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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James S. and Ora Capitola (Milner) Jewell

In 1850 Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Wm. H. Jewell is 31, farming, with Salome 35, both born in New York. Clark 8, James 6, and Wm. H. one month were born in Pennsylvania. Eugene Windsor, 9, was born in Pennsylvania.
Per one tree, Wm. H. married Salome Smith, and died in New York December 17, 1850.

In 1855 Chenango County, New York, Salome is widowed, 40, a tailoress, with Clarke 14 and James 12, all three born in Chenango County.
James might be the one in 1860 Chenango County, 14, born in New York, with Aaron Jewell 66 and Mary 62. Harriett Jewell is 30.

In 1865 Chenango County, ?? S. Jewell is 50, widowed, with Clarke 22 and James E. 20 farming. Francis A. is 20, William H. 14.
In 1875 Broome County, New York, Eunice Jewel is 61, born in Chenango County, widowed. C. M. 32 born in Chenango County, wtih Franncis 28 born in Otsego County. Wm H. is 11, Emery 9.
(Clark M. 1842-1922 # 61633586 and Frances A. Richards Jewell 1847-1912 are buried in Chenango County.)

In 1860 Jones County, Iowa, Hastings J. Milner and Martha are both 24, with Almina J.3 and Capitolia O 2.

In 1870 Jones County, Iowa, Hastings Milner is 33, farming, with Melissa 24, both born in Ohio. Capitola is 11, William 9, and Ella Bryan 8.
(Hastings Jonas Milner 1835-1915 is buried in Guide Rock # 58098985. His first wife Martha J. 1835-1864 is buried in Jones County, Iowa # 77543412.

In 1880 Guide Rock, Nebraska, James S. Jewell is farming, 28, born in Pennsylvania, with Capitola 22 born in Iowa. "Hastings" is one year old.

In 1900 Nuckolls County, Nebraska, James S. Jewell born August 1847 in Pennsylvania, married 22 years to Ora C. August 1859 in Iowa. She's had eight kids, all living. William H. March 1879, Mable April 1883, Mary S. March 1885, Harrison J. August 1887, Elina January 1890, Robert June 1893, Frank Sept 1895, and Charles Nov 1898 were all born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Nuckolls County, James is 62, Ora 51, Alma 19, Robert B. 16, Frank M. 14, Charles D. 11, and Ruth E. 7.

March 16, 1912 " W. H. and J. S. Jewell, who left here a year ago for Nebraska, arrived in Yuma Tuesday morning, each with a car of goods and stock, and will again become residents of the best county on earth."

February 1913 "A number of Yuma young people attended big dance at the fine new country home of J. S. Jewell, southeast of town, Monday night."

May 1915 "Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Jewell, of seven miles south of town, left on No. 2 Sunday night for Mitchell, Nebr., in answer to a message announcing the serious illness of Mrs. Jewell's father."
J.S. returned two weeks later.

October 12, 1919 "Mrs. Wm. Jewell and brothers came down from Brush yesterday."

July 29, 1920 "Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Millen expect to move soon to the place recently purchased of Mrs. W. H. Jewell."

Lillian M. Jewell proved up 120 acres in 26, 1N 48W in 1917.
Her witnesses were Rex Randall, George W. Clark, Allen Bickel, and John W. cochran, all of Yuma.

James is buried in Yuma # 50842380.
May 4, 1917.

Ora is buried in Yuma # 50842384.
June 15, 1944

July 6, 1917 "Mrs. S. A. Jewell left for Courtland, Kansas, Friday of last week, for a month's visit with relatives and friends."

August 3, 1917 "Mrs. J.S. Jewell, son and daughters Charles and Misses Lillian and Ruth, motored to Greeley Sunday, to visit at the home of relatives."

December 28, 1917, Mrs. J.S. Jewell, Charles and Ruth left for Superior, Nebraska on the afternoon train Wednesday to visit relatives and friends.

March 22, 1918

In 1920 Yuma, Ora is widowed, 60. Lillian M. is 30, no occupation, Charles D. 21 a farm operator, and Rose E. 17 are in Yuma County. By the neighbors they're living south of Yuma.

May 20, 1920

In 1930 Yuma County, Charley is 31, farming, Ora 70 still with him. Lillian is 44, still with them, and a grandson? Vinie , 19.

Mabel married Jesse A. Chandler on December 25, 1904 at Bostwick, Nebraska

In 1910 Sioux County, Nebraska, Jess is farming, 33, Mable L. 25, with Alice C. 2 born in Nebraska.

