewood, Colorado, Phyllis is 7, with divorced mother Alice 32 born in Missouri, a cashier. They're living with Alice's mother Carrie A. Beattie 64.

Phyllis Louise Heiserman was adopted in 1932 Arapahoe County.

In 1940 Denver, Phyllis is 17, with William Robertson 42 and Alice 40.

In 1959 Denver, William J. Robertson (Alice B.) live at 559 S. Grant.
Phyllis Louise Fischer died March 6, 2007.

Fischer, Phyllis L.
June 1, 1922 March 6, 2007. She was born in Denver. Phyllis was preceded in death by her husband, Walter. She is survived by her son, Paul H. (Vicki) Fischer; daughter, Karla F. (Mark) Hornbrook; five grandchildren; and great-granddaughter. Private interment at later date in the Memorial Garden at First Plymouth Congregational Church, Denver (Actually in Cherry Hills, Arapahoe County), Colorado.
Published in Denver Post from Mar. 16 to Mar. 18, 2007
Phyllis, # 154402711, and Walter O. Fischer 1918-1978 share a marker.

William Robert Heiserman and Florence Lucille Bennett, both of Los Angeles, married SeptemBer 27, 1937 in Holbrook, Arizona.

In 1930 Los Angeles, William - a wholesale coffin salesman - and Florence are alone.

In 1940 Los Angeles, William is a mortician, 57, Florence 37 born in California.

William registered for WWII in Pasadena California, self—employed, born Jan 28, 1883 in Albia, Iowa. Reference was Mary Hall of Pasadena
December 22, 1960

Heiserman, William R., of Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA, married Langcamp, Ethel, Denver, Denver, CO on 1944 Nov 18, in Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado.
William R. Heiserman 1883-1960 # 50790468 is buried in Yuma.

Ethel Heiserman, born Oct 29, 1889, died April 1979. Her last residence was at Grants Pass, Oregon.
She might be the Ethel V. Kivett who married Henry Langcamp on December 29, 1909, recorded in Pueblo Colorado. They were in Flagler, Colorado in 19320 and 1930.

June 9, 1905
" A quiet little wedding took place at Omaha, Nebraska, last Wednesday, the contracting parties being Miss Vera Heiserman and Mr. W. 0. Tuttle. Both these young people formerly lived in Yuma, and have a host of friends here who have nothing but good wishes for them in their journey through life together. Mrs. Tuttle is a young lady of fine traits of character and her sunny disposition and kindly ways have won for her many warm friends. Mr. Tuttle is a straightforward honest young man, and is well and favorably liked by all who know him. Since going to Omaha he has secured a position with a large mercantile firm in that city, where he is now employed. By his honesty and good works he has won the esteem of his employers and is enjoying the best of prosperity. Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle will take up house keeping at Omaha for the present but may later return to Yuma. The Pioneer joins with their many friends in extending congratulations and good wishes. May happiness and prosperity ever be with them on their matrimonial voyage ."

Winfield Tuttle presented his claim for the southeast of 32, 3N 48W in 1908, witnesses Stephen Reece, Luther Mustain, John Harron, and Frank Hammond.

Vera Tuttle is 25 in 1910 Yuma County, married four years to Winnie O. Tuttle – a pool hall employee - 26, with Frederick A. 3 and Earl H. 1. They're on the same page as John and Lizzie Heiserman....

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Winfield is a real estate agent, 35, Vera 34, Frederick 13, Earl 11, and Ralph 8.

Vera B. (Elliott) Tuttle 1885-1972 is buried in Colorado Springs # 64939469, with Winfield Owen Tuttle 1884- 1927 # 64939604.

Vera is widowed in 1930 Colorado Springs, 45, no occupation, with Ralph A. 17 a salesman.

Vera Tuttle married Frank D. Elliott September 21, 1935, recorded in Kit Carson County.
In 1940 Goodland, Kansas, Vera V. is 55, married to Frank D. Elliott, a railroad engineer.

Frank 1882-1967 is buried in Harlan County, Nebraska # 50774824.
"Frank D. Elliott is the son of John and Mahala (Abrahams) Elliott and married Bessie M Woods on 19 Sep 1908 in Goodland, Kansas. The marriage ended in divorce. Children born to this marriage were; Howard b.c1910; Harold A b.c1914. Frank worked for Rock Island Railroad and lived in Goodland, Kansas and prior to that had worked as a carpenter in Bird City. As late as 1953 he was known to be living in Goodland."


In 1920 Arriba, Colorado, Clarence Tuttle has a drug store, with "Helen" 29, and Leora 8.

Hazel is divorced in 1930, 38, in Stratton Colorado, a proprietor, with Leora 18.

