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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Henry and Harriet C. (Roggen) James, her mother Sarah T. Roggen, her son Frank Beam

John J. Roggen married Sarah T. Wilcox in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on February 19, 1846.

In 1850 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jno. J. Roggen is an iron manufacturer, 36, Sarah T. 30, harriet C. 3, Edwin P. 2, Annie J.K. 1.
In 1860 Cleveland, Ohio, Sarah is 37, Harriet C. 14, Edward P. 13, Anna J. 11, and John J. 8 - none with occupations. Sarah T. Wilcox, 64 born in New Hampshire is with them.

In 1870 Franklin County, Pennsylvania, Henry James is a laborer, 24, with Elizabeth R. 24, Anna Laura 2, and John R. 1

In 1880 Lancaster County, Nebraska, Henry is farming, with Rebecca, both 35, Laurie 12, Katie 7, Rebecca 5, John 11, Henry 8, and Albert B. ten months. Albert was born in Nebraska, the other kids in Pennsylvania.

In 1885 Lancaster County Henry is 39, Rebecca 39, John 16, Laura 18, Katie 12, Rebecca 9, Henry 8, and Albert 6.

One tree said they divorced April 28, 1886 in Lincoln, that Anna Laura born Sep 22, 1867 married Fred N. Root and died Oct 17, 1949 in Los Angeles, that Ida Kate born Jul 14, 1872 married M. Masden and died Nov 16, 1945 in Los Angeles

In 1880 Hattie was in Morrow County, Ohio, 31, married to Martial Beam, a school teacher.  They have Wm. R. 9 born in Nebraska and Frank H. six months. 

 James did a cash claim in 1891 for a quarter in 25, 1S 47W - same time as the Binford and Soules claims, and then he proved up a quarter in section 26 in 1896.

In 1898 and 1899 Frank Beam is in Yuma County - "working for Oscar Rush at the ranch south of town."

Frank is in Sweetwater County Wyoming in 1900, a sheep herder.

In 1885 Lancaster County, Nebraska, Sarah T. Roggen is 49, born in New Hampshire, Ed 28 in Pennsylvania a clerk, and J. J. 22 a Clerk.
(E.P. Roggen was a Deputy Secretary of State in 1880 Lincoln, Nebraska, 33, with Imo 37 born in Canada, with LL. Hellen 2 and Jeanette four months, with stepsons Frank Chaffee 12 and Harry 8.
In 1886 he was Secretary of State.
1891 He's buried in Omaha, # 61168884, 1874-1926 "Served with Co. F. of the 177th Ohio" as is Helen G.(Fraser) (Chaffee) Roggen dying 1915 # 73071044. "Married William Morgan Chaffee June 28, 1866. married Edward 'S.' Roggen 1877.

Anna J. Roggen married Oscar B. "Perden" in Cleveland March 25, 1868.
He died in Cleveland in 1886 # 96303998 and duplicates # # 19600640 # 128839888.

Annie J. Brown is in Saint Andrews, Florida in 1910, 60, married twice - James H. Brown 73. Edward J. Perdue 40 is her son, a laborer in a woodwyardl.
She was living there in 1930 with her daughter Zadie Hamilton Perdue born Dec 11, 1881 in Ohio dying Oct 17, 1964 in Panama City, Florida.

Henry cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 1S 47W in 1891, and proved up a quarter in section 26 in 1896.

Sarah T. Roggen proved up a quarter in 25, 1S 47W in 1896.

August 1899 "Miss May James of Lincoln, Neb., is visiting her father, Henry James."

October 1899 "Last week Henry James sold three cows that weighed 3,770 pounds. What do you think of that for buffalo grass feeders?"

In 1900 Yuma, Henry is a stock raiser, born September 1845, married twelve years to Hattie C. Nov 1874 Pennsylvania. She's had two kids, both living.

August 1900 "Miss Jeannette Roggen, a niece of Mrs. Henry James, arrived from Omaha Thursday night. She has been engaged to teach the school in the Matt Dickson district."

Frank is in Sweetwater County Wyoming in 1900, a sheep herder.

