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Yuma County Pioneers

Hannibal H. Minor

Hannibal is in Hamilton County, Indiana in 1870, 15, oldest of Dixon L. , farmer, 43 and Eliza 32's kids. These three were born in Kentucky, and Henry J. 12, Quintillia 11, Carlton E. 10, Minnie V.7, and Sarah V. 4 born in Indiana.

Dixon L. Minor married in Hamilton County July 9, 1892.

Dixon L. Minor 1828-1905 is buried in Lexington, Kentucky # 97628892.
Velma Birge's death record said she was born at Merrin Indiana to D. H. Minor and Liza Morgan March 9, 1867.
She's buried at Lexington, Kentucky # 95266112.

Hannibal H. Minor married Maranda Newcomer in Boone County, Indiana December 24, 1877.
In 1880 Hamilton County, Hanibal is 25, Marand J. 24 born in Indiana, with Iva 1. Cousin Dora Tipton is 12.
On the same page is Stephen Minor, 49, widowed, with Martha 21, Charles E. 11, Lucy A. 9, Stephen 7, and a month-old daughter.

Maranda Minor is an aunt of Walter J. 47 or Anna A. 48 Newcomer in 1930 Boone County, Indiana, widowed, born in Indiana. W.L. Abram, 69 widowed is a father of the Newcomers.

So they probably divorced 1880-1890.
Iva "Miner", age 18, daughter of "Hauibel H" and mother M.C. Newcomer, married in Madison County Indiana March 24, 1896
The groom was John Simmonds, born about 1873 to James A. Simmonds and Sarah Parsons.

Next to Hannibal's 1890 claim in Yuma County is John Simpson with an 1892 cash calim.
(John A. Simpson had a 1914 claim in 2N 47W, about a dozen miles away.)
This John was from Arapahoe, Nebraska, arriving February 1908, a brother-in-law of S. Vencill.

Iva Lear Simmonds, born about 1879, died in Yorktown Indiana August 14, 1914.

John A. Simmonds, divorced, married Bettie M. Crooks in Madison County April 22, 1906.

Hannibal cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 2N 48W in 1890 - next to 1890 claims of Houck and Courcier.

Hannibal H. "Miner" married Grace Knapp June 24, 1896, recorded in Denver.
In 1870 Orange County, William Knapp is 44, Emily O. 40, with Charles 21, Linney 12, Albert B. 9, and Mary S. 18.
Emeline Odell 1822-1885 is buried in Florida Cemetery, Orange County # 40253439.
Gracey Knapp, born about 1874, in Goshen, Orange County, New York in 1880, daughter of William 54 and Cathrine Knapp 33.

In 1900 Denver, William Knapp born January 1826 in New York is with daughter Grace K. "Hannibal" born April 1874 in New York, married four years to "Minor Hanibal" born Feb 1860 in I|Kentucky. Grace hasn't had any kids.

One tree said William died September 1, 1900 in Denver, and that his wife Emeline Odell had died 1885 in Warwick, New York.

1910 Denver, H.H. Minor, of 4316 West Ellsworth Street, was denied a milk license on recommendation of the health department.

In 1910 Denver, Hannibal is farming, 53, married 13 years to Grace R. 34 New York. This is his second marriage, her first. She'd had four kids, three living. Harold is 9, Celeste 7, and Royal M. three months.

In 1920 Denver, Hannibal is a farmer, 64, born in Kentucky, with wife Grace K. 44 New York. Harold D. 18, Celeste L. 16, Royal M. 13, Paul W. 9, William L. 7, and Lawrence D. 5 were born in Colorado.

In 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado, "Hannibel" is 75, Grace 56, Royal M. 23, Paul W. 19, William L. 17, and Lawrence C. 15. Grandaughters Lorene Alcorn 5, and Lois A. 4, both born in Colorado.

June 26, 1936 Denver Post -
Thanks to the Denver Public Library

Grace H. Knapp was appointed a notary public in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1931.

In 1940 Denver, Grace is widowed, born about 1874, with Paul, 31.

Grace Knapp Minor's death notice appeared in the Denver newspapers August 8, 1951.

Celeste Louise Minor was born in Denver January 4, 1903.
Louise Minor married G.W. Alcorn July 10, 1922, recorded in Jefferson County. George Walter Alcorn was born Dec 17, 1894 in Denver to E. Alcorn and Josephine Singer.

Celeste L. Alcorn married Henry Sitzman April 22, 1930, recorded in Jeffferson County.
Celeste Louise Wright, father Minor, mother Knapp, died Nov 26, 1987 in Orange County California.

Lois Arlene Alcorn born Dec 23, 1922, married Harold J. Sechler 1923-1972 and died Sept 9, 2006.
In 1961 and 1966 Denver, Harold J. (Lois A.) is an oil broker, and they live at 138 Garfield.

Harold D. Minor married Ethel M. Marsh April 5, 1925, recorded in Denver.
They divorced in Jefferson County in 1926, and Harold married Mae Axtell Ness August 5, 1928, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930, on the same page as Hannibal, Harold is a laborer, 29, wtih Mae E. 21 Colorado, Bettie Lou nine months.
In 1940 Denver, Harold is a carpenter for a bread company, 34, Mae 32 a restaurant cook, with Betty Lou 10.
They're on the same census page as mother Grace and brother Paul.

In 1948 Denver, Harold and Mae live at 30. S. Utica. He is a contractor.

In 1959 Harold D. (Mae A.) is a carpenter for Mershon-Gimend Construction, livng at 60 S. Utica.

In 1971 Harold and Mae are still at 60 S. Utica, and he's still a caarpenter.
Mae A. (Wid Harold D.) is at 60 S. Utia in 1977.

Harold, born January 5, 1901, died January 1976.

Mae, born May 1, 1908, died September 1981.

Royal M. Minor married Josephine Brunnier August 20, 1931, recorded in Arapahoe County.,
Royal and Josephine M. divorced in Weld County in 1936.

November 1936 a marriage license was issued to Royal M. Minor of Erie and Virginia H. Hull of Johnstown.

Laurence Delfield Minor was born August 15, 1914 in Denver, dying July 22, 1992.
Laurence D. Minor married Vivian Riddle February 12, 1938, recorded in Routt County.
Lawrence D. Minor married F. Vivian Riddle June 19, 1938, recorded in Denver.

In 1940 Denver, Lawrence is 26, married to Vivian 18, with Robert A. four months.

He died in Denton Texas, and is buried in Carrollton, Texas # 75027065, with ALyce Lucinda 1910-1992.


William Lloyd Minor, dying March 15, 1981, is buried in Whittier California, # 113152593.
California death index has him born May 31, 1912.

Paul E. Minor married Leona E. Smith July 3, 1937, recorded in Adams County.

In 1937 Paul E. lives at 3725 W. 49th. No spouse is listed.
V. Grace Minor lives at that same address.

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