In 1937 Grand Junction, she's living at 261 Chipeta Avenue with Godfrey E. Karraker.

Godfrey is buried in Pueblo # 29505995 1899-1965

Hazel Karraker born Feb 23, 1890 died July 1969, last residence Cedaredge, Colorado.


Chrispin Burbanks 1857-1894 is buried in Pulaski County, Missouri # 66844290, "Husband of Emma."

In 1900 Pulaski County, Lillian Burbanks is 7, with mother Emma Robinson Burbanks 34. Aunt Nora Robinson, 23, is with them.

1903 Pulaski County "Mrs. Emma Burbanks and little daughter are in from the Territory for a visit" (maybe visiting a sister in Oklahoma??)

(Nora Robinson married Alf L. Traw in Richland on October 5, 1902. She's buried in Le Flore County, Oklahoma 1876-1963 # 71872706. Alfred Q. Traw 1869-1961 is also buried there, # 71872744.

1913 Pulaski County " Lillian Burbanks, of the Wet Glaize, is visiting her sister. Lessie Traw, this week."
(the Auglaize, or as it was called, the Wet Glaize Creek.)
Lillian Burbank was in Flagler in 1920, teaching school, 27, born in Missouri.

Roy B. Heiserman, of Flagler Colorado, married Lillian Burkanks of Richland, "Dulaske" Missouri on Sept 21, 1920.

Roy is an oil man in 1930 Arriba, Colorado, 30, with Lillian 32, Jack B. 7, Emma 4, and Saralee 2.
Roy Birch Heiserman 1900-1934 is buried in Flagler # 13989848.
November 22, 1934

Lillian Edith B. Heiserman taught in Lincoln County, Colorado in 1937.
In 1940 Pulaski County, Missouri, Lillian is 47, widowed, with Jack B. 17, Emma 14, and Sara Lee 12.
June 22, 1951 Greeley, Colorado
" Mrs. Lillian Heiserman returned to her home at 1700 Thirteenth avenue Sunday afternoon following an extensive vacation which she spent with friends and relatives. Mrs. Heiserman and her mother, Mrs. A. C. Traw, drove to Denver to the home of son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Akin. Mrs. Akin is the former Emma Lou Heiserman, who attended Colorado state College of Education before her marriage. From Denver the quartet went to Richland, Mo., to the home of Mrs. Traw, which she rents during the winter. Mrs. Traw will return to her daughter's home September. Leaving Missouri the group traveled to Silver Springs Md., where they spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Hosea. Mrs. Hosea, the daughter of Mrs. Heiserman, is the former Sara Lee Heisermam, She also attended CSCE. The group then visited New York City where they rode the ferry boat to Staten Island, saw the Great Caruso at the Radio City theater and as they were leaving Radio City, saw General and Mrs. Douglas MacArthur. In Washington, D.C., they toured the Pentagon, visited the Library of Congress, Mount Vernon and the capitol. They were entertained at a military dinner at the Army-Navy Country club before leaving Washington. In Chicago the party spent a few days at the home of Mr. Akin's parents and toured places of interest, including the Board of Trade and the Museum of Science and Industry. From Chicago. Mrs. Heiserman returned with the Akinses to Denver and leaving them, returned to Greeley."

August 8, 1960 "Mrs. Lillian Heiserman, 67, who retired in May after teaching first grade at Delta school for 14 years, died Monday morning at Weld County General hospital. She resided at 1700 11th Ave.
Born Dec. 18, 1892 at Richland, Mo., Mrs. Heiserman was graduated from Richland High school. She later moved to Springfield, Mo., where she attended Southwest Missouri State College, and received her temporary teaching certificate. Mrs. Heiserman first taught at Alamosa. She then moved to Flagler where she met her husband, Roy Birch Heiserman. They were married Sept. 21, 1920 at Richland, Mo. They lived at Arriba until 1932 when they returned to Flagler. He died at Flagler in 1934. In 1935, Mrs. Heiserman came to Greeley and attended Colorado State College. She moved to Richland, Mo., in 1957 and taught there for four years. She returned to Arriba in 1941 and to Greeley in 1946. :Mrs. Heiserman received her AB degree from CSC in 1951. She was a member of the First Congregational church and the American Legion auxiliary.
Surviving are three children Mrs. Jay (Emma Lou) Akin of Merced, Calif., Mrs. Melvin E. (Saralee) Hosea of Silver Springs, Md., and Jack Heiserman of Denver, her mother, Mrs. Emma Z. Traw of Greeley; and two stepbrothers and a step-sister, Homer S. Traw of Los Angeles, Audrey Traw of Dallas, Texas, and Mrs. R. M. Titterington of Fulton, Mo;
Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m: Wednesday from the Adamson Memorial.chapel.
Lillian 1892-1960 is buried in Flagler # 13989836.

