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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Micajah Reeves Lovell and Robert E. Lee Lovell
William Radford LOVILL was born on 5 April 1813. He died on 9 February 1908 at the age of 94 in Missouri.
William moved from North Carolina to Johnson Co, MO about 1866. He was an officer in the CSA. [I have been unable to find any record of her service.] He married Eliza Green Reaves.
1860 Census. Bundy's Dist, Surry Co, NC,
Wm R Lovill, age 47, b. NC as was the entire family, farmer. Eliza, age 41
Henry 22. Sarah E. 19. E. F. 18 [male]. M.C. 16 [male], Mary R. 14, Nancy 12, Rufus 10, Eliza 6, Charley 3.
1870 Census. Columbus Twp, Johnson Co MO
William R. Lovell, age 59, b. NC as was the entire family, Farmer
Eliza J., age 50.
Micajah 25. Nancy P. 23, Rufus J. 21. Charles 12. Jerimia A. 10. Robert Lee 6.
Dick Lovell, age 14, Black.
1880 Census. Washington, Vernon Co, MO
W. R. Lovill, age 67, physician E. G., 60 [female]
C. P., age 22, son. Jeremiah A. 19, son. R.L. 16, son.
A. E. 14, granddaughter. E. E. 10, granddaughter. E. C. 7, granddaughter.
1900 Census. Henry, Vernon Co, MO
Nancy Howard, b. Feb 1848, age 52, wd, married 32 years, had 3 children, all are living, she and both parents b. NC
James Howard, son, b. Oct 1869, age 30, age 30, b. MO, parents both born NC
William Lovell, father, b. Apr 1813, age 87, wd, born NC as were his parents
Charles B. Lovell, brother, b. Sept 1857, age 42, born NC


Robert, per one tree, was born October 15, 1863 in Surry County, North Carolina, and died in Denver September 24, 1937

In 1870 and 1880 he's with his parents in Missouri.

In 1885 Elbert County R.L Lovell is 20, a cowherder.

In 1890 a Robert Lovell is in St. Joseph, Missouri, a helper on the K.C. St. J. & C.B Ry shops, living at 1704 SS 10th.


The Action on the Plains said the front row center is Robert Lovell,  and I'm theorizing they are  county officials 1895 -1896.

Bob Lovell was among the many former Yuma residents forming a society in 1917,

October 1898 the Yuma Pioneer "Bob Lovell was in town shaking hands with his many friends."

1901 "Bob" Lovell and Miss Nette Conover visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Deyo Thursday.  (Deyo was an early county superintendent of schools)

In 1902 Bob Lovell was express messenger between Telluride and Durango, and was transferred to Denver to the headquarters of the Globe Express company.

1902 "Bob Lovell, who has been visiting his Yuma friends for several days, returned to Denver one day this week."

1903 "While loading baggage Wednesday morning Bob Lovell, baggage master on the Telluride-Durango train, sprained his back, and when he arrived at Durango in the evening was taken from the train to the hospital."


1905 "Bob Lovell, express messenger on the Southern, last evening received the sd intelligence of the death of ha sister living, at Nevada, Missouri.  Mr. Lovell has had his share of misfortune the past year and his many friends deeply sympathize."

1905  Telluride "Bob Lovell, the popular express messenger on the Telluride-Durango run, has gone to Nevada, Missouri, in response to a telegram from his sister announcing the death of her husband.  Al Fox is on his run."

  Thanks to Merle Corbett Teter

1909 Fort Collins "Robert Lovell, an express man on the D  & R. G., visited A.W. Turney and other friends on Saturday.

In 1910 Denver Robert L. Lovell, 46, is a messenger, lodging with the Bond family.

In 1920 Denver still a messenger, he's with the Glieber family.

In 1930 Denver, he's a railroad baggage man, lodging with the Smith family.

Robert is buried in Crown Hill, Wheat Ridge.

Micajah Reeves Lovell was born December 17, 1843 in Surry, NC and died March 11, 1917.

In 1880 Arapahoe County R.M. Lovell is 38, raising cattle. 

He was Washington County's first sheriff, but in 1891 he was a party to a suit against the Yuma County Board of County Commissioners  for salary.

Micajah R. Lovell (U.S. Deputy Marshall 1895-1898, First Sheriff of Washington County 1887-1888)

February 1, 1887 "The first County Convention of Washington County was held at Hyde on the 7th, and the following officers elected for approveal.  Treasurer, W.H. Doggett of Hyde; H.H Brown, Commissioner, of Hyde; H.L. Badger, Surveyor, of Hyde; Judge Work, County Judge, of Otis; W.B. Irwin, Commissioner, of Akron M.R. Lovel (sic), Sheriff, of Wray; A. F. Randolph, County Superintendent, of Otis; E.L. Wray, Assessor, of Wray; Senator Hendie, Commissioner, of Wray; Dr. Wilms, Coroner, of Yuma; L.C. Stevenson, Clerk, of Akron."