August 30 1901

August 27, 1901 Anaconda Montana
Frank Beam Caught in the Missouri's Undertow While Bathing and Is Drowned Before Help Can Reach Him.
Special Dispatch to the Standard.
Great Falls. Aug. 26.
Frank Beam, a young man in the employ of Harry Nelson, at his Riverdale ranch about 15 miles above Great Falls, drowned yesterday evening in the Missouri river near the home of Mr. Nelson. His remains were found this afternoon and brought to Great Falls. An inquest was held by Coroner Sweeny at McAllister's undertaking rooms this evening. The verdict was death by accidental drowning. Beam is the sixth person this season to fall a victim to the deadly undertow of the Missouri in the vicinity of Great Falls. He was 24 years of age and had worked for Nelson for a little more than a year. His parents live in Yuma, Colo., and only yesterday Mr. Nelson took a letter out of the post office addressed to Beam and from his mother, who is said to be in very delicate health. Some time ago Beam quit Nelson's employ for the purpose of going home to visit his mother, but changed his mind and returned to work about a week ago. Yesterday afternoon Beam and a companion went swimming in the river a short distance below Nelson's home. Beam was unable to swim, and after wading out a short distance, struck a deep hole and the undertow took him down. Gun Lanbaugh and another party were in bathing with Beam and the former went to his rescue, only to be grasped by the drowning man and pulled under the water, and with the greatest difficulty escaped with his own life. A number of people about the ranch came to the rescue at the sound of the cries of the drowning man, but before they could reach him with a boat, which they secured near by, he had sunk for the last time. Every effort was made to find the body last evening, but without success. This morning at 8:50 Chief Cook of the police department and Fire Chief Sam French took the morning train for Riverdale and began a systematic search of the river. At 1 o'clock this afternoon the body of Beam was found in the river half a mile below the point where he was last seen. The remains were brought in on the stub tram at 4:15 and the inquest held as stated. Undertaker McAllister wired Beam's mother at Yuma, Colo., to-day. This evening he received her answer. The body will be shipped to that place tomorrow afternoon."

August 30, 1901 Yuma "The memorial service for the late Frank Beam will be held on Sunday evening in the Presbyterian church."

September 13, 1901 "Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Beam and little daughter, Olive, who are visiting at the home of his mother, Mrs. Henry James, will leave Saturday for Denver, where they will visit for a few days before returning to their home in Pittsburg."

March 1901 "Henry James has employed the Parker brothers of Vernon to conduct the stock business on hia ranch south of town."

1903 Yuma town council "George Spooner Handed in His Resignation and Carl Giddings and Henry James were Appointed in His Stead."

1905 "Bert McNichols and Preston Stephens made a trip to Henry James ranch Wednesday."

December 1906 "Mr. and Mrs. J. R. James, who have been visiting at tbe home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry James, returned Monday to their home in Chicago. It has been nineteen years since father and son met."

March 1907 "J.L. Miller has purchased the Henry James ranch and cattle."

1907 "Henry James says he will visit old Haggerstown this summer."

June 1907 "Will Beam of Pittsburg, Pa., arrived here yesterday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Henry James. "

August 1907 "Miss Roggen of Omaha is visiting at the home of he aunt, Mrs. Henry James."
"Henry James left Thursday after noon for a visit to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland."

October 1908 "Henry James and Joe Brower reshingled the town hall this week."

February 1909 " I know of a poker game running here in town and I now give notice that some evening I will swoop down and pinch the whole bunch.
—Henry James."
In 1910 Yuma Henry is a town policeman, 64, born in Maryland, married 22 years -second mariage for both - to Hariet C. 63 Pennsylvania. She's had two kids, one living.

June 1911 "Mrs. Henry James left Tuesday noon for Omaha, Nebr., where she will visit with relatives for ten days or two weeks."

June 1912 "Billy Beam came in from Pittsburg, Penn., Monday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Henry James, and his many Yuma friends."

August 1913 "Mrs. Annie J. Brown, after a two months sojourn with her sister, Mrs. Henry James, left for the east last Friday for an extended visit with relatives and friends."