October 1914 " F. L. Ewert last week sold a quarter section adjoining the farm of J. S. Jewell, seven miles southeast of town, to Jesse Chandler."

In 1920 Yuma County, Jess is 42, Mable 32, Alice 11, Edward 8, Velma 5, Floyd 3 and Harley 1.

In 1930 they have Edward 19, Velma 15, Floyd J. 1 2, Harley E. 10, and Pearl M. 7.

In 1940 they have only Pearl, 17.

April 13, 1967
Mabel's buried in Yuma # 74471967, 1883-1962.

May 1, 1914 "Miss Lillian Jewell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Jewell, of six miles south of Yuma, was operated upon for appendicitis Monday by Dr. Purdue. The patient is reported as getting along nicely.:
Lillian is buried in Yuma
FindaGrave # 50842381


In 1910 Harrison is in Jewell County, Kansas (across the border from Nuckolls County) 22, married to EUla E. 20.

Harrison 32 and "Beula" P. 30 are in Nuckolls county in 1920.

In 1930 and 1940 Yuma County, Harrison and Eula are farming.

Harrison James Jewell registered for WWII in Yuma, born August 17, 1887 at Bostwick, Nebraska.

Harry Jewell died in 1961, buried in Yuma # 50842377.

Eula Jewell died in 1976, and is buried in Yuma # 50842375.


Robert married Grace Neifert on January 20, 1915, recorded in Yuma County.

Robert registered for WWI in Yuma, farming, born June 27, 1894 at BOstwick, Nebraska, married.

In 1920 Robert, 25, and Grace M. 24 are farming.

Robert and Grace May Jewell divorced in Yuma County in 1930.

In 1930 Yuma County, Robert is divorced, 36, farming.

Robert E. Jewell married Norma A. Curance in Greeley, Colorado on August 28, 1931.
September 10, 1931

1939 "Mr. and Mrs. Norval Currence of Casper, Wyoming arrived sunday for a visit with the former's sister, Mrs. Robert Jewell and family."
In 1940 Yuma County, Robert is 47, married to Norma, 42.

April 13, 1967
Robert E. Jewell 1893-1976 is buried in Yuma. # 50842385.

Norma A. Jewell 1898-1984, # 50842383 is buried with Robert.


Ruth Jewell married Jakie Howell on November 3, 1926, recorded in Yuma County.
September 10, 1931 "Mrs. Jake Howell and children of Eckley are spending a few days with the lady's mother, Mrs. J.S. Jewell."


November 4, 1976


In 1910 Yuma, William H. Jewell is farming, 31, born in Nebraska, married four years to Dora M. 28 born in Missouri. Boyd, 3 was born in Nebraska.
They're on the same page as Jennie Woodward (my great-grandmother, who was living on West Hoag near the fairgrounds.)
May 12, 1911 "W. H. Jewell and family left Monday for their new home at Bostwick, Nebraska."
September 5, 1913
Dora M. (Cannaday) Jewell is buried in Yuma, # 50842374.
William H. Jewell married "Sebyl" A. McClung on March 10, 1915, recorded in Washington County, Colorado.

William proved up a quarter in 27, 1N 48W in 1917.

William Hastings Jewell registered for WWI in Yuma, born March 13, 1879, with his mother Ora as his reference.

In 1900 Morgan County, Colorado, Leonard Harding is 32, born in Iowa, with Mary 32 in Illinois. Addie M. is born August 1885 in Nebraska, Lela V. December 1894 Nebraska.

1917 "Addie Willis, operator here for the Boulder Creamery company will also take charge of the company's station at Akron the first of the month."
"W.H. Jewell and Addie Willis and daughter spent Sunday in Akron visiting with the Chas. Hare family."

1920 "Mrs. Sybil Jewell went up to Denver Monday for an indefinite stay."
In 1922 "Mrs. Sybil McClung went down to Eckley Sunday afternoon to visit her son Ed. McClung and family for a few days."
In 1910 Hayes County, Nebraska, Oscar 29 and Addie 24 Willis have Velma 3.

In 1920 Yuma, Addie Willis is operating a cream station 36, with Velma 13, both born in Nebraska.
August 1921 "Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Jewell went down to the county seat on the afternoon train Saturday."

Velma Willis married "Doc" E. Carey on March 14, 1927 in Canadian County, Oklahoma. She died in Yakima, Washington April 25, 1988.