January 12, 1887 "Mr. Lovell, a staunch and good democrat of Wray, is a candidate for the appointment as sheriff of the new county, and the Pioneer heartily recommends him to his excellency, Gov. Adams.  Mr. Lovell has been deputy sheriff of Weld county under J.C. Kendall."

1887 McCook, Nebraska "M. R. Lovell, sheriff of Washington, Colo., better known as the B & M 'cow coroner' on the west end, came down from the west, last evening."  (probably poking fun at him for aiding ranchers in claims against the B & M railroad for cattle killed by the trains)

Private, Company B, 21st North Carolina Infantry Regiment - CSA

1890 "Sheriff Lovell landed his prisoner, Mr. Cordeal, in the 'pen' at Canon City."

Rocky Mountain News 9-12-1890 - Adjudged Insane - Yuma, Colo., Sept. 11 - Sheriff Lovel and assistant this afternoon went to the ranch of Dr. John Gardener, north of the city, for the purpose of taking in charge Jacob Boyer, a young man about 27 years of age, who was employed by Gardener as a farm hand, and who was reported to be out of his right mind. He was unwilling to accompany officers, and after a lively tussel they finally succeeded in getting him into the wagon. He was taken before the court and the regular jury impanelled. Witnesses were examined, and it was shown that he was caught in the act of trying to fire the prairie and several other indiscreet movements, of which he remembered nothing. After hearing sufficient evidence the jury returned their verdict of insanity, and the unfortunate man will be taken to Pueblo to-night.

Boyer, Jacob
Rocky Mountain News 9-12-1890 - Local Brevities - John (Jacob) Boyer, an insane man who is on his way from Yuma county to the asylum at Pueblo in charge of Sheriff Lovell, made a desperate break for liberty from the city jail yesterday. It required the efforts of three men to subdue him and in the afternoon he was taken in shackles to the depot to be transferred to Pueblo.

In 1891 Micajah cash-claimed a quarter touching the Leonard C. Clark land at Robb.

Will C. Ferril, writing in the Gloversville, NY, Daily Leader in 1891

John S. Williams is on the same 1880 census page as "Macajia R. Lovell"  on West Bijou Creek, Elbert County, Colorado.  John is 22, born in Missouri, a cowpuncher.

There's a John S. Williams in 1860  and 1870 Warrensburg, but he's a John F. Williams in 1880 Warrensburg, a miner with brother Oliver in 1900 Chaffee County, Colorado, in Muskogee Oklahoma in 1920, always single, but married in 1930 Muskogee, at age 70, to Ethel K. 42 - they married about 1920.  Ethel Philbrook had marrieda Kline, and she was widowed in 1920 Muskogee.

1892 "The Cattle Growers' association swore out warrants before Justice Simmonds, of Denver, last Saturday charging M.R. Lovell and F.M. Walker with embezzlement.  There are seven charges.  Lovell and Walker are agents of the association and have, it is alleged, collected a good deal of money belonging to the association and devoted the same to their own uses."

1892 - translation from the Denver Swedish newspaper by Margarette Enstrom


1894 M.R. Lovell was chairman of the Democratic district committee to nominate a representative for Congress.

In 1896 M.R. Lovell took his oath as field deputy marshal for Colorado.  Joseph A. Israel was Marshal, James S. Warwich was Chief office deputy, Maggie R. McGrew was office deputy, and S.S. Poe was the other field deputy.

1899 "M. R. Lovell returned from Pueblo, leaving Jake Butterbaugh in the asylum at that place."

In 1899 Denver Micajah R. Lovell is living at 815 24th, Jerry A. Lovell, lawyer, has offices at 801 Cooper Building, and also lives at 815 24th.

Chauncey M. Lovell, expressman, lives at 2433 W 28th, and Mrs. Delia M. Lovell lives at 91 S. Sherman. Chauncey M. Lovell died July 15, 1900 in Denver.

In 1900 Micajah R. "Lorell" 56, is a police inspector in Denver, living with brother Jerry A, June 1861, a lawyer, and his wife Lula A Jan 1866, all three born in North Carolina..

1901 "Ex-Sheriff M.R. Lovell slipped and fell on the icy pavement in Denver Tuesday, and broke his leg just above the ankle."

He claimed a quarter via Timber in 1902 - a mile east of Eckley.

1902 Yuma  "M. R. Lovell of Denver was in town in the interest of the Anti-Bucklin League."

1908 "M. R. Lovell, Yuma county's first sheriff, but at present a member of the City Park police force at Denver, passed through Wray Wednesday on his way home from Missouri where he had been attending the funeral of his father, who died recently at the age of ninety-two years."

He's with Jerry and Lula in 1910, too.

March 15, 1917

1917 "The sheriff's office in Wray was closed Tuesday afternoon in memory of Mike Lovel (sic), Yuma County's first sheriff whose funeral was held in Denver that afternoon."

Micajah is buried in Wheat Ridge 1843-1917 # 59103126.


Possibly he's the Michael Lovell who cash-claimed a quarter in 1895 in section 5, 5S 46W - east of Joes.

Robert E. Lee Lovell 1863-1937 is buried in Wheat Ridge, # 59235675

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