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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Abram S. and Agnes (Marshall) Herr

Agnes was the daughter of Marshall and Maria Bailey, born May 24, 1850 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Her brother Pierce had claimed land east of Burlington, Colorado.

In 1880 Chester County, Pennsylvania, Abram S Herr is farming, 32, Agnes M. 29, C. Marshall 9, Pierce W. 6, Martha J. 2, Carrie B. 1, and his stepfather J.M. Brennan 53, a tobacco grower.

Abram cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 2N 48W in 1891, a mile north of Yuma, next to William Foreman's 1891 claim.

In 1900 Denver, Abram S. is a liquor dealer, born Feb 1848, married 30 years to Agnes M. May 1850, have Marshall - an engineer- Dec 1870, Pierce W. - day labor - Oct 1872, Martha J. Nov 1877, and B. Eliza March 1883, all born in Pennsylvania.

In 1901 Ernest Loring sued Abram S. Herr, Agnes M. Herr his wife, and J.V.C. Spelts for land in section 14.

Abram and Agnes are in Fraser, Colorado in 1910, a farmer. They're next to Pierce Herr, now married to Prude 27, with Chester P, 4 and Barbra 1.
Pierce W. Herr had married Prude "Grown" October 16, 1904, recorded in Jefferson COunty.

James H. Brown who came to Colorado with his daughter, Nancy Jane Brown and her husband John Thomas Groom in about 1875. They lived first on North Turkey Creek and then in Morrison.

Albert Groom, Alfred Groom, George Groom, Effie Groom who married James Knoll, Emma Groom who married ___ Plattes, Katherine Groom who married Jack Tansley and Ray Fuller, Edward Groom, James Groom who married Headdy _______, Prudence who married Pierce Herr, Julia who married Frank D. Baker, and Anna who married R. Elliott.

In 1920 Abraham and Agnes are back in Golden, Colorado. Pierce and his family are next to them here, too, with added Agnes 8.

April 1924 Golden "Mrs. Agnes M. Herr sold her house on the North side to M. Krupp, of Denver, this week. Mrs. Herr will leave soon for Pennsylvania."
In 1930 Agnes is in Denver, living with daughter Martha Maasen and her husband George, both 48. George is a shoe repairer.

Agnes M. Herr's estate was probated in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1936.
Agnes is buried in Golden 1855-1935, # 53261228, with Abram S. 1848-1924 # 53261239.

Martha J. Maasen's estate was probated in Jefferson County in December 1961.

1897 Philadelphia items "Marshall Herr, formerly of Denver, Col, but originally of this city, has purchased the drug store in Germantown which was recently conducted by Smyser & English."


1930 Golden "Mrs. Pierce Herr and son, Chester, visited at the Nancy Groom home last Saturday."

Pierce 1873-1969 and Prude F. 1882-1939 are buried in Morrison, Colorado.


Philadelphia- August 9, 1915
Long Journey By Automobile of a Boothwyn Man and His Aged Aunt

Accompanied by his seventy-year-old aunt, Mrs. Martha Bailey, of West Chester, C. Marshall Herr of Boothwyn is on his way back East in his automobile from the Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco. Mr. Herr piloted the automobile across the continent following the Lincoln Highway route throughout and every day that he travelled averaged over 150 miles. Mrs. Bailey is probably one of the oldest women to ever make a transcontinental trip by automobile and her experience is considered an unusual one. She has thoroughly enjoyed the trip and is greatly pleased that the return East is to be made in the automobile. C. Marshiill Herr, who is piloting the automobile, is widely known in railroad circles in this city, where he is connected with tho Philadelphia & Reading railway. His transcontinental trip is further remarkable in that he had only driven an automobile two weeks before he started across the continent. The start was made from Mr. Herr's home at Boothwyn on June 14. Mrs. Bailey was picked up later that day and before evening the car had been driven to Harrisburg. From that point in easy stages Mr. Herr proceeded along the route of the Lincoln Highway taking in Gettysburg. Bad roads and rain made progress through Ohio and Illinois difficult but at the end of the six days the machine had covered 1,003 miles. The Mississippi river was crossed at Fort Madison, Iowa, and in order to get to Lincoln, Nebraska, it was necessary to go to Ornaha to cross the river. On tho twenty-fifth of June, eleven days after the start the car had covered 1,610 miles. Two days later the car had reached Hillrose, Colorado, and on June 28. Mr. Herr and his aunt reached Golden, Colorado, the home of his parents. They remained at Golden for some time visiting Mr. Herr's relatives, a number of whom he had not seen in several years. One of the unusual features of this stop was the fact that Mr. Herr took his mother, who had never before ridden in an automobile, into Denver across the mountains several times during his stay. On July 5, Mr. Herr resumed his transcontinental trip. Together with Mrs. Bailey, he left Golden and proceeded to Laramie, Wyoming, and on the following day going to Rawlins, Wyoming. The country he declares to be rather barren and while going to Rock Springs, Wyoming, the car was followed for several miles by three large grey wolves. On July 11, tho car had travelled 3,524 miles since it left and had reached Evanston, Wyoming. At Battle Mountain, Nevada, Mr. Herr visited his sisters whom he had not seen in years. At thut point also he had his only accident of the entire trip. The brake lining gave out and he lost some time getting it repaired. After leaving Black? Horn, Nevada. Mr. Herr toured through the Echo Canon of Utah for sixty miles, the mountains towering on either side and the roads being particularly dangerous. And on July 17 he reached \ni? lay, Nevada., a new tent city of several days' growth following the start of work on a newly discovered mine., Reno was the next stop and from there the tourists started for Oakland. On July 20, they reached Oakland. California, having travelled twenty six days and cover 2470 miles. A week ago, with Mr. Herr again piloting the little car, the return trip was started. Mrs. Bailey had. been so delighted with the Westward trip that she would not hear of returning East by train and will cover another route in coming back. The automobile has withstood the trip in excellent fashion and has had no serious breakdowns in the long journey.

August 3, 1936 "C. Marshall Herr, of West Cheter, died yesterday after an extended illness. He recently retired after serving as an engineer on the Reading Railroad for 20 years. He is survived by his widow, Jennie T. Herr; two sons, James of Philadelphia, and Abram, of West Chester: 0 eider sisters r.nzanetti Andrew, of California, and Mrs. Martha Mason, of Denver, Colo. Four grandchildren also survive.
Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon from his late residence, with interment in Birmingham township. (Lafayette Cemetery)
1956 "Mrs. Mae Militland, 300 Ridge rd., Linwood, from Ches rd., died this week in Gampian, Fla. She was 84. Solemn Requiem Mass will be... grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, and a sister, Mrs. Jennie Herr, Oakhurne, Chester County"

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