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Yuma County Pioneers

Lewis Leiter

One tree says that Christian Lewis Leiter was born October 1863 in Pennsylvania to Abraham Page Leiter and Sarah Ann Messner.
She might be the Emielia A. Ayres born Oct 22, 1866 to Pliny and Mary *Hollister) Ayres. Pliny died in 1867.
(Pliny died in 1867, Mary in 1891, buried in Cortland County, New York # 18005953)

Abraham Leiter 1835-1897 is buried in Berrien County, Michigan # 102163790.

Lewis cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 2N 48W in 1891 - about three miles west of Yuma.
He had an entry for a homestead and a timber claim, too, but they weren't completed under his name.

In 1894 Denver, C. Lewis Leiter is a painter, living at 460 S. Tremont.
He's in the 1890, 1892, and 1896 directories, too.
In 1891 Willis W. Leiter and Edward T. Leiger, carpenters, and Lewis Leiter all live at 349 S. Tremont.

In 1897 Denver Charles L. Leiter is a painter,for Western Wall Paper & Paint Co, roomint at 460 S. Tremont.
In 1900 Denver, Louis C. is a foreman for E. H. Bancroft, lviing at 460 S. Tremont.

The 1909 directory has Mrs. Emelia Leiter living at 807 S. Lincoln.
One tree said Amelia Edna Ayres married Christian Lewis Leiter.

There's a Louis E. Leiter in 1910 Denver, a house painter, 45 born in Pennsylvania, married ten years to Amelia E. 46 New York.

In 1916 Denver Louis C. Leiter is a carpenter, living at 1697 S. Lincoln.

In 1917 Denver, Cris L. Leiter is a builder, living at 1697 S. Lincoln.

In 1920 Denver, Chris L. Leiter is a laborer, living at 2336 S. Broadway.

July 21, 1922

1919 Littleton Colorado

1920 Littleton Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Leiter and family spent Thanksgiving in Denver with Mrs. Leiter's sister, Mrs. Ed Gruell and family."

C. Lewis Leiter's estate was probated in Arapahoe County in 1922, and Amelia's in 1929.

October 16, 1929 - Buchanan Michigan
"Word has been received here of the death in Colorado Springs, Colorado, of Hiram Leiter, who prior to his removal to tho western city 13 years ago had been a resident of Buchanan.
Death followed a long illness of cancer, Surviving are the widow and three children, Agnes, Sarah, and Eda Jeanne Leiter, all of Colorado Springs, and four brothers, William, Wilson, Edward F. and John Leiter, all of Buchanan"

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