November 1913 "Mr. and Mrs. Henry James expect to leave next Monday night for St. Andrews, Florida, where they will spend the winter."

In a letter to The Pioneer from Henry James, received Sunday, Jesse says : St Andrews is situated on St. Andrews bay, and the weather is fine here. The thermometer often of a morning registers 40 above, and rises in the afternoon to 65 and 70. It is a big change from Colorado. There are lots of foreign boats in here loading lumber - four at present; one from Austria, one from South America, one from England and one from Sweden.
We have all the fish and oysters we can eat. Oysters sell at 30 cents per hundred. We have salt water trout, mullet, flounders, red fish and a lot of others.
I set out on the porch in the evening until 8 o'clock, smoking my pipe, while you Yuma folks are burning coal at $8.50 per ton. Snow is unknown here. My wife and self are enjoying ourselves greatly. Give me the Sunny South.
No Yuma in the winter time for Henry James."

June 1914 "Henry James departed last Friday evening to join his wife at Eureka Springs, Arkansas."

September 11, 1914 "Mr. and Mrs. Henry James arrived home Saturday morning from Eureka Springs, Arkansas."

November 20, 1914 Mount Vernon Ohio
"Hon. Lewis B. Hoiick received a telephone message Thursday morning stating that Marshall Beam, a former resident of Knox county, had died this morning In the Morrow county Infirmary. The deceased was well known in Mt. Vernon. For the past two years Mt. Vernon, having engaged in business here many years ago. For the past two years he bad been at the Morrow county Infirmary."

December 11, 1914
Henry James died at his home about noon Wednesday of heart trouble. Mr. James had been indisposed for a couple of weeks, but was not confined to his home much of the time. In fact, he had been up town only a few minutes before his death. When he returned home, Mrs. James assisted in taking off his overshoes and coat and then attended to her household duties, leaving Mr. James sitting in his chair. Soon she noticed that he seemed to be feeling badly and spoke to him. Receiving no answer, she went to his side and found that he was unconscious. Neighbors were summoned, but in a few short minutes he passed away.
Henry James was born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, November 13, 1845. He enlisted in the Union army, and was enrolled August 10, 1864, as a private in Company M, Twenty-First Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry, and participated in the following engagements : Weldon Railroad, August 18, 1864 ; Poplar Grove Church, September 30, 1864 ; Baydton Road, October 24, 1864 ; Strong Creek, December 1, 1864 ; Hatcher's Run, February 5, 1865. He also took part in the following raids : Bellfield, December 5, 1864 ; Dinwiddie Court House ; April 1, 1865 ; Amelia, April 5, 1865, at which place he was wounded and taken prisoner. He was honorably discharged in July, 1865.
In 1869, he married, and was father to six children, who survive him, three sons and three daughters - John, in California ; Henry, in South Omaha, Nebraska, and Albert in Chicago, Illinois. The three daughters live in Denver Colorado.
His second marriage was to Mrs. Hattie C. Beam, at Lincoln, Nebraska, February 2, 1888. They came to Yuma in the following March, and took up a homestead eighteen miles southeast of Yuma, where they lived about nine years. They then moved to Yuma, where they have made their home ever since.
Fifteen years ago last October Mr. James united with the Presbyterian Church of this place. He will be missed from his place in the church, for he was regular in his attendance at the Sunday school, at the preaching services and at the prayer meeting. We shall miss him from the streets of Yuma, for he was a familiar and interesting character.
The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church this morning at 10 o'clock, the pastor, Rev. W. L. Breckenridge, officiating. The interment was at the Yuma cemetery. "

December 25, 1914 "Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends who so kindly assisted in the hour of our sorrow in the death of our dear husband and father.

Mrs. Henry James, Mrs. Laura Root.