Heirs were "Jack B. Heiserman, 1120 South Elm, Denver, Colorado, Son; Emma Lou Akin, 717 Robinson Drive, Merced, California. Daughter Saralee Hosea, 3E09 Hurrel Street, Silver Springs, Maryland, Daughter."

(1956 Greeley " Jay M. Akin, a CSCE graduate, is the new administrator of ihe Merced County General hospital. Akin was graduated from CSCE in 1949. His wife, the former Emma Lou Heiserman, daughter of Mrs. Lillian E. Heiserman, 1700 Fifteenth avenue, was -also graduated from CSCE where she majored in business education. The Akins have two children Mark, 4, and Jayne Lou, 2. Akin was born in Oak Park, Til. He was graduated from high school in Maywood, 111., and served in the army from 1942 until 1945. He received his degree from CSCE in business administration and science. In 3950 Akins was graduated from the University of Michigan with a master's degree in public health. Following college Akin was business manager and executive director of the Colorado General Hospital Rheumatic Fever and Heart department in Denver for two and one-half years. Akins received his master's degree in hospital administration in 1953 from the University of California. He served one and one-h'alf years as administrative resident at the San Diego County General hospital. He has been administrator of the Tulare County General hospital the past two years."

1970 Fresno, California " Jay Akin, administrator of the Merced General Hospital, is the lew president of the 46-member Hospital Council of Central Cali- omia, succeeding Edward S. Glavis Jr., administrator of Vnl- ey Children's Hospital in ·Yesno. Akin was active in the forma- ion of the council in 1968 and ms been a member of the board of directors and executive committee. "

In 1900 Camden County, Missouri, A.C. Traw is a miller, born March 1859 married 21 years to Doa July 1859, wtih Aubrey Aug 1886, Homer July 1887, and Liddie April 1891, all born in Missouri.

A.C. Traw married Emma Burbanks December 24, 1906 in Richland, Missouri.
In 1910 Camden County, Alexander C. is 51, second marriage for both him and Emma. Lillian Burbanks is 17, and Alex's daughter Lessie is 19, all born in Missouri.
Lessie is also listed in her grandparents' John W. Pritchett 75 and Kate F. 72 in 1910 Pulaski County, Missouri.

Alexander C. Traw 60 and Emma 53 are in Pulaski COunty in 1920, with Vena, 17 born in Missouri.
Emma (Robinson) Traw 1866-1964 died in Stanislaus County, California per # 68068691, buried in Pulaski County "Daughter of Josiah H. and Sarah (Harris) Robinson, Married Bud BUrbanks and then Cortez Traw. Alexander Cortez Traw 1859-1943 is buried in Pulaski County # 68068661.

(Homer S. Traw, born July 23, 1888 in Missouri, mother's name Pritchet, died November 14, 1966 in Los Angeles County.)
(Joel Aubrey Traw, born Feb 12, 1886 in Richland, Missouri, died December 27, 1961 in Henderson County, Texas - a resident of 804 W. Colorado St., Dallas, Texas.
Informant was Mae G. Traw. He was to be buried at Grove Hill, Dallas.)# 63284058.
Mae G. Traw 1887-1969 is buried at Gove Hill # 63284098.

In 1920 Camden County, Claude Foster is 26, Lessie 28, with Kathleen 4, all born in MIssouri.
Claude is a bank clerk.

In 1930 Leslie is married to Richard Titterington, 45, in Pulaski County, Missouri. Leslie is 38, with daughter Kathleen Foster, 14, born in MIssouri.

Lessie (Foster) Titterington 1891-1981 is buried in Fulton, per # 28037579.

Richard M. Titterington 1885-1950 is buried in Richland, Missouri # 68068619 "Married 12 Mar 1924 to Leslie Foster."
Lessie, of Richland, was the informant.
Melvin Eugene HOSEA Birth: 12 FEB 1924 in Wilsonville, Furnas Co.,Nebr. Military Service: 3 1/2 years Navy, served South Pacific in WWII, Aviaation Radio Tech and was Chief Petty Officer. Education: Attended school in Beaver City and graduated from High School in Alma, Nebr. Education: Attended Colorado State College and Greeley and was graduated from Denver University Occupation: Electrical Engineer W/ John Hopkins Lab in Maryland ADDR: 216 Kimblewick Dr. Silver Springs Maryland 20904 Note: He and Saralee are "Rock Hounds", antique Collectors, and he is a Ham radio operator. His call letters are WTTMR. He has talked to South Pole explorers, Barry Goldwater, and other celebrities Jack B. Heiserman 1922-1991 is buried in Fort Logan # 3351229 "Navy WWII"

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