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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Milton and Hannah (Christner) Lantz, Yuma

In 1870 Stephenson County, Illinois, Milton Lantz is a shoe-maker Elizabeth 43, Amelia 17, Richard 9, and Milton 2. Hannah Lantz, 16 is a servant in the next household, the Kramers.

In 1880 Stephenson County, Milton Lantz is 12, with William 54 a post-maker (maybe boot-maker ?), and Elizabeth 53. All were born in Pennsylvania.

In 1900 Miami County, Kansas, Milton, born January 1868, is a tin smith, married eight yearst to Hannah October 1873 Pennsylvanit. Clifford August 1892 and Leo J. August 1894 were born in Nebraska.

In 1910 Bent County, Colorado, Milton is a real estate agent 42, "Bell" is 40, Leo 16, Clifford 14, and Ruby 9.
In 1920 Willard precinct, Logan County, Colorado, Clifford W. Lantz is 27, with parents Milton A. 51 and H. Belle 46, both born in Pennsylvania. Clifford and Leo J. 25 were born in Nebraska, Ruby M. 18 in Kansas.

In 1930 Willard precinct, Milton is a bus driver, 62, Hannah B. 56.

July 1950 "Cliff Lantz went to Denver to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.A Lantz, who are at the home of another son, Leo J. Lantz. Mrs. Lantz fell at her son's home last week incurring a back sprain, which was aft first feared to be a fracture. Because of her injury, Mr. Lantz did not enter Presbyterian hospital until Monday of this week."

August 10, 1950

June 12, 1952

Hannah is buried in Yuma # 60544767, with Milton # 60544768.


In 1930 Leo is in Cheyenne County, Colorado, a carpenter, with Georgia A. 24. Helen L. is 5 born in Colorado, Alice M. 3 Nebraska, and Kenneth D. one month old bon in Colorado.

All five are in Bent County, Colorado in 1940, where Leo is a helper in a garage.

November 10, 1960 "Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Lantz of Aurora and their daughter Mrs. Alice Eckert and sons, Dicky and Danny visited over the week end in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lantz and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Murphy."

Leo Jacob Lantz 1894-1970 # 3356284 and Georgia Anita Lantz 1905-1977, # 3356282 are buried in Fort Logan.
October 22, 1970
Clifford W. Lantz, age 30, married Rachel F. Clark, age 24, in Sterling June 4, 1923. Geo E. McConley, gospel minister performed the ceremony.

In 1925 Colorado Springs, Clifford W. (Rachel F) Lantz is a carpenter, and they live at 1115 W. Pikes Peak Avenue. Leo Lantz (Georgia A) is also a carpenter, same address.

In 1930 Yuma - 600 South Ash Street - Rachel is 30, married to Clifford Lantz, 37, a laborer. Dorothy is 5, and Marjorie 3.

June 1934
July 26, 1934
In 1940 Yuma, CLifford is 47, Rachell 40, Dorothy 15, Marjorie A. 13, and Bonnie J. 5.
Clifford William Lantz registered for WWII in Yuma, living at 321 S. Albany, working at the city power plant. He was born Aug 20, 1892 at Hebron, Nebraska.

September 7, 1950

Clifford 1892-1985 is buried in Yuma, # 60544766, with Rachel 1899-1973 # 60544769.
April 19, 1973

December 5, 1985

October 1946 "Bonnie Jean Lantz, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lantz, spent the week end at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis, in Brush."

September 17, 1959 "Lena Zigler of Riverton, Nebraska visited at the Cliff Lantz home Thursday night. She and Mr. Lantz are cousins."

In 1946 Guy is working for Associated Seed Growers, and they live at 1328 Eighth Avenue in Greeley, Colorado. So does Robert J. Davis, student.
August 3, 1950
August 13, 1953 "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis and Joyce of Hastings, Nebraska visited Sunday and Monday at the C.W. Lantz home."

November 26, 1959
September 29, 1960 "Mrs. Darrel Tolbert of Eagle visited over the weekend at the homes of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Lantz and her sister, Mrs. Floyd Murphy."

Maurine 1901-1963 is buried in Brush # 70251118, with Guy Bryan Davis 1897-1964.
May 28, 1964
Betty Jane Clark was born July 11, 1933. She's buried in Maricopa County Arizona 1933-1986 # 103721648, with Clifford D. Darnell 1919-2012.


In November 1910 Rankin Archer was the quarterback of the Longmont high school football team. "For three years continuously the Longmont High School team has been champions of the football gridiron for the State of Colorado."

December 30, 1910 Longmont "Rankin Archer is spending vacation week with his parents at Wiggins."
May 1913
In June 1924 R.R. Archer of Haxtun succeeded L.M. Millen as manager of the Yuma Elevator.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Archer of Yuma on Friday, October 9, 1925.

In 1927 R.R. was listed as a performer on the Follies presentation.

February 2, 1928 "R.R. Archer and family motored over to Willard this satate to visit relatives."

In March 1928 R.R. played a lead in the musical comedy production of "Purple Towers".

August 1929 "Harry Forsha, who had been assisting R.R. Archer at the cement elevator in Yuma for some time, has been promoted by the Denver Elevator company, which owns the cement elevator, to the managership of the elevator of the company located at Wiggins."
(cement elevator - constructed of concrete, not wood)

In 1930 Ruby is living on Hoag Avenue, married to Rankin R. Archer, manager of a grain elevator, 31, born in Nebraska. Ruby is 29, saying she was born in Kanss. Betty J. is 6, Robert 4, both born in Colorado.

1932 Longmont Colorado

January 12, 1933
June 1, 1933
In 1937 the Archers wee living at 520 South Albany in Yuma.
In April 1938 R. Rankin Archer was elected to the Yuma town council.

October 1938
In 1937 M.W. Long was a post office clerk, living at 603 South Columbus.

In 1940 Rankin is a grain buyer in Yuma, living on South Columbus, with Betty 16, Robert L. 14, and Donald 6.
January 21, 1943

June 21, 1945

Ruby 1901-1970 is buried in Yuma # 48354002, with Rankin 1891-1952 # 48354001.

May 15, 1952

October 1961 "Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pagel and family, and Mrs. Ruby Archer, left Tuesday for a teip to Denver, where Mrs. Archer will visit her brother, Leo Lantz. They will spend a few days in the mountains before Mrs. Archer returns to her home in Roosevelt, Washington."

May 7, 1970

September 1944

May 7, 1957 "Word has been received by Mrs. Leonard Pagel that Robert Archer, of Roosevelt, Washington, that he will be married there on June 9.
December 4, 1958

October 1971 "Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Pagel left early last week for a vacation with the Bob Archers at Vancouver, Washington and with Don Archer at Spenard, Alaska."

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