Henry, born Nov 13, 1845 in Franklin County Pennsylvania, died 1914, and is buried in Yuma. # 50842364 says his first wife was Rebecca Elizabeth Barncord,
"Rebecca Barncord married Henry James in Franklin County, Pennsylvania about 1866. Together with two of her sisters and their families, Henry and Rebecca moved to Nebraska about 1877. Unfortunately, in Nebraska, Henry and Rebecca's marriage ended in divorce and she remarried Robert T. Boatman. This marriage was short lived and after it ended Rebecca reclaimed her previous married name of James. Sometime in the late 1890s or early 1900s Rebecca moved again, joining her three daughters in Denver. "
Rebecca 1845-1919 is buried in Denver.

April 1915 "Miss Ollie Beam of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, arrived last Saturday, and is visiting at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Henry James."
July 1915 "Wm. Beam, who had been visiting his mother, Mrs. Henry James, for a few weeks, left Monday night for his home at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania."

Hattie C. James is buried in Yuma # 50842363, dying in 1920.
March 4, 1920

On the same stone in Yuma is Sarah T. Roggen - June 10, 1819-December 23, 1893, # 59792189.

In 1931, Joseph G. Henderson sued the heirs of Sarah T. Roggen, Edward P. Roggen, John E. Baam, Annie I. Bennett, Hattie C. James, (in trust for her Frank H. Beam her son and his heirs.) for title to land in 25, 1S 47W.

John Abbott wrote that the town of Roggen, Colorado "was named after Edward Roggen, who was secretary of State of Nebraska at one time, and the brother of Mrs. Henry James, one of the pioneers of southeast of Yuma, called the Lincoln valley. Her husband Henry (Jessee) James was a resident of Yuma. He was town marshal and water commissioner of Yuma for a number of years, all for ten dollars a month."

In 1910 Denver, Rebecca E. James is 64, a factory finisher, May 34 no occupation.

# 122031527 says Rebecca May James 1875-1918 buried in Denver is Rebecca's daughter.

November 30, 1906 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. H. James and daughter of Chicago are the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry James."

Henry James registered for WWII in Lincoln, Nebraska, born August 14, 1887, working for the C B& Q Railroad, married.

J.R. James, age 22, a plumber, married Edna D. Barton, 18, daughter of Mary E. Bateman, in Council Bluffs Iowa November 9, 1891.

In 1910 Omaha there's a Henry J. James, 33, Nebraska, married 8 years to Lena, 35, Nebraska -an engineer for a steam railroad.  They're still there in 1920.  In 1930 and 1940 they're in Lincoln, and Henry is still an engineer.

The tree says Henry married Lena Katherine Neff.

Maybe the Henry James in Lincoln Memorial Park - Aug 14, 1877 - Mar 11, 1952 with the same unique stone design as Lena K. James - Mar 19, 1876- Aug 29, 1957.  84385127

There's a Rebecca E. James in 1910 Denver, age 64, widowed, born in Pennsylvania, with daughter May James, 34, also born in Pennsylvania......

In 1900 Denver Fred M. Root, Mar 1862 Massachusetts is a commercial traveler, married 2 years to Anna L. Sept 1867 Pennsylvania.  In 1902 Denver Fred is a salesman for Hardesty Mfg. Co., living at 2813 California.

There's a Fred M. Root -1862 -1904 buried in Denver Fairmount Cemetery.

In 1907 Denver Mrs. Anna L. Root lives at 3042 Champa.

In 1914 she rooms at 2858 Stout, in 1920 at 2311 Stout

In the 1920 census Annas L. Root is 52, widowed, a laborer for private families.  Partner Ida Kate Masden, divorced, 46 is a checker in a hotel.

In 1940 Los Angeles County an Anna L. Root 73, Pennsylvania, widowed,  is a servant in the Ada Cambell household.  She died October 17, 1949 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Barncord, father 's James.

In 1930 Denver Kate Masden, 58, widowed, is running a rooming house - two lodgers.

Ida Kate Masden 1873-1945 is buried in Westminster Memorial Park, Orange County, California. Death record has her born July 14, 1872 in Pennsylvania, mother's maiden name Barncord, father's James, dying Nov 16, 1945 in Los Angeles 59608743

Rebecca E. James married Robert T. Boatman October 3, 1891 in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

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