February 12, 1920 "W. H. Jewell was summoned to Denver Sunday by a message stating his son Boyd was seriously ill. On arriving at the capital city Mr. Jewell found his son much imroved."

Hastings Warren Jewell was born March 12, 1921 in Yuma to William H. Jewell and Addie M. Harding.

May 1, 1924
In 1930 Pomona, California, William is a janitor at an elementary school, with Addie M. 44 born in Nebraska. Hastings is 22 born in Colorado, and E. Nadine 5 born in California.

William died October 2, 1966 in Los Angeles County, California.
October 6, 1966
October 13, 1966
In 1940 Los Angeles County, Addie is 54, born in Nebraska, married but no spouse, with Hastings 19 a packer at a citrus plant. Elaine Nadine is 15.

Hastings Warren Jewell 1921-1977 is buried in Glendora, California # 53281218.

In 1920 Fred Jewell played the trombone at a concert on Weld Avenue by the Yuma Commercial Club band.

June 24, 1920


Frank M. Jewell married Lillian C. Ferguson on November 28, 1917, recorded in Washington County, Colorado.

July 8, 1918 a baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jewwell eight miles south of Yuma.

In 1920 Yuma County, Frank is farming, 24, with Lillie 20, Beulah E. sixteen months old. Nephew Boyd, 13 is livign with them -
May 22, 1920 "Charles and Frank Jewell went up to Denver on the noon train last Thusday for a few days stay."

In 1930 Yuma County, Frank is farming, 34, Lillie 31, with Beulah 11, Delbert 6, Bessie I. 4, James 2, and Jacqueline nine months.

In 1940 Yuma County, Frank and Lilly are both 40, with Delbert 16, Ilene 14, James 12, Jacqueline 10 and Wanda 8.

Frank Major Jewell registered for WWII in Yuma County, living on Joes Route, Yuma, born September 26, 1895.

Beulah Elmina married Donald F. McCall and is buried in Yuma 1918-1998 # 69359028.

James Edward Jewell died in 1999, buried in Yuma # 50842379, wtih Shirley Mae (Yost) Jewell 1q933-1976.

Delbert E. Jewell 1923-1945 died in the Phillipines, an Army private, and is buried in the Phillipines. He has a marker in Yuma # 45585940.
# 7835028 is the Manila marker. " He was inducted into the Army on September 28, 1943 and was sent to the Pacific theatre of war in March 1944. Serving as a Private in the 160th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division, he was located in New Guinea and New Britain Island until deployment to the Philippines, Islands. In his first engagement in actual battle, he was killed in action on Luzon "

1943 "Mrs. Edward Wittlake and baby son left Wednesdayafternon by bus for Sandiego, California to join her husband who is stationed in the navy at that place. Mrs. Wittlake si a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jewell of south of Yuma."
July 15, 1943
In June 1944 "Word received Tuesday morning by Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Wittlake of south of Eckley from the Secretary of the Navy reported that their son, Henry Edward Wittlake, radioman third class, who has been missing more than a year, was declared dead on June 25 of this year. The young man had been stationed in Newfoundland and was on convoy duty in the mid-Atlantic. He was reported last seen at 6:00 o'clock the morning of June 24, 1943. The weather was foggy and rainy and it was known that at least one enemy submarine was lurking in the vicinity of the convoy. Radioman Wittlake was 26 years of age, the eldest of four sons of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Wittlake. He enlisted in the navel forces in April of 1942. Two of his brothers are also serving in the Navy and a small brother is at home. He is also survived by his wife Bessie Ilene and a baby son."
"24 June 1943 - PB4Y-1 Serial: 32046, VB-103, Argentia, Newfoundland. Missing during convoy coverage in the North Atlantic 700 miles NE of base. 10 MIA."
His cenotaph is in England # 7758293.

November 29, 1984

Alma Jewell was born January 31, 1890 in Nuckolls County Nebraska to James S. Jewell and Ora C. Milner, dying October 1956 as Alma Jewell Laturno.
James S. Jewell died in 1917, and is buried in Yuma # 50842380, with Ora dying in 1959 # 50842384.
February 1913 Wray, Colorado "Miss Alma Jewell stopped off on her way from Guide Rock, Nebr., to Yuma last Friday night to visit with the Pollard girls a day or two."

August 22, 1913

January 24, 1963

April 13, 1967

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