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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Harry A. and Laura (McKean) Moore

In 1880 Thayer County, Nebraska, Carlisle Moore is farming, 41, Martha J. 39, with Ella J. 13, George R. 12, Harry A. 10, Eva L. 6, and Edna one month.
Carlisle 1837-1918 is buried in DuBois, Pawnee County, Nebraska # 9526227 with Martha 1840-1920 # 9526236.

Anderson A. McKean married Margaret E. Nepturn in Jasper County, Illinois February 26, 1874.

In 1880 Jasper County, Illinois, Alonzo McKean is a sawyer, 27, Margaret 22, with Laura J. 5 and Myrtle 1.

Laura's father A.A. McKean died in 1912

Harry A. Moore married Laura McKean December 8, 1892, recorded in Yuma County.

April 1899 "H. A. Moore and family left for Lincoln, Nebraska, on No. 6 Thursday afternoon, where they will visit with friends for the next four or five weeks. Mr. Moore has been an employe of The Pioneeu offire for the past eighteen months."
April 28, 1899 "Harry Moore and wife arrived from Yuma, Colo., Monday evening for a visit with his parents , Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Moore. —DuBois Times .

In 1900 Omaha, Nebraska, Harry is a street car conductor, born 1869 in Nebraska, with Laura Dec 1874 Illinois, with Walter Jan 1894 Colorado and Myrtle August 1896 Nebraska.

May 1901 "Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore have left Omaha and located in Arlington, Neb., where he has accepted a position on a paper."

June 28, 1901 "A. A. McKean informs us that his son-in-law, Harry Moore, has the mumps and his temperature stands at 104. The little son, Walter, has scarlet fever. The family is under quarantine."

April 28, 1905 "Mrs. Cutler and Mrs. Jacobson of Yuma, are in Wray for a few days visiting at the McKean and the Cutler home. Mrs. Cutler is a mother of Mrs. McKean and Mr. Ed Cutler."

April 28, 1905 "Mr. Daniel McKean of Esbon, Kansas, arrived in the city for a visit of a week or two with his brother, A.S. McKean of the district court."

1907 "Mrs. A. A McKean and children left Wednesday for their new home at Ft Morgan."

Ivan D. McKean 1896-1910 is buried in Brighton, Colorado # 101400306. So is Anderson 1852-1912
September 30, 1910 June 13, 1912 "A. A. McKean has been in very poor health for a few weeks with a complication of ailments. One of the most serious is the partial loss of his eyesight, so that he was obliged to resign his position at the Dreyer & Son's store. His many friends are hoping that complete rest and medical treatment will soon restore him to health. Mr. McKean will be remembered by our citizens as he and his family were residents of Wray a fow years ago. His friends here will be sorry to hear of his misfortune and wish for him a rapid and complete recovery."

Harriet McKean received an old age pension in Adams County in August 1935.

1907 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. George Bingaman expect to visit in a few days with the Moore family at Brush."

November 11, 1898

1903 Yuma "Ed Cutler informs us that Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore will make Yuma County a visit some time this month.

August 1905 Wray "Oscar Bingaman, of Yuma, was in the city last Saturday the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moore of the Rattler."

October 1905 "Col Harry Moore of the Rattler will go to Yuma tomorrow to visit old-time friends."

1905 Yuma " Mrs. H. A. Moore and daughter Myrtle arrived in Yuma from Wray last Saturday on No. 1."
December 1905 Wray "Walter and Myrtle Moore of the Fourth grade will depart fwith their parents for Yuma next week."
"Mrs. Harry Moore left Saturday to join her husband at Yuma where he went a week ago to take charge of the Yuma Pioneer. She had been assisting with the work in the Rattler office this week.

In 1906 Harry A. Moore was editor and manager of the Yuma Pioneer, owned by J. B. Campbell.

July 1906 "Little Walter Moore, of Yuma, visited young friends in Wray the first of the week. He is the son of Harry Moore, editor of the Yuma Pioneer."

In October 1906 both Myrtle and Walter Moore were in Room 2 at the Yuma schools.
He also ran an eating establishment in June 1906 " A deal was closed this week in which Press Stephens again became the possessor of the Yuma Hotel building. The lease held by Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Moore will be in no wise affected however, and they will continue to feed the hungry with the best the market affords at so much per."
November 1906 "Harry Moore, formerly of the Rattler, who until recently has been running the Yuma Pioneer, is now an employee of the Republican at Brush."

January 1907 "Harry Moore, the lightning typo on the Brush Republican, visited Sunday and Monday with Yuma friends and relatives."

In 1910 Brighton, Colorado, Harry is a printer, 39, born in Michigan, married 17 years to Laura 35 Illinois. Walter 16 was born in Colorado, Myrtle 14 in Nebraska.

October 1911 "Harry Moore, of Brighton , formerly a resident of Yuma and an employee of the Pioneer office, is in town this week greeting old time friends."

Harry 1869-1961 is buried in Du Bois, with Laura J. McKean Moore 1874-1973 9536754.

Walter was born January 25, 1894 at Yuma, and registered for WWI in DuBois, Nebraska, single, a farm laborer.
He's buried in Hall County, Nebraska 1894-1988 # 22267552, with Lela Maria Moore 1903-1992.

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